Tuesday, 5 November 2013

And so it begins.

Hello world, or whoever is out there reading!

I must confess I never figured myself as a blogger, but why not start. If nothing else it will serve as an outlet to document the journey of my running as I attempt to progress in a sport that has been very good to me and one I'm very passionate about.

This blog is going to focus on my training and the journey that I'm embarking upon as I try to improve as a distance runner and make the jump to the next level.

A little introduction before I kick things off. I'm David, or Dave, I'll answer to either and I'm from St. John's Newfoundland, Canada. I'm 27 years old and took up the sport of running in 2010 to try and get myself into shape after leading a fairly sedentary university students lifestyle from the time I finished high school and stopped playing hockey.

So to make a long story short I jumped into a local 5km race and got my behind handed to me. I figured I was still in halfway decent shape but that was not the case. I ran a little over 20 minutes and was not happy about it. Looking back now it was not a bad performance as I was carrying allot more muscle and some non essential mass at the time and was roughly 200 pounds which wasn't that bad on my 6 foot 1 inch frame but certainly not good for an aerobic sport like running. After the race I got that runners high and wanted to beat the time I had just run. So one thing led to another and I began racing every road race in town that year and running allot of mileage without even realising. I was putting in about 80-90 miles a week (135ish km's) with no training structure to speak of. Just running for the pure enjoyment of the sport and the feeling it was giving me. By the end of the year I had dropped down to my current weight of about 145 pounds and was somewhat competitive on the local level setting personal best of 16:50 for 5km and 34:56 for 10km. I was hooked from that point and knew I wanted to keep training. The next couple of years from 2011-2012 I continued in my high mileage ways but was doing little in terms of structured quality running and didn't have much if any road map or method to my madness. I had some training partners that are amazing guys and have helped me immensely but I was not training smartly for what I was trying to achieve. At the end of the 2012 season my personal best had dropped to 15:53 for 5km, 25:47 for 8km, 32:47 for 10km and 54:56 for 10 miles. Improvements were happening and I was becoming competitive but not anything near where I wanted to be. So I decided to seek the counsel of a friend and an AMAZING runner in his own right Craig. A Masters runner from BC whom I had met in 2010 when I participated in the 10km National Championships. I bounced training ideas off him and just learnt from his ways and years of experience. I put in a great fall and winter for 2012/2013 and built a large base with a string of 16 weeks of 125+ miles/week with some quality tossed in once a week to keep the speed close by. I then began to train with some structure and kept running high mileage while doing 2-3 hard sessions a week, mostly on the track. I enjoyed my best season to date thus far and lowered my personal bests to 15:33 for 5km, 25:24 for 8km, 32:08 for 10km and 53:58 for 10 miles. I'm very happy with this season but I'm hungry for much more and I know that I'm only scratching the surface. I feel that I have the potential with the right training to run much much faster and so the journey begins. I plan on doing all the little things now, the stretching, drills, core work, cross training and really dialling in my nutrition as I hope to make much bigger strides towards my goals this coming spring. I would like to lower my personal bests in the 5 and 10km to under 15 minutes and under 31:30 by the time the spring rolls around. No small feat, but as they say nothing ventured nothing gained. I feel I'm in better shape then my current PB's indicate but I need to put in allot of work to progress to my next set of goal.

So in concluding I will be updating this blog about once a week with training updates, random ramblings and possibly some equipment reviews. I'm fortunate to have teamed up with the best running company out there in Saucony and am thrilled to have them as my sponsor. So look for some gear reviews and updates on new things they have coming to running shops near you.

That's all for now,
Run Happy,

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