Sunday, 22 December 2013

Week of training Sunday December 15th - Saturday December 21st + Thoughts on hill training.

It's weekly update time.

I hope everyone is all ready for Christmas, I'm still finishing up my last bit of shopping. But I'm looking forward to some good food, company and even a few runs this coming week. Training went very well this week. But I did take a day off as I was feeling pretty fatigued so consequently my mileage wasn't as high as last week but I managed to hit 124.7 so it was lower but still pretty good.

Hill training

Let's talk about hill training really quickly. I've been doing allot of reading lately about the best ways to incorporate it into training. And much like most things in running there are plenty of ways to go about it. From what I have read a grade of about 7% is ideal as when hills are run at this percentage we see the best results in terms of whats happening to our bio-mechanics. In terms of stride length we see a shortening of about 4.46 percent. Ground contact time becomes greater by 3.76 percent. And finally the flight time (time we spend in the air) decreased by 13.4 percent. All very positive things. So when repeating this in training we are working on things that in tern will help our efficiency.

From what I can see 800-1500m specialist use allot of hill training during their peak racing season to hold form and help them maintain while doing less workouts then they would in their building phase of their training. Workouts tend to vary between 10 second explosive hill sprints to long hilly runs as Arthur Lydiard preached. One thing for sure is that it will help build strength and boost efficiency.

I'm going to be doing a post on the importance of developing better efficiency next week. For years coaches and scientist would tell us that VO2 is king in terms of performance, but what we are realizing is to truly maximize ones VO2 and run the best times we are genetically capable of we need to be running as efficiently as possible, wasting the least about of energy as we can.

This week in training.

Training went well once again however I did take a rest day on Saturday. I got 124.7 miles, 2 workouts and a Long Run. So I can't complain. However, I'm finding it increasingly challenging to get good days for workouts, so I'm doing workouts whenever the weather permits. Hence the Monday then Tuesday back to back sessions.


Long Run - 20 miles, Amanda and I ran the first 12 together nice and conversational, I wasn't really looking at my watch but when I got back to mun to drop her off I realized we had been running 8:00 pace which is perfectly fine and it was rather windy. I then proceeded to run the last 8 miles around 5:55 pace to bring the pace back down of the entire run. The run was an average of 7:13/mile which is perfect. I'm really impressed with the amount of volume Amanda is getting in. I can see some fast times from her later in the indoor season and next spring on the track and the roads.

20 miles - AM
Off - PM


Workout - 12 miles of in and outs, so 6 hard miles at half marathon pace alternating with a 6:30 mile recovery. It went really well my miles ended up being 5:12, 6:37, 5:15, 6:41, 5:17, 6:31, 5:13, 6:40, 5:14, 6:33, 5:11. This was a really fun session, it was nice getting a full mile to recover so they didn't feel as hard as had I done them at that pace with say 60-90 second breaks.

14 miles with workout - AM
6.7 miles - PM


Workout - 8km tempo with Kate on the Mundy Pond course. 25:51, felt really good despite it being a day after a hard session. Averaged 5:10 pace, I wen't through the 5km in 16:14 and actually picked the pace up a bit more the last 2 miles. Kate had 8km - 5km - 3km at Marathon pace, so after I did my own thing for the 8km tempo I paced her for the next 5km and 3km @ 5:50ish pace. Felt great

13.7 miles with workout - AM
6.3 miles treadmill - PM


12 miles - AM
8 miles - PM


10 miles - AM
10 miles - PM


14 miles - AM
10 miles - PM



So that's another week, 124.7 miles. I'm happy with it. The workouts went well but I don't really enjoy taking off days. I'm pressed for time here today so I'm going to hop on mid week and do the Saucony Type A5 review.  Expect it maybe boxing day or there abouts.

So in closing I hope you all have a tremendous Christmas. Be safe, spend time with your loved ones and family and eat until your pants no longer fit! I know I will.

See you all next time.
Happy Festivus!

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