Sunday, 23 February 2014

Week of training Sunday February 16th - Saturday February 22ed

Hey everyone,

Time for my weekly update once again, This was a great week of training. I had some good sessions, a killer long run and a great 3000m race sandwiched into a workout. I'll do a race report/recap Tuesday or Wednesday.

Before I get into training I just wanted to take the time to talk about Bernard Lagat. Is this guy something or what. At age 39 he just took another national title in the 3000m for the US indoor Championships. I think he has the wheels to win worlds. If it was a 3km or 5km on an outdoor track I'd give the nod to one of the Ethiopians like Gebrhiwet or Gebremeskel. But on the tight indoor track I favour Bernard, he is so tactically good at racing. What's unreal is that he is still running at the highest level at this age. He was around nipping at the heels of Hicham El Guerrouj in the late 90's and early 2000's and is still out there dominating. Last year he again posted the fastest season time of any american in the 5000m. It really goes to show what staying healthy over your whole career can do and putting in consistent training. I hope he continues to compete through the 2016 Olympics. Bernard is such a great ambassador for running. We are privileged to be around to watch him compete in this era.

This week in training.


Long run - 2 hours of steady state running, I averaged 6:00/mile pace to hit 20 miles on the nose. I like getting after my long runs a little more now. It makes me feel more involved in the run and aware of my pace, rather then just going out and running easy for a couple hours

20 miles - AM


5 miles - AM
9 miles with 10' of diagonals - PM


6.2 miles - AM
9.7 miles - PM


Workout - 20' warm up then 8 X 3 minutes @ 3:08/km pace with 1' active recovery between reps. Felt good, no fireworks, didn't really get after it too much, just getting the work in.

6.2 miles - AM
11 miles with workout - PM


13 miles steady state 5:50 pace - AM


6.2 miles - AM
7 miles with 6 strides - PM


Workout - 5' tempo @ 3:20/km pace, then ran the 3000m race as a hard effort followed by 15 minutes more of tempo pace at about 3:15/km pace.

4 miles - AM
11 miles - PM

So that's another week in the books, 108.3 miles, with a great long run and 2 workouts. I'm finding doing a little less volume is helping allot in terms of having more pop in my legs for harder days and long runs. 

I'll hop on again mid week for my race report/recap and I'll toss up some ideas about training care of John Kellogg. I've been reading allot of his material lately and he has some pretty great philosophies. I'll Attach a link here and we will talk more about it mid week 

That's all for now, see you next time

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