Thursday, 14 November 2013

Training the week of Sunday November 3rd - Saturday November 9th 2013

This is a little late for posting last week's training but I'll have this week's up on Sunday, Work has been busy as I've been staying later on account of trying to get longer lunch runs in.

The approach I'm taking with this fall and winter is that I'm not going to try and hit home runs and kill every workout. But rather, focus on the quality of the entirety of these next 5-6 months before I target 2 Spring 10kms (The Sun Run and Yonge Street). If I can make small gains in fitness and be even 0.1% better today then I was yesterday I'll be ready to run some fast times this spring and hopefully roll out a sub 31:30 on one of those first two 10km s.

This week of training went well with 2 workouts and 121.5 miles run in total.


9 miles easy - AM
9 miles easy - PM


Workout - 3 mile sustained high end aerobic tempo + 10 X 250m hills (4:56 pace for the tempo and ran the hills hard, about 5:30 pace on average with 5 minutes rest after the tempo and jogging 250m down the hill after the 250m hill reps.) - Great workout, really hurt the last mile of the tempo, but that was well outside my lactic threshold pace so that's understandable. 

13 miles with workout - AM
7 miles easy - PM


10 miles easy AM
11 miles easy PM


10 miles easy - AM
10.5 miles easy - PM


Workout - 4 mile tempo on the Tupper Street loop 21:12 total time (5:18/mile average pace) - This was a great effort and shows me I'm fitter then I was a couple months ago. It was very controlled, the first mile was slow, ran in 5:29 and each subsequent mile got faster while remaining in my target zone and finished with a 5:12 mile.

10 miles with workout - AM
7 miles easy - PM


12 miles easy - AM
6 miles easy - PM


7 miles easy - AM
(single run day, legs needed a break)

So all in all I'm happy with this. I like hitting 20 miles each day and running 140 miles/week but I won't complain about this at all. I've got to keep telling myself, stringing weeks of training like this together will make the difference next spring. Patience is key.

Until next time,
Run Happy

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