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Saucony Type A6 and Mirage 4 review. Great updates on already epic franchises.

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As I mentioned in a couple previous posts, I've been running in the new Mirage 4 and doing some workouts in the recently released Type A6's. I didn't know how to feel when I first heard they were going to be updating both of these shoes as I loved the previous generations. But I'm really happy with the changes they have made. Let's first take a look at the Saucony Mirage 4.

Saucony Mirage 4

This is my daily trainer of choice for most of my runs, it's a lightweight shoe with a touch of guidance. It weighs in in the high 8 oz. range and is awesome for getting out and feeling light on your feet. The updates for this new generation of mirage came mostly in the upper with different overlays and flex film positioning. The outsole stayed the same with the exception of the upgrade from "progrid" to "powergrid" midsole materiel. This follows what they did last year with the Kinvara 4. I notice that I get more POP from the powergrid and it seems to last a little longer as well which is great. So when I transitioned into this new shoe it really happened seamlessly. The shoe feels the same on my foot, it runs true to size and feels just like the previous generation. I'm grateful for this because I loved the last model. The addition of powergrid was all this shoe needed to give it that little more durability and snappy feeling underfoot. So not a lot to say other then great update to an already awesome daily trainer. I'd recommend this shoe for lighter runners as an every day trainer or as an up tempo shoe for heavier set less efficient runners. Give this shoe a try, you won't be disappointed. If you need any other feedback just leave me a comment bellow.  

Saucony Mirage 4

Saucony Mirage 4 (left) and Mirage 3 (right)

Last generation Saucony Mirage 3

Saucony Type A6

Now with the Saucony Type A6 there was a complete overhaul on the shoe, new upper and a new outsole. I saw this shoe teased online from the saucony blog in December and it looked really cool but I love the previous generation so much and with it being a complete redesign I was worried they might have changed a good thing. But this was a great move! The new shoe feels completely different but in a good way. It sheds .2 oz's weighing in at 5.2 but has allot more underfoot so an efficient runner could expect to wear this for a marathon. That was one thing I did find with the last model, it felt amazing and really fast but for me personally the half marathon was even a stretch. I found I'd be really beat up the next day just because it's a very minimal shoe. Someone more efficient then myself might have been fine with it but it was more of a half marathon and under shoe and one I'd normally just save for race day. In this new version it just feels more substantial and has the same fast ride. I guess they thinned things out a bit in the upper by the looks of it and took away some of the blown rubber on the outsole. Whatever the case, this shoe is seriously epic. It still has lots of rubber in the high abrasion areas that we tend to strike when running but the addition of a little more midsole is just such a treat. Now when I read the first comments about the shoe from testers I heard them say to size down half a size so I decided to do as they mentioned and went down to a 9.5 from my normal size 10. It was the right call, it just seems to run a little bigger then the last model so take that into consideration if your looking at getting into this shoe. I think allot more runners will be able to avail of this shoe too which is great. The last model was really minimal and bare bones which is great but limits the amount of runners who can safely race/run in it. With the addition of this extra midsole I can see just about anyone getting into this shoe for a 5 or 10km and really enjoying it while running fast. So again, if there are any questions you have just let me know. Both of these can be found on the saucony website and are carried by speciality running shops. I've seen them online on various sites so you should have no trouble tracking down a pair.

Saucony Type A6

Saucony Type A6 (left) and Type A5 (right)
Last generation the Type A5

Well that's about it for this post, I wanted to get this out for people as I've been talking about it for a month or so now. I'd highly recommend checking out both of these shoes, and like I said if you have any questions just leave me a msg in the comment section below and I'll get back to you.

Until next time, lets all get out there and run strong,

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  1. Hey do you have any problems on the lateral side getting some holes after how many miles?