Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Workout Wednesday

Hey everyone.

I had some PM's asking if I would post some more workouts in the future so I figured why not toss one up every now and then. The idea is something of a "Workout Wednesday" like flotrack does. ( I highly recommend that site. To me it's the best resource for inside information on the world of track, cross country and road running.

So this won't be a long post. I'll just attach the video of the workout I did. This was before the Turkey Tea 10km in mid October. I did it about 6 days out as a sharpener to feel paces faster then I was planning on running with progressively shorter recovery (while speeding up as the workout went on). I was trying to run 31:45-31:50 in the race and I felt like my fitness was certainly there at that point and I've progressed nicely since then. On race day I found myself free and clear from the rest of the field at about 3km and stopped hearing footsteps by 4km so I didn't really have anyone pushing me and I guess I backed off a bit. I ended up running 32:11 which I wasn't unhappy with by any means but I should have been more focused and done self checks every 30 seconds or so to make sure I was running hard enough.

Anyway, here was the workout;

2km @ 5km pace with 2:30 recovery
1600m @ 5km pace with 2:00 recovery
1200m @ 5km pace with 1:30 recovery
800m @ 3km pace with 1:00 recovery
400m @ 1500m pace

As you will see in the clip it was a terribly windy day. So the effort I ran to hit the paces was harder then it should have been, but I'm not a big fan of going into a workout with certain times in mind and then not hitting them. I based my paces off what I assumed to be my 5km fitness at the time (15:20)

I ended up running;

2km - 6:08
1600m - 4:52
1200m - 3:37
800m - 2:22
400m - 64

Here is the link to the workout. I'm having trouble embedding it in this post, I will be sure to do it later when I have some more time.

(On days that the weather isn't the best I would recommend doing timed runs as apposed to distance measured running. For example if you come across a bad day when you are supposed to do 8X1km. Try doing 8X3 minutes and not worrying about the pace and going on effort. This takes the pressure off and you don't feel bad if you can't hit your goal times.)

That's all for right now, expect my normal weekly update on Sunday.

Keep your sticks on the ice!

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