Thursday, 28 February 2019

Thoughts on 2019 in running thus far.

Hey friends! How is everyone doing? My lack of blog posting is getting to be a habit, I'll try to remedy that as I start racing now in the next month and into the heart of the spring season. In this post I'll just give a brief update explaining what I've been up to and look at some of the most impressive performances this far in 2019. It's going to be an AMAZING year for running and T&F fans. We have the Olympic standard windows open or opening, a world champs to look forward to in Doha, the always amazing London Marathon as well as Rotterdam and Boston. I'm pumped for it. Lately I've been streaming indoor meets like crazy and I'd venture to say this has been one of the best in the last decade or so in which I've followed track closely.

In other news, as some of you guys who know me personally know or saw me down in Huston, I didn't start the race as I came down with a flu that zapped my energy and had me feeling pretty sick which was disheartening as I put in a lot of great training. But as they say, training is never wasted and I'll be running the Toronto Marathon again on May 5th so there's one on the books already. (Thank you Mike for reaching out and offering to bring me back this year, it's a honor and I'll be ready to run many minutes faster then last year, training is really clicking well!). So yeah, first up I'll race a couple of local 5km's on April 14th and April 28th, where I hope to roll a PB and then it's marathon time in the 6six.

Other then that, the holidays were fantastic, though I ate/drank far too much deliciousness and adult beverages, which took a while to get over....but hey, what can you do right, tis' the season! I've started modifying my truck/SUV. I'll post a pic below but the first thing I did was order the APR ECU upgrade. Now I did this on my Audi A4 and went with the APR Stage 1 to bring the power output to around 315 BHP and 380 pound feet of torque. I didn't want those kind of numbers out of a top heavy vehicle so I went with the cheaper APR Plus ECU. After that I bought some really nice 18" black-out wheels from the same site I got my A4 wheels and wrapped them in an aggressive Good Year rubber. Then I had Bill Matthews Audi/VW order an OEM polished aluminum rear loading plate so I can load stuff in the back and not worry about scratching the paint or sit on it when tailgating in the summer. With that order I also purchased some chrome running boards but haven't installed them just yet as I'm waiting for this spring as to expose them to less salt. I'm not sure what I'll do next but for sure a 4-5 inch lift and on the A4 this spring I plan on ordering some carbon fiber side mirrors and trunk lip spoiler. But enough about that, onto the running.

Most notable performances/story-lines of 2019 thus far.

1 - Could Yomif Kejelcha be Mo Farah 2.0? In a word, yes. we knew the guy was a stud after the September he put together last fall running a 1500 in 3:32.5, 12:56.7 for 5000m and 59:17 for the half, (also of note he solo'd a 7:28.00 3km in late August). But this indoor season, despite not breaking the world mile record has been his real coming out party. He's dusting people over 1000m and to be fair, he's likely more suited to the 3-5km distance right now. I can see this guy having real staying power under the guidance of NOP and threatening the world record in the 5km and eventually the 10km. His next mile attempt is this weekend, let's hope for better pacing, we know how fast that BYU track is!!

2 - Laura Muir is a BEAST! I've long loved how aggressive Laura races and despite it backfiring in Rio, she mostly gets rewarded for her efforts. She's had a stellar indoor campaign this year and has taken in our own G. Stafford into her training flock which clearly paid off as Gabriela demolished our indoor 5000m record going 14:57. I'm excited to see what the season brings for both these girls. 

3 - Shellby Houlihan can run cross....and everything down to the 800m with the worlds best. I couldn't believe the ease at which she broke top names like Molly Hudle in the last 800m of USA cross nationals. That was an impressive victory and it bodes well for her future as perhaps 5 years from now she could be a threat in the 10000m when she's had enough of the 15 and 5km.

4 - Donavan Brazier is a STUD, going 1:44 and 1:13 for the 800 and 600 this indoors has been incredible to watch. The guy is only 21, the same age as Kejelcha. The stable NOP now has in middle distance running with these two, Murphy, Engles and Siffan Hassan.....the medal count will be piling up at USA's and internationally by end of year.

5 - Julien Wanders story book season keeps on rolling. It's great to see another story like the Kiwi brothers Jake and Zane Robertson being told. When Julien moved to Kenya, he was a good national class athlete, now hes running world class times on the roads. And with that said, I think the roads are where this guy is going to excel. He doesn't really have the wheels to be competitive on the track in the 5km and 10km, in my estimation. Not that he can't produce fantastic times but with 3:43 1500m speed you can't be a factor in championship racing. Guys like Farah and now Berega, Kejelcha, Gebriwit etc, are jogging 64's for 4km and closing the last 1000m in well under 2:30 with a 51-52 last 400m. But on the roads, I think he can be very dominant and run some lights out times!!

Anyway, that's it for me. Workouts are going well, this week so far I had a session on Monday of 2 hours of running with 6' at Marathon Pace (5:25-5:30/mile) and 4' easy (7:30/mile) for the full 2 hours continuous which went well and yesterday I did 60' of 90"/90". with the "on" segments at 3:00/km and the "off" at 4:00/km. Today I was pretty gassed and jogged an easy 10er with Jason White, so I'll try to recover again tomorrow and hit a quality 2'30" long run on Saturday or Sunday, whatever day the weather will be best to get it in outside.

The only other bit of housekeeping, I signed again with Brooks through 2020 which I'm super stoked about, the last 2 years with them were amazing and I hope the next 2 are as well. I've also partnered with Xact Nutrition for my marathon fueling. They make great products and I'm actually helping them bring the brand to Newfoundland and met with Outfitters and Bespoke last weekend and plan to meet with more retailers over the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

I'll make sure I get another post up before I race the flat out 5km and let y'all know how the training has gone and where we are leading into the 2019 race season. Thanks so much for reading, I hope you are all having a great winter of training, spring will be here soon. 

Be safe on the roads and keep those sticks on the Ice,

2019 Brooks Pro Elite kit and a super kind note from HQ, thanks guys!! (And for sending me an additional singlet with the smaller logo for IAAF events like Ottawa and STWM where the large logo singlet would have to be tapped! You guys think of everything!! :) )

It's too early to order spring gear but when I put in an order for fresh trainers and some flats I asked for some gym clothing where I'm in there daily for my double. Much appreciated guys. 

Xact Nutrition, this stuff is so easy on the tummy!

Dropping off prospecting boxes of Xact Nutrition to local retailers this past Saturday.

The rides with the new black-out wheels! (See my Instagram for the other mods I've made, this is a running blog after all :P )

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Long overdue update.

Hey friends, how are things? It's been way too long. I tried to sit down and write this several times over the last five months but it was too depressing, not being able to run when it's something you've hardly missed a day doing in 8 years, it's hard on the head. So what happened? Basically, I was an idiot and came back too soon after the marathon. I paced a workout the Tuesday after the marathon and raced/tempod a race 2 weeks later. I felt some soreness in my foot but didn't think much of it as I'm always stiff given the mileage I run and had already committed to the Canada Running Series to running the Toronto Waterfront 10km. I'd hit some great workouts and really wanted to go sub 31. If I'm honest looking at the results that day with guys like Kyle, Aaron and E-Bang going around 30:40, I wasn't going to do it but I ran the first 4km comfortably with Tim H. who went low 31 so that's likely where my fitness would have been, plus or minus a few seconds. Anyway, I felt something snap when I landed on my right foot at around 4km and there was a sharp pain on the next step which forced me to stop. I walked/hobbled to the elite room and took off my shoe and saw a huge bumb on the top of my foot, I showed Kate and a few people my foot and they were like, "Is that how both your feet are with a bump like that?". After I got back to St. John's I had a stress fracture diagnosed so that meant no Tely 10 which I was beyond upset about, when I looked at the results after and saw 52 minutes had won, and the guys who came 3rd, 4th, and 11th who where part of a marathon relay that didn't even run as fast as my marathon time (Which was a blow up) just made it all the worse. I had some other physical ailments going on in my endocrine system which got diagnosed when I was going for check ups on my foot which was another kick in the ass. But by August I was able to get some running in again and by late September I was doing workouts. It's incredible that your base, if you build it up over a long enough time with plenty of miles never really goes anywhere. Early this week I was able to do a 40' strait tempo at just under 5:10/mile which given the fact I was wearing a ton of extra clothing and the cold/wind I was pumped with. (I'd assume I 32:10-15 at 10km).

What's next? Well, anyone who follows me knows I'm running the full in Huston, no big goals on this one, just getting under 2:30 under control. If I come over the line in 2:29 and feel like I left 3-5 minutes out there I don't care, I just want a confidence building marathon to bridge me towards the NL record I hope to run in the spring. I believe I'm bib 29 but I'll let you know as it get's closer to race day. I'm in the Athlete Development field but they allowed me to have my bottles out and start at the front where the race tends to be top heavy and anything under 2:30 should be top 30-40. ALL the big dogs run the half which should be epic to see.

So, before I get into some random running ramblings, I just want to thank my sponsors for being understanding about the injury. They know I race a lot (I still went 6 for 6 on the road/track this year so far not including the DNF in Toronto). But it really means so much to me, and the amount of stuff you guys still sent was seriously incredible. I'm so blessed to represent these wonderful brands and am looking forward to doing the same again in 2019! :).

Speaking of sponsors/partnerships, y'all may have noticed the SUUNTO badge now on the right hand side. I'm pleased to announce being a SUUNTO athlete. Thanks Suunto and Marty for making this happen. I was always a Garmin guy and thought the high end Garmins were about the best things out there. While I definitely stand by the fact they make a tremendous product and would never discourage anyone from using them, when you get into a's just another level. I'll attach a pic below and expect a dedicated post about their units within the next couple of weeks, the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium I was sent this week is the Rolls Royce of GPS watches. Now, they do have units that start around $350-400, and they are fantastic. Marty talked to me about some of the watches to get a feel for the one I should try out first and we settled on the 9 Baro Titanium which he told me that he had shipped to Garry Robbins and he swears by it. It may seem pricey at $900 but it's worth every penny, just by feel you can tell the craftsmanship that's gone into it. Anyway, I won't talk anymore about it here, but check back and I'll do a review/impressions post about the unit.

Before I talk about what I gleaned from the pro scene this year some shout outs!! Holy crap did we see some AMAZING marathon performances this summer/fall. First, Zimak clocks a 2:20:00, then in Berlin Lindsey Tessier and Rachel Cliff ran lights out! Chi-Town saw the "sodalicious duo" of E-Bang and Kyle Wyat go 2:19:02 and 2:18:55 respectively and then STWM, this was Bananas, I wish I'd have gone just to witness these performances. Levins.....I mean enough said, Reid didn't hit his goal but he made a great step in the right direction, you know he will be back to running 2:10-12 next year. After that we had COOP!!! what a run, 2:18:00, couldn't have happened to a better guy, Captain Morgan was close behind in 2:18:2X and Taylor just behind in 2:19 and change! The women's side was a heck of a race too, Kinsey ran lights out for the national title, Leslie and Krista looked strong and as consistent as ever. Finally the wolf himself, Mr. Costen, who had an injury early in the year which had him questioning if a fall mary was in the cards proved once again his racing IQ and patience is unparalleled and flew in under the radar in Philly running a PB of 2:25, the guys clutch! Well done all, it's been inspiring.

Performances/Story lines of note this year on the pro side.

Eliud Kipchoge needs to be in the conversation for GOAT. I hate how some people simply dismiss the idea of anyone other than Bekele or Haile in the GOAT debate, Farah and Kipchoge need to be in there too. There has never, and will likely never be a marathoner who has/can duplicate the consistency and record over the marathon distance. His monk-like lifestyle and self belief make him someone people from all walks of life, not just runners should look to for inspiration!

In the same token, Mary Keitany is the best female marathoner to ever live. (Not perhaps the greatest distance runner of all time, but that debate can too be made). Paula did some amazing things, but Mary is just so damn consistent. Also, SHE HAS HAD 2 KIDS!! She's 36 and I can see her remaining dominant for another 3-4 years based on her NYC performance.

Track doesn't seem as "special" in an off year. Now don't get me wrong, I actually perfer watching track then road racing, I'm a die hard and watched every diamond league event. We were treated to some UNREAL steepling, 800m running, 1500 through 5000m. But when there is only the diamond league on the line you just don't see great performances in the same frequency. Case and point, there were only like 11 women under 32 minutes for 10000m this year, Way more road 10km's were run under that time, heck more then 11 women split a 10km in a half faster then that. On the other hand it's great to see tactics play a big role in the race outcomes so it's still entertaining but not as special.

The year of Jakob is this not more of a storyline.....when Webb ran his 3:53 high school mile it was like the second coming. Not that it wasn't impressive but it wasn't vastly more impressive then Jim Ryun years earlier. Jakob is without a doubt the most impressive kid ever at that age and I'm beyond excited to follow his career in the years to come

*The only performance I've seen that statistically speaking is more impressive then one of those Jakob produced this year is When Hagos Gebriwet ran the Paris DL 5000m in 2012 and went 12:47.5 as a JR.

The AMAZING range of Keljelcha and Hassan, I mean sit down for a second and listen to this on August 18th Yomif solos a 7:28:00 3km, on August 31st he does most of the work late before getting kicked down by a BEAST in Berega at the 5000m in Brussels running a sily fast 12:46, the next week he runs a 3:32 1500m in Zegreb, says "I need to take at least 1 weekend off of racing, then shows up in Denmark and runs a 59:17 half. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. To that point Hassan has even better range if we are honest. In 2018 she ran 1:56 for 800m and 65:15 for the half. Say what you will about NOP....they know how to develop talent into Mo Farah type world beaters.

And lastly, Where in the world is Asbel Kiprop......? Was a suprised he popped hot? No, was I sad.....for sure. He's a character and a staple on the scene, it's a shame his legacy will be tarnished and his 3:26 questioned but it is what it is I guess.

Anyways guys, I'm getting into short story territory with this post. However, now that I'm back training, and at a high level of fitness I'll try to update every second week and for sure once a month. Everything else in life is going awesome and I'm pumped for the holidays. Follow me in IG to keep more up to date and I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas/New Years with your friends and family! I'll leave some pics below, thanks for reading it means the world to me.

Hands up, chin down, let em' fly!

Since last time I decided to pick up an SUV for the winters/convenience of more space. Audi you make nothing but the best. (I've had this for almost 5 months now, only really starting driving it much the last month, it's got a black and brown two town interior which is cool and rare)

Suunto 9 Baro Titanium, thanks so much guys, the note was very thoughtful!

                      Sneak Peak of the 2019 Brooks Pro/Elite Kit, (filter fail, lighting was bad)

The new Brooks Levitate 2, tremendous update to an already great shoe

Fall shipment, I was just starting to get somewhat fit when this arrived which was perfect.

These puppies I couldn't use until August, they came a couple days after I got back from Toronto....."goes home devastated"

Pic of a couple Newfoundlanders at the Toronto Waterfront 10km in late June

Smith, always coming through in spring and fall with my sunnies! :)

A race I shouldn't have ran 2 weeks post Marathon which likely compromised my foot.

Locked and loaded for Huston, like I said, I think I'm bib 29 but I'll let you know when the Elite coordinator reaches out. My bud Adam Hortion will be there too, just spoke with him yesterday, dudes fit. He ran 67 at the STWM Half in late Sep.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Post marathon thoughts and training.

Hey friends,

Sorry for the delay but life gets busy and I just didn't find the time to sit down and write a post. I figure now is as good a time as any. I'll chat briefly about my marathon, talk about how training went after and what racing plans and goals are on the horizon. Life right now is rather busy, but it's just how I like it as I tend to do well when I'm on a schedule and can keep things simple. My athletes who I've been coaching are doing amazing things with some of them setting huge 3 minute PB's over 10km so that's taking a lot of my time but is worth every moment. I've got 40 people in a group that I'm coaching with the goal being the Tely 10 then transitioning them into two groups leading to the fall, half doing the full marathon at STWM and the others targeting a fall half or a local 20km known as Cape to Cabot 20km. In addition to that I've got 8 online athletes I'm working with so it's definitely time consuming to juggle my actual job, training and coaching but the rewards certainly outweigh the small stresses that come with getting workouts to people and checking in daily. I've also been working on expanding the Fogo Island Race Weekend and am on the board now with that event, it's a special race to me as my father's family originally came from the island so I'd like to be involved in some capacity and continue to ensure it's a great race that gives back to the local community. Other than that, things are pretty much business as usual, the family is great, work has slowed a bit thankfully, and the weather, with the exception of the last couple days has been wonderful.

Toronto Marathon Thoughts and Recap

So as you guys know, I won the Toronto Marathon in 2:33, (almost an identical time to last fall in my Debut). I've got mixed feelings about it. On the one hand that's not an indication of my fitness by any means. I went through half 90 seconds faster then last fall and ran the whole race solo after 8km as well as being able to run 116 miles the week after the marathon with 1 workout. So the race didn't take much out of me and I've actually been able to build from there and get into some good speed sessions on the track these last few weeks. On the other hand I'm very happy to have won the race. I'll break down how it played out in a second but as you know, in a marathon anything can happen so even when I heard I was clear by 4 minutes at half way, if things go bad, they go really bad in a marathon so I was definitely always thinking in the back of my mind to not push too hard and have at least 1 move in case someone was running me down. I don't know that I was ready for the 2:24 I wanted, aerobically, yes I believe I was that fit and could have run anything from the half marathon down at an equivalent performance. I just think that there is still a lack of muscular durability late in the race for me, and will require another segment of really hard long runs and longer workouts at race pace. I do believe I could have came back with another 73 and ran 2:26 with people around me and maybe being in a race where I was 10th and just running for time. But, until you run it, talk is cheap so I'll go back to the drawing board and figure out this marathon thing in the fall at STWM. I had the confidence to go out in 73:20 in this one so I'm sure I'll have the confidence and fitness to go out in 72:00 next time. 

So, how the race played out, the guy who was assigned bib number 2 decided to do the half at the last minute (he won in 69:20) and I saw two guys with low bib numbers who took off with me. I lead through the first mile in 5:28 which is basically flat, it might gain a couple feet, and on the second mile which goes downhill one guy passed me and put a little gap on me. I was 5:30 on that one and didn't want to go any faster. I split 5km in 17:01 (this in a downhill 5km) and the guy leading was maybe 16:45, now there is a massive hill coming out of Markham which is around 110 feet at the 8km mark and here I ended up catching the guy who had gaped me and he was breathing really hard. I ran a 5:45 up that mile and passed him before reaching the top. I hit 10km in 34:22 which was about the same effort as the first 5km as it was an uphill 5km portion. I didn't really check splits until I hit 10 miles in 55:46 which seemed about right. Nick Best was on the bike beside me for the majority of the race as his sister was doing the marathon as well. It helped tremendously during the hard sections and he offered great advice. Nick knows the course well and ran 2:30 for second there one year as well as winning the half overall in 2016 (he got me by 1.3 seconds going 69:15). I went through halfway in 73:20 and felt pretty good, not having used too much energy and taking in my fluids. There was a couple downhill miles after that before you hit the lakeshore and I ran the next 5km under 17 with a 5:15 15th mile, I think that put a sting in my legs, running the downhill portion that hard really made them feel dead later. When I hit the lakeshore and got on the single lane trail it was rough trying to run 3:27/km/5:35/mile. I found 5:50 pace to be much more manageable so backed off to that until 32km/20miles which was 1:53 flat I think. Anyway, at that point I got some info saying I was leading by about 2km and that was a relief as I was starting to feel really beat up. I backed off to 6-6:10 a mile the rest of the way and actually got to enjoy the final 5km coming back the lakeshore. 

Looking back, I think had I been content to even just run say 5:45/mile and go 75:00 on the back half for 2:28 that would have been a smarter strategy but I learned a lot from this marathon and am proud to have finished it feeling strong. I took the next day off but was back to normal mileage and workouts by the end of the next week so while I certainly did feel banged up later in the race it was night and day compared to my first marathon last fall where I didn't run a step for 3 weeks after the race.

What's Next?

Knowing I was likely the fittest I've ever been aerobically I wanted to build on that and get back to some short workouts and do some races. I figured Ottawa was too soon, so I reached out to Ian C. at the Canada Running Series as I'd missed the deadlines for their elite applications for races and he took care of me. So I'll be racing the Waterfront 10km on Saturday June 16th with the hopes of running a personal best. I'm doing a local 10km this weekend in Garnish to get a feel for a 10km again and will use it as a workout but the waterfront will be my goal right now and after that I'll really sit down and see what time I should target for the Tely. As of right now I'm pretty darn confident with some good threshold work, on the base I've built I won't have any problem going 50:30 or quicker this year. I'd like to think maybe I can get after something a little faster but I shouldn't get greedy, that race has bitten me in the ass to many times and despite the net downhill it's a real "racers" race and you need to be in shape to run fast there. So as of right now, 50:30 will be the goal, if things change and I really string some great training together I may adjust things but I'd rather get as close to 50 this year as possible and then target the sub 50 next year when I've got more strength in the legs and ideally a sub 31 10km and sub 2:25 marathon. (I'm 83 seconds away from 49:59 after my PB last year which was a 90 second PB, so it's better to get close this year rather then risking blowing up and chunking a nice bit off that PB once again.).

Early Track Season Takeaways

Track season is underway and I don't know about you guys but there's nothing I like watching more then some proper diamond league action. While payton jordan and meets like oxy are all fine and dandy, I'm one of these sports fans who HATES over-saturation. I only get excited to see the very best compete, that's where the sport shines at it's brightest. So while I want to see athlete development and I'm all for smaller meets, heck I watch most of them, the ones I truly get excited to see, and the reason these athletes are the ones making the money are because they are the best at what they do. Watching that Pre woman's 1500m race was exactly what I'm talking about, amazing performances, great story-lines and it was exciting from the first lap to the finish! So while I won't get into each point and I'll save that for another individual post about track season I do want to leave you with some quick takes I'll be following.

1) The woman's 800m is going to be both controversial and super exciting once again this year.

2) The men's steeple might have a new prince, Benjamin Kigen, he ripped apart Kipruto and Jager at Pre over the final 400.

3) The woman's 1500/5000m are going to be bananas! Sifan Hassan and Genzebe need to get into a spicy 1500 ASAP

4) I think this is going to be a big year for Timothy Cheruiyot in the men's 1500m.

5) Who will emerge as the king of the men's 5 and 10km in the absence of Sir. Mo? I'm predicting Joshua Cheptigie in the 10km and Selemon Barega in the five.

Alright friends, that's all I've got time for right now, I'll try to get an update in after my race in Toronto! I hope you are all well and training hard or recovering from your spring seasons!

Stay frosty,

Monday, 30 April 2018

We made it! 6 days out from the Toronto Marathon.

Well, the hay is in the barn as they say, I've survived training for a spring marathon in Newfoundland which if I'm honest was a great winter for running. 90% of my running was done outdoors so the body is definitely callused. The taper is in full effect and at this point it's about coasting on in and trying to capitalize on the marathon fitness and aerobic strength I've gained these past 16 weeks. The longest workout I did was 4 weeks out which was a classic I've seen my bud Jeff Costen do before his two very strong marathon showings which was 80 minutes at Marathon pace. Now I didn't turn it into a 26 mile run or anything, but I did a 10 minute warm up and 15 minute cool down before and after. The average of the 80 minutes was 5:34/mile which was pretty close to what I wanted, I would have liked 5:30 but I also didn't want to force it. On that day I was rather fresh as I'd registered for a local 5km but the winds were so bad I decided against racing and did the workout the next day. Recovery from that one took until about Friday when I was finally able to do another session of in and out miles. So yeah, I mean the race is Sunday, so I have to get out there an execute, one thing I learned last year is that any weakness will be exposed tenfold in a marathon. I can get into 69 minute half marathon shape pretty easily with good mileage and threshold runs but I know to run 68's I need to be firing well and 67, I have to pretty much do everything right, hence why I haven't run a 67 yet I suspect. But in the marathon, even a relative performance to a 69 half which is around 2:24/2:25 I can't half ass it like I've sometimes done in half training. I feel confident in the work I've done and especially the mileage, as since January 1st, even with down weeks the average mileage per week has been 136.3 so I hope that serves me well to fight off skeletal muscular breakdown at the end of the race. Anyway, I'm going to chat a bit about Boston and London then get out of here. I'm super busy with my Tely 10 clinic that kicked off last Tuesday so it's taking up a lot of time, but has been such a rewarding experience and I can't wait to help these great runners chase their running goals.

Boston 2018

What can be said about this race, it scared me to the point that I made a backup plan for my own race and made sure I could switch to the half if the weather is bad and could get bottles in Ottawa for that marathon at the end of May. (Thankfully the weather looks great for my race this Sunday). Regardless, I've never seen conditions like that before. Now, I'm not someone who is particularly excited to do Boston to begin with, maybe when I'm old and want to hit up all the majors, for now while I'm in my physical prime and able to continue to run PB's I'll stick to the fastest courses I can find. This did make me feel even more that way, but the respect I have for each and everyone who finished that day is immense. More importantly, how much of a legend is Yuki Kawauchi, man.....that guy, from the gun he made it honest. While we are on this topic, who were those clowns on the live-stream doing color commentary? They basically laughed at Yuki's first mile split and after his 5km said he was just looking for TV time and would end up and I quote "carry a piano the last 10km", how about you get educated on the sport you are supposed to be a "pundit" on, The guy has run 2:08 3 times and more sub 2:10's then most Americans combined. (I believe he has like 14). If you want proper commentary Boston, please get the best in the business, Tim Hutchings or Tony Revis, thank you. (Sorry for the rant). Anyway, yeah, Yuki man, what a beast, he bit down on the mouth piece and kept his foot on the gas the whole time, even when he got dropped, more importantly even when he took the lead, he put like 3 minutes on Kirui over the final 2-3 miles. Respect are a true guts runner! Also, we can't talk Boston without talking about Desi, good things happen to those who work hard, pay their dues and do things right without shortcuts. In better conditions girls with the quick PR's might have been able to run away from here out front but when it came down to who had the most heart and put thousands of miles in during bad conditions (winters in Michigan are notoriously hard), Desi rose to the top. Feel good story lines all around coming out of Boston! <3

London Marathon

Well that did not disappoint hey, as London never does. The only issue I had which was talked about at length on the forums was the pacing. I mean you'd think with the money they spend on athletes aperance fees they could get the pacers to really dial things in. I think 61:00 at halfway would have been fine had it been run clicking off 14:20/5km and not going out in 13:48. At that point you know the WR isn't going down and your more watching for just how bad is the carnage going to be. Same goes for the woman's race, what's wrong with going out like Paula did and negative splitting? We knew Mary had the wheels to make up time late, she'd run 64:5X for a half early in the year, why not go out in 68:00 and come back in 67:20? Who knows, I'm just getting greedy now, as both races were amazing to watch. I don't know how Eliud keeps knocking race after race out of the park and turning away contender after contender. Be it perennial studs like Kipsang, Bekele et all or upcoming studs like Tola Kitata in London and Guy Adola last fall in Berlin, the man is a dream crusher. I pray we get to see a perfect weather day in Berlin, no doubt with good pacing he can take 45 or more seconds off that record which has stood too long given the talent pool we have in the men's marathon right now. Lastly, Mo Farah......that was a very good sign, he was able to absorb a suicidal first 10km and still escape with a 2:06, there was no way he could have touched Kipchoge but had he gone with the group that was supposed to form running 61:45 we have to think he had 2:04 high or 2:05 low in his legs. I'm excited to continue to watch his progression, he seems to be all in and accepting that it'll take time to get good at the event.

Well I guess that's it. All that I've got left is a mini workout/refresher workout of 2X2miles at marathon pace with 2' float between so I'll hit that one tomorrow and cruise into Toronto. I was desperate to get a road race in before the Marathon and with the wind being so crazy for the 5km I had originally planned to do my only option was a local 5km here yesterday. I was willing to run as fast as 15:30 to win but was hoping I could get away with maybe something as slow as 16:30. I wanted to get the nervousness out and my road racing instincts sharp before the marathon so I didn't get a big adrenaline rush on the start line and go out at 5:15 a mile rather than 5:30. I saw the Dan MacDonald had registered and ran 16:10 the previous week at the Montreal 5km and there were a couple of young track kids like Evan and Erik knight in the field who'd run sub 2 for 800 and 4:09 for 1500 at Canada games last summer but so long as nobody named Fewer was on the starting line I'd be able to dictate proceedings. I waved the boys on to take the lead early and just ran with them, it was windy so I didn't feel right drafting and got side by side and at least did my own work. We walked the first mile in like 5:18, sped up a bit on the next one to 5:10 and I decided to wind it up a little to see how everyone was feeling from there, we dropped Dan by 4km but Evan hung tough so I waited until 500 to go and just kicked it in from there to put about 8 seconds on him for 16 flat. Unfortunately I couldn't stay to chat with everyone as I had to lead my run clinic on their long run but I hear it was a great post race reception and overall the event was put off amazingly as always. I'd be interested to see how quickly I'll run a 5km on the roads this year when I get back to speed stuff, that was a bad day and it felt like jogging, the last time I ran there I was 15:30 and my fitness between now and then which was two years ago has improved tremendously so I'll definitely target a fast 5km on the roads at some point this year to go sub 15 on NL soil.

Anyway, I'll write a blog post on my plane ride home with a marathon post race recap. I'll attach a few pics below. If you guys want to follow me on sporstats I'm bib 1. Thanks for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Stay frosty,

Race start, waiving the boys to go on.

New Brooks Hansons Pro Kit I mentioned last time, couldn't break it out until Desi and Shadrack debuted it in Boston.

Teamed with only the best, Proactive Physio, if your in NL they are the best in town. (I should get a fresh pic up for them with a Brooks Singlet on :) )

I've been rocking these new Brooks Chariot Ultra Suede kicks lately, love em.

Demo days with Supplement King, if your around there tell em your boy sent you and they will give you at least 15% off!

Joggin lap one of the 5km with Ed Sheeran! (Evan Knight, super talented kid!!)

Kicking it in the last 500m.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Quick update 5 weeks out from my spring marathon.

Hey friends, I've been slacking on updates so I'm sorry for that but I assure you it wasn't because I've been neglecting my running. Work is always busy this time of year with vaccines and what not for spring break and people traveling in general as well as meetings with our R&D team at head office as we await pending drugs to pass FDA approval and results from various clinical trials. Generally things slow down by May so until then I'll have to just do my best with the blog, I want to be writing more and definitely have the material but as we all know life is about prioritizing and sometimes the blog ends up lower on the list than I'd like it to. If you follow me on social media however you'll keep up to date. I took over the Brooks Running Instagram account on St. Paddy's day and got some great feedback so thank you to all who followed and sent kind/funny notes my way. I'll be doing it again throughout the year in different formats like race day prep, destination race weekends, etc. The other thing that's been taking a lot of time is my winter run clinic that has gone insanely well. I've got an amazing group of athletes and everyone has either already PB'd or is about to so that's been extremely satisfying as a coach and runner. My next clinic which starts the week of April 23rd sold out so it'll be fun to prep another group of athletes as they target the Tely 10 this July.

As for my own running I'm beyond happy with where things are right now. I have really focused on doing a lot of volume at marathon pace. Today I had my longest marathon specific workout which was 5X15' at marathon pace (5:31/mile avg for the 15' segments) inside a 20.8 mile long run that averaged as a whole 5:56. I didn't do anything that long before and I have 3 more big ones like that planned with the "simulator" being 3 weeks out and doing 26.2km at goal race pace on my loop with bottles laid on top of my car that I'll take down every 5km segment. Before the marathon however I have a 5km and 10km on the books that I'll race all out to get the legs moving quickly with the first being a 5km on April 15th. I'm really excited for this spring marathon, I've also been jumping in with Kate Bazeley and Jason White to pace their workouts on my easy days which has led to me getting anywhere from 10-15 additional miles a week at between 5:30-5:45 a mile. Tuesday for example, Jason, who is a little over 2 weeks out from Boston had 10 miles at a little quicker than his marathon pace and I jumped in on tired legs and ran 57:30 in what felt like a solid long run type pace. So let's hope I get a good day weather wise in Toronto and capitalize on the last 13 weeks of good training.

A couple other quick points I want to touch on, firstly the greatness that is GK! If you guys didn't watch the world half champs it was a treat, watching the ease at which Geoffrey moved away from a 58:40 athlete and a bunch of sub 60 performers. The last 5km split of 13:01 is a thing of legendary proportions, tailwind or not that's ridiculous. Cam Levins showed great form there too running 62 low and hanging with some big names while beating all the Americans except Sam Chelanga who under any circumstances would be difficult for him to beat given his range and PB's. Either way this was such an amazing event in a beautiful city. Having it bi-annually really does make it more special and a treat to watch. I wish world cross would attract this many studs like it did in the late 90's and early 2000's because these events are super fun and fan friendly.

Another note is the upcoming London and Boston marathons. London being the cream of the crop (having the deepest pockets and one of the fastest spring courses). I really see this on the men's side as a rematch of last fall's Berlin Marathon between Guy Adola (fastest debut ever on a legit course) and Eliud Kipchoge, the best marathoner to ever live. If the pace is hot enough (but no suicide like a couple years ago) we could see a WR which is the only thing lacking from Kipchoge's resume. Speaking of world records we have an assault going on the woman's side as well with two of the ladies who went 2:17 here last year. Then, the other story-line being Mo Farah goes to the marathon! I don't think he will be a factor but I'd like to see him run 2:05ish which should be doable provided he sits off the pace and runs his race. I'm so pumped for this race guys, you know it's going to be lights out!

Then in Boston the biggest race within the race is among the American ladies. Hassay is the fastest on paper and ran two superb tune ups before pulling out of the world half champs with some planter issues. I think if the east Africans go out in sub 70 that Hassay will likely be top American but if it's Tactical and the top american time is 2:23-25 I'll take Huddle or Flanagan for the top spot. I don't think they have a chance at winning (despite Shalane being the NYC champ which was incredible, I feel that was a matter of her being ready to go and Mary Kaitany getting it wrong/not performing.). But anything can happen as Meb showed so who knows, it'll be fun to watch. Desi will be in the mix too, I just don't see her with the lead Americans after that 73 half in NYC. On the Men's side I think it'll be a rematch of last year except this time Rupp is at 100% and fresh off a 59:47 half (2+ minutes quicker than his tune up in Prague last year before Boston) Geoggrey Kirui is no joke as he proved last year and at the world champs but he's not beating the Galen who showed up in Chicago so I'll take Rupp for the win.

That's all I've got time for right now, tomorrow is Easter Sunday and before going to family dinner I have my clinic's long run in the morning and after the workout I had this morning I'm falling asleep as I type this but I do promise to make more of an effort to update more frequently, even if it's a shorter post like this. I want to get into breaking down the mid and distance events on the track this year and look at how people will approach things being an "off" year. Will we see record attempts by the likes of Jager and Centro and will we see people trying other events like Kiprop in the 5000......will Makloufi emerge from the shadows after another absence post Olympic cycle? Lot's to look forward to regardless and I'm extremely excited!

I'll be back as soon as possible to talk some track, training and recap the second and third marathon major of 2018! Before I go, a shout out to Nate Brannan who retired this week, what a classy guy and a tremendous career he had both as a sub 4 minute high school miler from Canada, in University in a class with Alan Webb and Nick Willis then as a professional at 3 Olympics. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to the sport Nate!

Until next time, stay frosty,

Shoutout to Brooks for another little care package that showed up. (Not shown is the 2018 Pro/Elite Marathon Kit that is being unveiled at Boston, they told your boy not to show it till after that race, know that it's strait FIRE!)

Also thanks SMITH Optics for another year of support, you guys are amazing, thanks for the spring shades to help me look rad and protect the eyes!

Cool pic from a 5km I ran in basically a snow storm, photocred to Greg Greening!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Thoughts on indoors, my training and The Coastal Running Company

Hey friends, I trust all is well and you are getting some quality training in! The weather here has been very good this winter and conducive to good training so your boy has been taking advantage. This time last year I was running almost everything on the treadmill but now, 90% of my running has been outside which is what I want/need during this important block of specific training. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm running a road 5km this Saturday as a rust buster with the hopes of being somewhere between 15:10-20. I haven't done a ton of quick stuff yet but my threshold is super strong as on off days I'm pacing anyone and everyone who is around doing workouts so I'm very aerobically fit. For instance, today I paced Kate Bazeley to a great workout which shows just how quickly she's coming back after the birth of her latest daughter. I took her through 15'-10'-5' with a 2' jog recovery and she averaged 5:40/mile on a very difficult rolling loop. (5:51/mile for the full 34' of running with the 4' of jogging the breaks). So yeah, training is going well, I'll rip the 5km as hard as I can then I'll try to run around 8:30 indoors at our NLAA indoor meet in March followed by the Sun Run and Goodlife Toronto Marathon the first week of May.

In other news, my running clinic and athletes I've been coaching are doing extremely well and I must say it's an enjoyable experience. I take a very simple approach and try to explain the basic science and purpose of each workout to them. The methodology I'm using with the clinic is very much a progressive one where we hit a tempo session every week. (The first week we did 4X5' off 1 minute float and by next week we will be doing 3X10'), The other quality day is alternated each week, one week it'll be short, fast repetition type sessions, like last week they had 15X200m at 3km down to mile race pace with full 200m recoveries, or sometimes we will do hills to work on our power, neuromuscular connection and creatine phosphate system. On weeks we don't do repetition paced running we do time based VO2 intervals like 10X2' at 5km pace or slightly quicker with half the time spent running as recovery. I expect most if not all of those in the group running on Saturday will PB so I'll give a recap of how it goes down next week.

Some takeaways from USATF Indoor Champs

1 - Donovan Brazier is a BEAST!!! The US certainly have a lot of depth on the men's side in the 800m right now, Clayton Murphy at 100% is super scary and has an Olympic Bronze in his pocket already, Boris is a stud when he's fit and healthy and you've got Drew Windle now who closes the last 200m from last place into the top 3 in a manner that would make a young Robby Andrews or Nick Symmonds proud. But it's Brazier who may have the highest ceiling in the 800 of them all, I think Murphy may indeed eventually be a true 1500m man, but Brazier is your classic 800m stud with great open 400 speed so he's one to keep an eye out for, don't be surprised if he wins or comes very close at world indoors.

2 - Shelby Houlihan and Colleen Quigley have some savage closing speed. Now to be accurate, we all know Houlihan can close like a freight train, but I'm very surprised and impressed by Quigley's ability to close as fast as she has been in under distance events. Jerry is obviously doing some great speed development work with his group lately and it's apparent when you look at his stable and see the speed they have shown of late, like Jager becoming a 3:32 1500m man a couple years back and closing in 60 over barriers. The woman's steeple will be great once again this year.

3 - Ajee Wilson is so darn consistent, at age 23 she's now a 6 time USA champ. Most of the time when you get a hot young prospect they either buckle under the pressure like a Mary Cain type of situation or it takes some growing pains to develop into a true star/master of your craft like Jordan Hassay but Ajee is all business and I love it, she's going up against the worlds best who certainly enjoy somewhat of an advantage but she's so good that she is still right there with them. Can she lower her own ridiculously fast 800m outdoor record this season being as it's an off year and there will be plenty of opportunities to run fast? I'm not sure but she's the favorite for gold at world indoors in my mind, that's for sure.

4 - Paul Chelimo and the Army crew are beasts, though I'm not a fan of his salute victory but I won't get into that here lol. When you see him dipping down and winning the 1500 at altitude against some game milers like Blankenship and Engles, it becomes apparent why he's got that Olympic medal in his back pocket, the guy is aerobically strong and can close with the very best in the world. In this day and age, if your running the 5km you need to be likely a 3:32 or better 1500m runner to have a shot at the medals, and I'd go so far as to say in the 10km you need 3:34 chops. I was impressed with Shadrack Kipchirchir as well, if he had been a better 1500m tactician he likely would have been top 2 in the 1500 at USA's, not that he would have gone in the event, but it shows how legit he is as well.

Just how good is King Ches?

Another story line of this indoor season is the magnificence that is Edward Cheserek. When I saw the mile he ran at altitude in January I thought it was impressive but I'm always hesitant to go by the conversions as altitude effects everyone differently and Ches was also born at altitude, but I was amazed by the gap he put on Blankenship. Then the double he pulled on the flat 200m track two weeks later in the 1500/3km again showed that he'd made some fitness jumps. But the 3:49.4 mile in Boston was unreal, I mean to be honest, I think of Ches as a 5km guy, he was so good over 10km cross and dominated over so many distances in the NCAA. I figured he was a strengh guy with great wheels, somewhat of a Lawi Lalang version 2.0 as Lawi ended up running 3:33 and 13:00. But now I think Ches can be a world class miler and 5000m runner like his countrymen Ronald Kwemoi, coached by the legendary Ronato Canova, who he pegs as the 2020 5000m champ. (He's a 3:28 1500m runner). So yeah, it'll be interesting to follow going forward and also to see if he gets expedited US citizenship!

The Coastal Running Company

I wanted to give a shout out to some east coasters who are doing some amazing work to not only promote the sport that we all love but to also give back and clean up/preserve the beautiful oceans we are so blessed to run by daily here on the east coast. Matt Smith, a runner at St. Mary's University started this company with the help of some running friends and they give 10% of all proceeds to ocean clean-up and conservation. Guys it's a great company doing important work, as well as making some pretty badass apparel so do me a favor, head on over to and read more about them, check out their gear and toss em' a follow on social media!

I guess that's it for me, I'm going to do a quick post again after my race to let you guys know how it went and give a report on how my athletes do! 

Until next time, keep those sticks on the ice,

Shout out to Brooks for restocking me on my marathon trainers of choice, the Brooks Launch and for the 2018 elite pro kit. Looks very sharp!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Quick check in and back to regular scheduled programming.

Sup friends, so sorry for the long absence, no excuses, the marathon just kicked the crap out of me last fall. I took a month off after STWM and got back into easy running before the holidays hit which were tremendous. Things were busy at my house and we had a terrific holiday season. I'm so thankfully for my family, friends and loved ones, sometimes we take it for granted but it's important we take the time to cherish our time with them. This will be a short post as I'm pretty busy with work, coaching, family stuff and my running clinic. I just want to give you guys an idea of where I'm at running wise and what some of my short term as well as long terms plans/goals are. I'm going to blog every second Sunday this year, I don't really have the time to put one out each week but I want to get back to writing at least twice a month, more if time permits and really dive into the pro scene, training principles, Canadian news, etc. So stay locked this year for lot's of content that I hope will be at least somewhat interesting. Before I go any further, a quick Shoutout and thank you to Brooks Running, I signed a new contract with them that will keep with with the brand for the next couple years which I'm stoked about. I love their gear, reps, vision and loyalty to the sport. It's an honor to wear the uniform. (PS: The 2018 pro kits are strait fire!! You may have seen my teammates Jenna Westaway punching her ticket to world indoors in the new digs last weekend going 2:01:50 for the 800m and Gabriela Stafford going sub 4:30 for the mile at the Armory where Kate Van B. ran the Canadian indoor mile record! Killer performances ladies!)

As for my training thus far in 2017 I've run 476miles in January with some fartleks and harder long runs, so I'm ready to get into specific training starting tomorrow, Feb 1st. I've committed to run the Vancouver Sun Run again so that's the first big one on the books and then another crack at the Marathon on May 4th, at the Goodlife Toronto Marathon. Mike C, the elite coordinator was gracious enough to host me and put my bottles out so I'm excited to finally put down a decent time next to my name, hopefully something between 2:24-26. It's a nice course with great support, I ran the half there in 2016 in 1:09:16 on a pretty brutal day so if all goes well I think it's going to be the perfect race to bridge me to where I'll want to be in the fall for STWM to try to compete with some of the great marathoners we have in that 2:20-2:26 range like Jeff Costen (who's in fine form already this season going 25 flat last weekend at Robbie Burns 8km), Aaron Cooper, (also threw down a stellar performance at the 8km in sub 25) and there are lot's more like Matt Suda, Josh Boltz et all who are tremendous competitors and athlete who I'd be honored to be able to hang with if training goes according to plan. Those boys are always so consistent that if you don't show up ready to rock then you'll get waxed which happened in my debut there in October. 2:33 might as well have been 3 hours, I wasn't involved at all after 25km.

So yeah, I'm actually feeling very fit currently and am already at my race weight so I'm doing a 5km on Feb 24th in Holyrood, I figure I should be able to solo something a little under 15:20 by then on the roads and anything 15:10 or under I'll be elated with given it's Feb, so that will give me a gauge on things. Then we can put in 2-3 good months before Vancouver and Toronto. I actually contemplated Ottawa race weekend marathon but I felt I wouldn't have enough time to turn it around for the Tely 10 on July 24th. Last year I finally figured out how to run that race and I'd like to aim for a sub 50:30 next year as I feel like that always has a shot to win, it just depends on how fit the others are. I don't think I'll have enough time to train for sub 50, and to be fair, it's a big jump from 51:22 so this year anything under 50:30, run evenly and sticking with my own game plan like last year will be the goal.

So, before I get out of here I'll just give some details on how the first marathon experience went and then mention a couple things I'm excited for on the pro scene in the first half of 2018.

What happened in the Marathon debut

I was trying to be conservative the first half, came through in 74 which was a little slower than I wanted but it felt like I was easy running which was good, I picked up the next 5km a little too fast and the american, Alexander (also his debut, 67:53 half marathoner from NY) who I was running with dropped out and things got hard and lonely after I burned through my fuel. I ran 2:33 and was honestly 9 minutes slower than I wanted. But looking at the results after, I know where my fitness was, I wasn't beating guys like my bud's Jeff Costen and Aaron Cooper who both showed their racing chops and heart out there going 2:24/2:26. That said, I felt like I was easily fit for sub 2:30, likely 2:28 flat on that day, but I'm proud I stuck it out. A lot of guys took the easy way out on that fateful Sunday. If an organization like CRS and Alan Brooks are going to be nice enough to offer me a place to stay and put bottles out for me every 5km, we owe them to finish......on our worst day we aren't suffering like most people. I didn't want to see a 2:33, but I'm not going to drop if I'm not hurt, it's not fair to the guy's who beat you fair and square. That's part of the beauty of this sport, each and every guy who beats you was better that day. Looking back now, I was definitely very half marathon fit, but wasn't muscularly capable to fighting the fatigue after 32km on my first time out over the distance. Areobically speaking even 2:23/24 pace is sustainable for me and is pretty comfortable, I just didn't do enough hard long running, or workouts like a lot of Steve's athletes do, 120 minutes easy followed by 30 minutes at marathon pace when your already tired and depleted. This build up I'm going to run several 20 milers at sub 6 minute pace, and cover the marathon distance 2-3 times at 90% of race pace like Canova has his athletes doing so I'll be callused for the pounding.

Things I'm looking forward to in the first half of 2018.

1 - World Indoors, this is always such a fun meet as you don't get the very best normally or you get 5km specialist coming down to the 3km going against some strengh based 1500m men. You also get cool tactical races over 800m as pole position is just so important on the tight indoor oval. On the women's and men's side I'll be watching closely everything from 800-3km. I feel like Hassan and Keljelcha are going to be VERY hard to beat at 3km, in the 1500, if Dibaba is healthy she's the best indoor runner of all time so she should easily win the 1500m, but on the men's side with some guys skipping indoors like Centro and Willis, and most big Kenyan's not known for running indoor seasons in favor of summer or diamond league peaking I'm unsure of how that will go down. In the 800 if any of the big 3 ladies and Ajee are competing they will be the favorite and for the men I might favor perhaps an NCAA guy who's sharp and has raced allot indoors. Either way it'll be fun to see.

2 - USA Cross Champs, mainly because Rupp and Hasay are now running. Not that either were killers on the mud/grass but the last time Rupp ran in Edinburgh he was second to Farah and he was an NCAA champ. And I mean Hassay just ran mid 68 and has the strength of a 2:20 marathon so if she made it hard from the gun and there's no Huddle or Flanagan than i'd be shocked if she didn't win.

3 - Boston Marathon, Rupp vs Geoffrey Kirui, round 2. If Rupp is healthy he's not losing that race, as great as Kirui is being last years champ and the World Champ, Boston won't be any faster than a 2:08 type race if history tells us anything and Rupp will eat him up the last few miles like he did Abel Kirui in Chicago, as his speed is much better than Geoffrey, I mean he's training with Keljelcha and jogged a 13:34 with him last weekend. (Granted in a fast race I think this would be VERY interesting and I may give Kirui the edge if this was to take place with pacemakers or in Berlin. On the women's side, I don't think an american woman will win but I do think it'll be a beauty battle for top American with Flanagan, Huddle and Hassay. (Desi is in there too, but isn't going to be a factor if the american woman run under 2:23 type pace). 

4 - London Marathon, this is THE marathon to watch, I'll never bet against Kipchoge, I think he wins and if he's pushed the WR may actually go, even if he isn't planning on it, just based on how he ran there in 2016, that 2:03 flat looked pretty easy even off a vicious first 10km. What will be interesting too is Mary Kaitany going for the WR with male pacemakers, I mean if she hadn't of gone on out 2:13 pace through half last year she may have very well done it, and maybe T. Dibaba could threaten as well, she ran 2:17 and 2:18 last year in her two outings over the distance with a 2ed in London and dominant solo win in Chi-Town.

Anyway, I'll get out of here, but I do hope to be back blogging regularly now as the new year is settling down and I'm getting into a good schedule with work, coaching, family and my own running. I hope you are all well and that your 2018 is off to a great start.

Stay frosty,