Sunday, 9 February 2014

Week of training Sunday February 2ed - Saturday February 8th

Hey friends,

Time for the weekly update. This week was pretty solid. I've started working with Jim Finlayson so he gave me a lower week to make sure I recovered from the half.

I've got to make this post relatively short because I'm doing this from my tablet. I'll post again mid week like I did this past Wednesday.

This week in training.


Hypothermic Half Marathon - 1:11:13, I did a race recap last week so feel free to give that a read. With the warm up, race and cool down it was 20 miles total for the day.

20 miles with race - AM
Off - PM


10 miles easy - AM
10 miles easy - PM


8.4 miles easy - AM
Off - PM


Workout - 2X5km with 5 minutes easy jog recovery between reps. Both ran in 15:30 (5 minute miles). Felt good, the speed endurance is there. 

10 miles with workout - AM
4 miles easy - PM


Off - AM
Off - PM


7 miles - AM
7 miles - PM


Workout - Just a light session of 10 minutes worth of diagonals with a 20 minute warm up and cool down. Just worked on good form and mechanics while running the diagonals. 
4.5 miles - AM
8 miles with workout - PM.

So yeah, obviously a lighter week for me but the idea was to rest the legs and consolidate the hard work that was done last week and during the race. 88.9 miles and some quality in there as well. I got in the pool a couple times as well for two 45' pool running sessions.

Anyway onward to next week. I had my first steady state long run today, 1h45' averaged at a 6 minute mile. I was in the hurt locker the last 30 minutes but it was good to get a good strong long run in. 

I'll jump on this week for a proper post, I just wanted to make sure I got the training updated and kept with my Sunday updates.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time,

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