Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Workout Wednesday.

Hey friends,

Quick little post here to toss up a Workout Wednesday like I did there a few weeks ago. If anyone here hasn't heard about the idea of "workout Wednesday" it originates from a series on I highly suggest any of you track/XC/road running fans check out that site. It is in my opinion the best site for news, live event coverage and insider information on all things running.

I'll attach a link here to the workout they posted today. It features high school phenom Mary Cain and her teammate Oregon Duck's alum Jordan Hasay after their attempt at the American indoor mile record. Cain ran a 4:24 and Hasay ran well for a 10km runner finishing just under 4:30.

Browse through the workout videos if you have a chance, there are 8 seasons worth. But if you really want to get motivated and see a man in top form have a look for Galen Rupp's workouts after his American 2 mile record. I won't spoil it but just know that including his race and workout he ran 7 miles in 29:27........yeah, 7 miles. Dude is on fire right now.

Anyway I realize I'm not even worthy of sharing the track with the above mentioned athletes but I'm putting in some work of my own so I figured why not toss up a video. My fitness is making huge jumps, it's hard to explain the feeling to people who don't train allot and know their bodies but there is this sense of strength and speed. Mike Green once described to me a 1500m race he won where he rounded the back stretch heading for home and knowing he had the ability to pull away from everyone and having that strength/speed to do so.

The big goal for me this year is to run very fast over the shorter distances, and I'm a firm believer in the idea that speed is born through strength i.e. mileage. Hence why you have seen me running such high mileage. I'm not going to guess what my current fitness is over 5 and 10km but it's at a point where I can run under my official 5km PR in practice fairly easily and actually did it twice back to back in the workout I'm about to post.

The session was 2X5km in 15:30 with 5 minutes of easy jogging between reps. It was done on the treadmill so I could lock in the pace and run even efforts. I'm really learning to love doing my tempos on the treadmill. After speaking with Jeremiah he really has me sold on them. Not only are you running a steady effort but you can recover faster because your not pounding your legs on the pavement. It is essential however to understand the paces you are running and adjust them if your not using elevation. When we run on a treadmill we aren't creating our own headwind so the effort becomes less. For example, if I run 5 minute pace that's 12mph of headwind that I'm creating and my energy demands correspond to that in order to run my 5 minute miles. On a treadmill this isn't the case. to run the same effort I need to use a grade of 1% to increase my energy demands to where it is at the same cost of running outside. (here is the conversion chart ).

I'll post the video of my 2ed 5km rep below. (it got hard about the last 3-4 minutes and I begin to get a little lazy with my form).

The video starts maybe 10-12 seconds late, but here is a picture of the stats for that rep.

Anyway just wanted to post up a quick workout. I'm really looking forward to getting the chance to take a crack at 2 fast 10ks in April on the mainland, and then trying to get into a fast 5000m to get into that 14 minute club.

Stay frosty!

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