Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Week of training Sunday March 9th - Saturday March 15th

Hey friends,

Sorry about the delayed post. I'm normally pretty good about doing weekly Sunday updates touching on my previous week of training. So forgive me for this post being a little late, expect me back to normal on this Sunday and with some more training talk.

Last week was fantastic, this week hasn't been as good but it's coming around again today. I plan on ripping out a really hard session tomorrow and then a duzzy of a 10 mile tempo Saturday so the fitness is still on the rise, just had a little hiccup there of feeling under the weather and actually took a day off and had one day with only a 3 mile run, but like I said we are back in the saddle and giving er' the proverbial heat as they say.

Last week in training.


Long run - 2 hours of steady state running. Did it once again on the Portugal cove loop was was a little more reserved the first half and then starting hammering the last 10 miles when I got some downhill and tailwind. 20.5 miles with an average pace of 5:52

20.5 miles - AM


5 miles easy - AM
10 miles - PM


Workout - 25X200m on the indoor track taking 1 minute recoveries just trying to run fast but holding good form and staying under control. The average when I got home and looked over all the splits was between 31 and 32 seconds. This was a session Jeremiah suggested to get some speed into the legs, enjoyed it, thanks man! 

5 miles - AM
12.1 miles with workout - PM


10.6 miles - AM


4 miles - AM
11 miles - PM


Workout - 10X1km with 1 minute recovery. Boy was this a vicious workout to get through, the recovery is just so short, by the time you get your breathing somewhat under control it's time to start the next one. I know that I'd need to be able to average these 1km reps at about 3:03 to know I could run a 31 low. Jeremiah and I had a discussion about it, but I'm just not there yet my average was a little over 3:05. But the good news was the deviation on reps was very minimal. Last time I wasn't really able to hold the last couple together but this session was excellent.

5.4 miles - AM
13.2 miles with workouts - PM


8.4 miles - AM

So, solid week there, 2 good workouts and a long run. The mileage total stayed pretty close to the previous week at 105.2.

Quick shout out to some good performances last week. Kelly Wiebe my team mate from out west had a great race at the BMO St. Paddy's day 5km, finishing just a second or two behind Geoff Martinson. Geoff is a 3:37 1500m man and has represented Canada at the world champs in this event so that just shows the kind of form Kelly is in. The Previous week Geoff ran a 14:12 solo 5km at Bazan bay just to give you some perspective on the times the boys are running. And also Ryan Brockerville had a great 4th place finish running under 15 minutes on a tough course. Way to go boys.

So again, thanks everyone for stopping by and sorry for the delay, I'll be back with training talk, spring race plans, and more this weekend so see you fine people then. 

Be well, and see you next time

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