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Week of training Sunday January 12th - Saturday January 18th + some thoughts on the first few weeks of the pro indoor track season.

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Before we get into my week, shout out to my Saucony Canada teammate Kate Bazeley on her Marathon debut this morning. She was 7th overall at the Huston Marathon with a time of 2:40. Kate is an unreal talent and had her first child only 10 months ago. Look out for her this spring. I can see her running some fast times over the shorter distances then threatening that 2:35 world champs marathon standard for 2015 in the fall.

Well I must say this was a fantastic week, weather wise, training wise and just in general. I got 144 miles in this week with 3 good workouts. 1 was half marathon specific that Jeremiah suggested (thanks buddy) that I really enjoyed, I got a tempo run in and a set of pretty fast mile repeats with Joe. It was so nice to get a week of training in where all my running was done outside and I was able to do workouts in shorts. Not common here on the east coast during the winter months.

So I'll get into training details after I talk briefly about what went down in the wonderful world of track and field this week. On another note I'm currently reading a book that Mike Greene lent me on Lactate Threshold training entitled; Training Lactate Pulse - Rate by Peter G.J.M. Janssen. It's a fantastic read that I would recommend people get their hands on. I'll be sure to post up my thoughts and a few paragraphs on what I've read to be the optimal way of training this energy system.

This week in the world of track and field

When I first started running 3 years ago I didn't really follow the sport at all, but once I began studying training principals and reading material published by coaches such as Ronato Canova I began following along with the sport (of distance running). I'm at the point now where I watch anything I can find online whether that be NCAA action or diamond league events. At this point of the year normally it's a little bit slow as most of the top professional athletes tend to focus on the outdoor season and are building their base and doing AT work during this time of the year. But thankfully there are some professionals who are out there on the indoor track looking to run fast.

The Nike Oregon Project under the coaching of American running legend Alberto Salazar is notorious for having his athletes peak twice a year, once indoors in late February and again during the late summer when the world championships or Olympic finals are taking place. So they set up a series of indoor meets so that their athletes can take some cracks at different records. This past Thursday they had a 1km set up for Mary Cain and Treniere Moser but it didn't go well with the pacer not knowing what the heck she was doing. Mary Cain did manage a new Jr. World Record in 2:39. But the story of the night was Galen Rupp (one of my favorite athletes) taking 6 seconds off the American indoor 5000m record with a time of 13:01. In this race our very own Cam Levins also dipped under the old Canadian indoor record so that was great to see. Cam is a stud and I think has the engine to one day go sub 27 for 10km if he gets into a fast race like Brussels at the end of the year. It was a great race to watch and I was also super happy for Sam Chelanga for having a terrific performance. I really hope he gets American citizenship before the 2016 Olympic trials.

This week in training


Long Run - 20 miles @ 6:34 pace. This was a good effort. I started relaxed and progressed as the run went on. I took a gel at 8 and 14 miles.

20 miles - AM
Off - PM


11 miles - AM
10 miles - PM


Workout - 7X1 mile. This was a workout Jeremiah mentioned was a good one for half marathon prep (He has a 68 minute half pr. so he knows what works). I took 60 second breaks and tried to start at half marathon pace and work it down as the session went on. I went 5:18, 5:19, 5:15, 5:16, 5:12, 5:15, 5:15. It was a great workout. I'm not strong over the longer events yet so I feel that sessions like this really help me. I found the last 3 miles hard. Not so much aerobically but more so just a feeling of getting tired. But it was a great session

13 miles with workout - AM
8 miles easy - PM


10 miles easy - AM
10 miles - PM


Workout - 2X20 minutes @ lactate threshold pace. I wore my heart rate monitor and took 5 minutes between the 20 minute sets. The first 20 minutes had an average pace of 5:14 and the second was 5:17. I was happy with the workout.

11 miles with workout - AM
11 miles  - PM


8 miles easy - AM
11 miles easy - PM


Workout -  4X1mile + 5X500m. I did this workout with Joe. The goal was the run the miles under control at about 5km pace. I averaged 4:49 for the miles and 1:22 was the average of the 500's. (I ended up feeling some tightness in my leg after the miles so I did the 500's in my evening session)

13 miles with workout - AM.
7 miles with the 500's- PM

So very solid week there 144 miles 3 workouts and a long run. I thought I would be really tired this week as I was feeling the grind last week, but I've been sleeping better and eating more so I think that made the difference.

I got some good feedback on the workout Wednesday. I'm going to do that from time to time, not every week but maybe once or twice a month. It will be better when I start filming current workouts and not using ones from last summer and fall.

I also plan on doing more shoe and gear reviews. I've been posting up some different stuff that Saucony has in their current lineup both apparel and footwear on facebook. Every time I do I'm getting at least 5 or more comments about them. Either asking, where to get the product or how I personally find them. So expect some more reviews like the previous shoe ones I've done.

That's all for another week.
Stay frosty,

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