Sunday, 9 March 2014

Week of training Sunday March 2ed - Saturday March 8th

Hey friends,

Just stopping in to do a quick update on the week that was in training. I've got a post just about ready that I'll put up mid week on the importance of race pace specific training when targeting a goal race. But for this post I'll keep things quick and just do a training update.

I had a solid week of training, it was a grind though. I had 3 quality days and a good long run. This is gut check time in training. I'm 5 weeks out from the Yonge Street 10km and 7 weeks out from Canadian Half Marathon Championships in Quebec. So I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on my fitness and sharpness the next 3-4 weeks and then start cutting back.

This week in training.


Long run - 2 hours of steady state running. Didn't get after it as much as last week but still averaged under 6 minute pace. 5:53/mile for the 2 hours. These runs are a grind mentally after the first 90 minutes. But I'm hoping these are really stimulating aerobically so I'll be building some strength doing these

20.4 miles - AM


10 miles - AM


Workout - 6 mile breakdown 3 miles, 2 miles, 1 mile with 2 minutes active recovery. This was a great session. Doing a lighter day Monday helped for sure. The first 3 miles were at 5:11/mile pace, the 2 mile was at 4:58/mile pace and the Mile was 4:49. I did a 20 minute warm up and cool down as well. 

5 miles - AM
12.1 miles with workout - PM


10.6 miles - AM


Workout - 6X1mile with 2 minute recovery. Pretty standard 10km workout but it went well. 4:51, 4:51, 4:50, 4:55, 4:56, 4:52. The good news is 4:50 pace feels really controlled and comfortable. I'm pretty confident on a flat course I could roll 5:00/mile pace on a 10km or pretty close to it. I guess we will see in early April.

4 miles - AM
13 miles with workout - PM


7 miles - AM
8.1 miles - PM


Workout - This was a workout with a 1500 sandwiched in the middle. I had 10 minutes of 5:08/mile pace or 3:10/km then I jumped into a 1500 at the field house and did another 10 minutes of tempo at 5:08 pace afterwards. It's awkward running a tempo and then changing pace like that. I felt like I was sprinting for the first little bit of the 1500m race but after things settled down it wasn't bad, Ran my fastest 1km ever mid race ha 2:44 so that was cool. I find it difficult running fast on a flat indoor track, I don't know if it's because I'm fairly tall but the turns seem to put allot of strain on my knees and hips. I think tapered on an outdoor track I'd run under 4 minutes but It's hard to say. I do know that these shorter races will help my 5 and 10km. 

4 miles - AM
11 miles with workout and track race - PM

So I call that a solid week. 105.2 miles with 3 really good workouts and a long run. I think this week will be a little lighter on the intensity side of things. I'm feeling good about things, I just need to stay healthy and keep putting weeks like this together. Any time the grind starts to wear on me I just think about my poor Tely 10 mile performance last year (53:58) and getting beaten by a couple people who shouldn't have gotten me but hey we live and learn. (Ryan Brockerville excluded, that dude was the class of the field and is a stud, 8:38 steeple). I've got to make sure I stay focused and keep building my fitness one day at a time. Running is a long term undertaking and there are no short cuts so day in day out the work needs to be put in.

Alright folks that's all for now but I'll toss up a piece on race pace specific training mid week. I hope you are all doing well and had a great weekend.

See you next time
Stay frosty

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