Sunday, 27 April 2014

Week of training Sunday April 20th - Saturday April 27th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up!

Hey everyone,

I'll just make this a quick post as I'm really tired and need to get a ton of stuff done the rest of the day. I'll jump on mid week and do a race report for the 5km today and get Yonge Street's up as well. I'm working on a post about last Monday's Boston Marathon. Meb's performance was one that moved so many people. His story is an amazing one and if you haven't read the book "run to overcome" I highly recommend it. Anyway I'll make sure we talk about Meb in a post later this week.

It's sometimes hard to sit down and write a blog post when I'm not feeling really motivated or am having some niggles and training is suffering because of it. But I'm so grateful to all of you who follow along. So let me just say thank you. It keeps me motivated and wanting to continue to work hard. I hope some of you can glean something from reading my ramblings and that it inspires a few people to get out there a get running all the while enjoying this wonderful sport that's been so good to me. So again, thank you so much. I never would have imagined when I started this blog that I'd be getting 5500-6500 hits every month. Thanks gang.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

JJ's is having a busy weekend but was good enough to get me this for you guys, thanks man!

Monday - 18.3km in 70 minutes. Watched the Boston Marathon while running on the treadmill!
Tuesday - 2.5 mile warm up. 4 miles at 4:52 mile pace 19:28 and 3.5 mile warm down. This workout went very well but I was a bit tired from the week.
Wednesday - 10 miles on the dyke in 58:40. Started dropping the pace down to 5:35’s near the end. Felt pretty decent.
Thursday - 9 miles in 57 minutes. Did this on the treadmill to make sure that I took it easy. Pace felt great and just getting geared for Saturday.
Friday - Easy 11km in 44:20 then an additional 2.5km jog with a group. Feel nice and ready for tomorrow.
Saturday - 5.2km warm up then a 5km time trial and an easy 3.4km warm down. This was a bit of a bizarre set up. I did the running portion of a triathlon relay but it wasn't really known how far the course was. Some say it was 5km others said it was 5.1km. I decided to use my garmin and run the course before hand and had it clocked at 3.18 miles so I knew it was a bit long. I decided that I was going to just run balls out for 5km and stop my watch and jog the rest of the way in as we didn't have much competition. I started out hard and didn't see any kilometer signs till 2 km. I checked my garmin at 2 miles which was past in 9:30, I knew at this point I was going to probably to break 15. When I hit 3 miles in 14:24 I knew with only 73 meters left ( mile is 1609 meters so it gives you a shorter distance to 5km) I knew I had it and blasted as hard as I could. Final time was 14:52 and jogged the rest of the way in. I was very happy with this as it is in fact a PR. I knew based off my workouts I was in that type of shape and was lucky to have probably the flattest course on planet earth besides a track to run it on. This was an all out effort for the record and was hard the entire way. Maybe with competition I could have gone 14:45 or so but who knows.
Sunday easy 17km and 10 hours of moving.
Total 108.9km or 68 miles.
I will try and hit 75 miles for the next three weeks with one good session in as May is extremely busy with two major races and our sales meeting.

My week in training.


Long run - 15 miles with Matt, no fire works just a nice easy pace and enjoyed some good running talk while we went.

15 miles - AM
5 miles - PM


Workout - 5 mile tempo on the treadmill @ 12.1 mph or 4:57/mile pace. Felt really good. Taking this one right from Jeremiah's play book. Didn't want to do any damage to the hamstring but wanted a hard effort.

4.2 miles easy - AM
15.3 miles with workout - PM


6.2 miles easy (felt the hammy a little) - AM
9.4 miles with strides - PM


Workout - A nice easy set of 1km's with 60 seconds rest just working the 5km pace a little and wanted to feel good. 6X1km off 60 seconds jogging across the infield of the track to get to the 200m mark to start my 1km's again. Averaged 3:00 (actually every rep was bang on 3. It was pretty cool)

5.1 miles easy - AM
11.3 miles with workout and hurdle drills - PM


3.9 miles easy - AM
10 miles steady state (55:09) - PM


4 miles with strides - AM
6.3 miles - PM



Well that was my week. I had 95.7 miles and was cutting down just a tad for the race today. As you all know Mundy Pond is a hard course and we had a fair amount of wind today. I'll jump on mid week for a race report but I was pretty happy with it. I was a minute faster then I'd ever ran on the course before granted it's been 2 years but that's a fine solo effort wire to wire.

Anyway that's it for now folks! I'll see you mid week,
Run hard,

First lap of today's 5km

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Week of training Sunday April 13th - Saturday April 19th + Tely 10 training thoughts and JJ's weekly training wrap up.

Hey everyone,

I haven't forgotten about doing a full race recap and review of Yonge Street but I'm tabling it for later next week, I'm waiting on some good pictures and a video of the 5km split and finish which should be very cool. Anyway, training has gone very well, but I may have gone a little hard this week. I'm really feeling my left hamstring where it ties into my glute. Looking back at the week it's probably the fact that I had 3 hard days (Sunday race, Wednesday and Friday) in a short span. So with those 3 workouts including the race I ran 15 miles averaged under 5:00/mile pace. So I'm a little worried about racing a half next Sunday. I've gotten in touch with the Elite Athlete Coordinator and I'm going to see if I can use the flight/accommodations and what not for the Scotiabank Half in Vancouver instead, that would give me another 6 weeks of training and have my body feeling 100%. I should still be able to run well if I end up racing this weekend. The work is done, I'm confident I'll run a low 69 but I don't want to do any damage that could jeopardize running well later on this season. If I can change to the Scotiabank half, I'll jump into the Mundy Pond 5km to get some Timex points and do it as a workout, running it around 15:20 or so and then doing something else afterwards, maybe another 5km at 15:30 or some shorter intervals see what the coach says but regardless I'll be doing something this weekend.

Tely 10 2014

For my local readers within the greater St. John's area or the province I'm sure the majority of you will have the tely 10 circled as your key race of the season. Well, after heading out on the course Friday morning myself for a workout and seeing a couple hundred of you making your way down Topsail Rd. It made me want to toss up a blog post on your best bet in terms of training for those of you looking to run your fastest tely 10 to date.

The 10 mile distance is a strange one to train for. In running, after 800m races everything else is almost solely aerobic, so the key will be developing an aerobic base. If your a runner looking to simply complete the distance without stopping what I would recommend is a hearty diet of aerobic running without much focus on paces or stressing different energy systems. The best approach in all things running is always one that involves steady progression. What I mean is don't jump into running 10 miles 4-5 days a week if you are a beginner, start with a run walk system if you need to but try to get out there for 20-25 minutes and slowly progress until you can run about 8 miles or so without stopping. If you can do this I can garantee that on race day you will be able to complete the 10 miles and have some fun on your way from Paradise to Banerman Park.

For those of you looking to run a personal best and are already avid runners I've got 2 training words of wisdom that I wish I followed myself last year, maybe I'd be boasting a better PR then the one that currently haunts my dreams.

1 - Lactate threshold development,

2 - Race pace specific training.

For you seasoned runners these two terms certainly aren't anything new, but trust me you can't rely only on your VO2 power or speed over a race of 10 miles, believe me I've tried. Last year I had the mentality of  hanging out for a while. Going with the leaders, sitting until a mile to go and just closing with a fast last mile like I did in the Mews 8km. It didn't work ha, you can't use your speed if your anaerobic trying to hang on at the 8 mile mark....needless to say I won't make that mistake again.

The 10 mile race is one where you will be building up a lot of lactic acid as you begin to get into the later stages of the race, and those runners who have trained their bodies to clear that lactate at a fast rate and have that line pushed down closer to their maximal velocity at VO2 max will be the ones getting the most out of themselves on race day over 10 miles or the half marathon distance.

The best way of training this energy system is without a doubt going by your heart rate. Start with 20 minute sessions in your lactate zone and I'd eventually suggest doing sessions as long as 40 minutes, it doesn't have to be done all at once, you can break in down in segments like 4X10 minutes or 2X20 with 1-2 minutes recovery do break up the monotony of the session. But in my mind this is the key to running to your potential over the 10 mile distance. I know for me I've started doing longer tempo runs and more race paced intervals and it seems to be helping so this is definitely something to spend time on.

As for race specific training, you should be able to figure out about how fast you can run for 10 miles based on a recent 10km performance with the use of a pace calculator the likes of which can be found online or at the back of Daniels Running Formula. Using this, extrapolate your race pace and then begin working in that zone. This should be very near your lactate threshold pace for a decently trained runner. A general rule of thumb is that your lactate pace is about what you can race for an hour. So for people who run about 17:30 for 5km they should be running about 6 minute pace. Start with shorter sessions like 5X4minutes at race pace with 90 seconds recovery and slowly work up until you are doing longer intervals such as 3X2miles or even 3X3miles at goal race pace.

Anyway I just wanted to briefly touch on the Tely 10, we are about 13 weeks out from this historical race. The registration just opened so head on over to and sign up. I'll make sure I put up some more instalments about the tely 10 and how best to plan your build up and what not.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

As always this is strait from Jeremiah! Thanks bud!

  • Monday - 16km easy in 62:31 felt pretty good
    Tuesday - 2.5 mile warm up. 4.5 mile tempo at 4:55 pace. Went through 7k in 21:21. This felt really good actually. 2.5 mile warm down. 15.3km
    Wednesday - 16km easy in 62:31 and then an easy 7.5km with a running group that night.
    Thursday - 16km in 62:10 felt really good
    Friday - 16.4km in 68:55 with David just getting ready for tomorrow!
  • Saturday- 4.2km warm up. The workout was 10min, 7.5min, 5min, and 2.5min all at 10km race pace with 3min rest. We went through 2 miles in 9:35. For the 7.5min section we went 2.47km as we had to climb a 400m inclined stretch. Went through the mile in 4:49 for the 5 min section and went through 800 in 2:19 for the 2:30 section. This probably is the best workout on this section. I have a 2 mile loop which is undulating and has a 300m down hill stretch and a 400m uphill stretch and then rolls a bit. I'm guessing it shows 30:40 10k shape.

  • Sunday- 23km nice and easy in 1:35 in the trails which are very hilly as well.
  • Total is 127km for the week or 79 miles. Huge jump up from last week and will hit another 5km up next Saturday

This week in training. (this is going to seem lame/slow after reading JJ's ha)


Race - Yonge Street 10km, obviously a solid effort and a PB of 31:17. Very happy with where I am in training for mid April.

9.6 miles with race, warm up and cool down - AM
8 miles easy on the treadmill - PM


9 miles easy - AM


4.8 miles easy - AM
13.2 miles with strides - PM


Workout - 3X1mile off 2:30 recovery + 10X1minute hills. This went well and it was a super nice day outside so I was in shorts and a t-shirt for the first time this season. I wanted to average 4:45's for the miles but ended up going 4:43, 4:45, 4:42 and feeling really good while running them. Had I pushed it I could have run them all under 4:40. I think I'm ready to go under 15 for 5km on a track, I'll try to do 5X1mile off 90 seconds rest at exactly 4:45 soon. If I can do that I'll know I'm ready. I then did 5X1minute hills. My hamstring/glute was really hurting on this so I decided to call it. Here are the splits

10.4 miles with workout - AM
6.8 miles easy - PM


8.1 miles really easy - AM
10.3 miles - PM


Workout - I was going to do a 10 mile tempo but I was weary of my hamstring so I decided to do a hard tempo the first 5 miles of the Tely course. I didn't have paces in mind but I wanted to run hard I ended up averaging 5:00/mile pace and running 25:02. The first 5 miles are a net loss in elevation so I'd give it an effort of 5:05 pace. The first mile uphill was 5:18 but the next 4 I averaged 4:56 pace and was moving really well. I didn't feel the hamstring much but I was being careful to not really hammer the downhills too much either. Great workout though.

12.6 miles with workout - AM
7.1 miles - PM


8.3 miles with some strides - AM (Felt pretty stiff)
10 miles easy - PM.

So as you can see that's a large week (118.2 miles) and a lot of quality running which might explain the hamstring/glute issue. I'm pretty durable so I'm sure if I don't hammer too hard the next couple days I'll be fine. 

On another note Matt Noseworthy is back which is awesome, we are going to be training together this summer, actually we just finished a long run. He's a talent and runs for the University of Victoria. Matt has a ton of speed so the hope is he will be able to really help me out and drag me along on the shorter workouts and I'll be able to lend a hand to him on the longer intervals like mile repeats and tempo runs. The first thing we need to do is get him his standard for the Jr Nationals, so the first 5000m twilight race I'll pace him to a sub 15:20 so he will have that out of the way. Look for him to jump into some road races and the Tely this year too. Watch out, this kid can run!

I guess that's all for this instalment, everyone be sure to tune in tomorrow and watch my girl Lanni Marchant mix it up at Boston, she's going to kill it. And let's all keep in our hearts the victims of last years tragedy. #bostonstrong #runnersunitedforboston

Thanks for reading friends, see you next time,

Cool pic from a 1500m that Naomi took! 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Race results, week of training Sunday April 6th - Saturday April 12th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up!

Hey Everyone,

Just trying to get my weekly post up for you all. It's been super busy as you know being away and with travel and what not. I'll get a quick post up now and do an in depth race report later this week.

I will say that coming out of this first real race of the season I'm feeling fantastic. I know that I've had to deal with our horrible winter while trying to get in some hard quality sessions. But now I see that a lot of progress was made. After reviewing my race and thinking about it I'm so hungry right now to train even harder (but smartly of course). I've built a lot of fitness this winter and now is the time to take it to the next level and get to work on the outdoor track to build more speed and hit those long grinding tempos on the roads.

Results -

It's humbling going to a race like Yonge Street, Alan flew in most of the top runners from coast to coast. Coming through 5km in 15:23 and knowing I was already almost a minute behind the leaders is a crazy feeling. But it shows me that these are the people I need to be looking towards and thinking about during my training.

After the race I got to chat with a lot of friends from away which is always fun. I'm trying to get as many of them down to our Tely 10 as possible. I'm working on Kevin C. who is a beast (14:40 5k, 30:12 10km, 1:07 half, 2:26 marathon debut). I also heard through a friend that if Matt is feeling good (2012 tely winner in 48:08) he will be back as well. Dan McNeil who won last year basically just doing it as a hard effort in 51 minutes was racing at Yonge Street as well and ran 30:38. We got to talking after and he is 100% down to come back. So I'm hoping by that time I'll be fit enough to roll with Kevin and Dan and we can really go after a good time. If Colin is back we might see 5 of the fastest tely times in a while!

Race results

The race itself was amazing. I ended up running 31:17 officially. We were hoping the wind would shift south but it ended up being right in our face for the first 7 km. It certainly didn't cost us a ton of time as I was tucked into a nice pack of about 6 guys who came through the 5km mark in 15:23. We had to fight it a little as we started to string out from 5-7.2km but after that we turned and it was sheltered by the buildings. I hung tough the last 5 km and managed to run about 15:55 or so. My first couple of hard miles really nipped me in the butt a little but I was happy that even when slowing down and starting to feel really bad I was still running 5:05 pace. My splits were

Mile 1 - 4:49
Mile 2 - 4:53
Mile 3 - 5:03
Mile 4 - 5:02
Mile 5 - 5:05
Mile 6 - 5:09 (this was a struggle, Rejean Chaisson came up on me and I had nothing for him ha,)
Last .2 - 75

I'm happy with that, obviously there was a little slow down at the end but it's a lot better then last year, as I ran the last 2 miles really slowly (5:28, 5:31). I'm moving in the right direction. If all goes well I should be under 31 by mid summer. The key will be getting that 5km time down and really running fast over 1500m.

I'll attach a few pics and a quick video but expect a detailed post about the weekend coming later this week.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up,

Alright folks here is the weekly instalment from JJ himself. Thanks buddy!

Monday- sick with the flu
Tuesday- sick with the flu
Wednesday AM 17km in 67 minutes but I had to stop a few time for dehydration purposes. PM did 9.5km that night with a run group for work.
Thursday. 12 mile run is 19.3km in 71:30. Felt pretty toasted on this one as well but I wanted something longer.
Friday 16km in 62;51 on the treadmill. Still pretty beat up physically from the flu.
Saturday 22km in 1:35 with a run group for work.
Sunday 16km in 62:45 this run felt like my normal self. Finally not dehydrated any more and will do a two workouts this week. I was travelling all weekend for work so it did get pretty hectic.
Summary 100km or 62 miles in 5 days of running which I will take. Again I was in no shape this week to run super hard as my body was drained until Sunday morning. Next week I should have a couple of good workouts to report!

My week in training


Workout - 10X500m at between 1500m and 3000m race pace. The average on these was 1:20/rep. I got a few in that were quicker. Normally I was going through 400 around 65 or so. I did this one with Joe on the indoor track. Good session and turned the legs over well.

12.2 miles with workout - AM
4.2 miles easy - PM


5.1 miles easy - AM
10 miles - PM


Workout - 4X1mile at 10km race pace. This went very well. I was 5:00, 5:00, 4:50, 4:48. No fireworks but I knew I was ready after this one.

4.4 miles - AM
9.4 miles with workout - PM




10.6 miles - AM


OFF - AM (travelling)
3 miles and strides - PM


3 miles and acceleration - AM

So that was my week leading into the race it was light obviously. The taper worked well as 31:17 is 51 seconds faster then I've covered the distance before. Like I said though, I've got a ton of motivation right now and the fire is burning to run fast. The half marathon champs are 13 days away so I'll put in a good week and then cut back again next week. The tentative plans are 3X1mile @ 4:45/mile with 2:30 recover + 10X1minute hills on Wednesday and then on Friday a 10 mile tempo on the Tely 10 course. I'll run it around 52:00 if the weather is favourable, I want the effort to be around 53:00 so with the nature of the downhill that's where I need to be. On race day the plan is to go through 10 miles in 53:00 or 5:18/mile pace which should have me right on 1:09 low pace.

Anyway I just wanted to get this up as fast as I could. Thanks for reading, much more to come!

See you later this week,
Run hard

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Checking in before the race in the morning.

Hey everyone,

I made it to Toronto safe and sound and am enjoying taking it easy and seeing some friends. I just got back from bringing Kate some Tylenol and water. Unfortunately Kate has come down with something and isn't feeling the best. I don't think she's going to be able to race tomorrow, which is really too bad. She has a ton of fitness and was due for an updated 10km PR. But Kate is tough as nails and will be back and I'm sure she will run a fast sun run. I contemplated snapping a quick picture of her to show you all she's in good spirits but I figured she would kill me if I took her picture when she was in bed feeling under the weather.

Anyway I'll do a full post regarding the race when I get back in town but I feel really good going into it. I did 20 minutes yesterday after I got checked in. And then this morning I did 25 minutes with 5X1 minute at 4:55/mile pace just to get the legs feeling close to race pace.

I'll attach a few pictures here and then really put up a detailed post when I get home. I'll probably put my weekly post up with Jeremiah's training and all that good stuff on Monday as I'll be staying here tomorrow night and most of Monday so I won't have the time to do it before I get home.

I'll also just take the time to say thank you to the Canadian Running Series for putting off such an amazing event. The Expo is fantastic, the volunteers are everywhere and they have gone above and beyond taking care of me here. Thanks to Alan Brooks the race director and head of CRS, Ian Carter the new Elite Athlete Coordinator and also to Cliff Cunningham for looking after us here at the hotel and getting us all ready to run fast. Much appreciated guys.

Well all that's left is to get out there tomorrow and run as hard as I can until I come across the finish line. I look forward to getting out there and mixing it up with the boys. I saw Paul Kimugul is going to be racing, talk about a stud, he holds a personal best of 60:15 for the half marathon.......that is a TOP of the food-chain runner right there. My money is on him to take the win but Kip is nails too over 10km so look for a battle with the boys (Olympian Eric Gillis is no slouch either so nobody should sleep on him).

Alright folks, wish me luck, sub 31 or bust ha. I'll give it my best effort.
I'll see you all soon

If your following live online I'm number 14

Relaxing by the pool with some espresso 

Crazy good weather for early April

Heading down Queen to the pharmacy to get Kate some tylenol

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Last race prep workout, plans for the spring/summer race wise and TYS10K Elite Start List.

Hey everyone,

I just finished up my last race specific workout at lunch time with Joe and Jason. I had 4X1mile @ 10km race pace with 2 minutes jog recovery. The session went really well I was 5:00, 5:00, 4:50, 4:48. I just wanted to run the last 2 a little quicker and make the legs feel snappy.

All the hard work is done now so I'll take tomorrow off, do a 50 minute easy run with some strides Thursday, travel Friday and do a 30 minute shake out when I get to the hotel to get the flight out of my legs and then do 20 minutes on Saturday with some light accelerations at the end then race on Sunday.

I'm feeling really good. I'm one of those people who goes nuts trying to taper though, so It's hard for me to not try to do more or just get out for some more running. But I've got to adhere to the plan and trust all the work that has been done.

It's going to be a really fast race looking at the start list, I'd assume most of the guys will be running at the half champs on the 27th too. So it's going to be great to race a 10km and half this month where I can shut my mind off and just run hard and chase some fast cats on good quick courses. I'm coming to discover it's hard to run good times here at home. Our races are awesome and super well organized but as we all know it's hard to find courses that aren't hilly and I find it really hard mentally running fast solo efforts. I can pull it off on a track where I'm getting feedback on my pace every 200m but not on the roads. So I hope to get away for a good number of races this year. As of right now I've got 4 road races nailed down, TYS10K, Canadian Half Marathon Champs, The Oasis Zoo Run (host of the Canadian 10km champs) and the STWM (the half more then likely). You will note that all these are Canadian running series races. I love hitting events put off by Alan and his team and they help out the Canadian elites with travel/accommodations which is great as well. Other then that I'm looking into getting up for either the London Distance Classic track meet or the Speed River Inferno meet to run a fast 5km on the track, I'll have to check out who's running and what the dates are but those are my tentative plans for this racing season. I'll for sure still be out there doing all the local races and track meets too. I love our local running scene, such great people involved and great events!

I also just confirmed that I'll be on a team trying to take down the course record at the Cabot Trail Relay on the 24th of May long weekend. I was looking at Ottawa but this is going to be a great time and we have a stellar team. Thanks Kevin for the invite I can't wait to take part and meet the team this weekend. More on that race here

Anyway here is the elite start list for Sunday, or check it out online here

That's all for me folks, I'll check in again before the race on Saturday,
Enjoy the beauty weather we are having!

Fast fields on the men's and women's sides

Selfie after finishing my last hard session today!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Week of training Sunday March 30th - Saturday April 5th + Thoughts on Bekele's debut marathon and the debut of JJ's weekly wrap up.

Hello again everyone,

Well another week in the books and it was a very solid one. 2 hard workouts and a race/workout combo. Now that the work is all done it's time to taper down this week and get ready for next Sunday. I'll post up the Elite Start List mid week when the Canadian Running Series release it but the field is going to be stacked. Eric Gillis, Kip Kangogo, Rob Watson, Sami Jabril etc, I'd assume there will be 7-8 people going under 30 minutes and 3 or 4 under 29. The women's field is going to be super fast as well. Our own Kate Bazeley will be toeing the line so have an eye out for her.

I'm always nervous going into races and trying to predict times and how I'll run but I'm feeling very confident and my training since basically November of last year has gone very well. I've been able to stay healthy while hitting some great workouts and a lot of mileage. I've been really trying to dial in 4:58-5:00/mile pace and make that feel controlled and comfortable, or as comfortable as one can expect it to be. It's a great course with the first 7 km not even having any real turns, just rolling strait on Yonge. If I was to guess under good weather condition I'd expect to run between 30:45-30:55. It's a big jump up in fitness from last year if that happens, about 1:20 seconds or more but I really think I've got that much more in me right now. After running that 1500 last night in the middle of a workout consisting of 4X400 in 65 seconds off 90 seconds rest before and after the 1500m. I feel like my speed is where it needs to be. I just hope my lactate threshold is right there to match it. I'm going to try to come through the first 5km in 15:15 as it's a little quicker then the second half and then just try to run 5 minute pace the last 5km. Last year I came through 5km in 15:42 and just didn't have the engine to continue on at that pace, but even comparing workouts to this time last year tells me I should take at least a minute off my time. Regardless of what I end up running I'm happy with the training I've put in and at some point this spring I'm going to produce the times to show the improvements. Let's hope Yonge street lends itself to producing a fast time next Sunday.

The King, Kenny B is BACK!!

After racing my 1500m and finishing the last of my 400 meter reps I was pretty wound up and decided to get another 10 miles in when I got home, so by the time I got back in the house it was 9:30 and my heart was still racing. I knew I wouldn't be able to get to sleep at a decent hour so I figured I'd watch some Boardwalk Empire and stay up to catch the Paris Marathon where Kenenisa Bekele was making his marathon debut. I'm glad I stayed up let me tell ya! What a race, the conditions were far from ideal and the course had some undulations. I was wondering why the splits were deviating so much but then when the announcers talked about the hills it made sense. He ran a 2:05:02 and took the win, he broke away from a couple 2:06 guys at 25km and didn't look back. This is really exciting for the world of marathon running. In my mind on a course like Berlin with pacemakers to take him to 30km I'd say that performance would be worth 2:02:45-2:03:00. 

For all of you who don't know much about Bekele I'll just give you a few details about him, he is a 2 time gold medallist at 10000m at the Olympic games and a silver and gold medallist in the 5000m. He holds both the world records at those distances as well. His 5000m time of 12:37 is just silly to even think about. A 5km on the track is 12 and a half laps, so he basically averaged about 60.6/400m. That's about 4:04ish/mile. His 10000m record of 26:17 is also pretty bananas too. 

Now I don't think he is the athlete he was when he was running those times in 2004-2005. Back then he could close down the last 2km of a 5000m that was run at an honest pace in 4:55.....he was basically unbeatable. At 32 I think the days of that type of performance have passed him by but I think he still has the ability to destroy the marathon world record and possibly go after the half record as well (although 58:23 is going to be a tough mark to hit, I think to come close to that an athlete has to be in about 26:30 10km shape).

So the other big news now that comes with this is the storyline of what Mo Farah will do in his debut in London. Mo is obviously getting paid bucket loads of money to debut on his home course but with that comes the feat of having to deal with Kipsang and Mutai, (the fastest man to ever cover 26.2 miles and the marathon world record holder). I don't know how I feel about Mo moving to the roads, I know it's what's in the cards for him in the next few years but part of me thinks he's making the move a little prematurely. Last year at 30 years of age he ran a 1500m personal best of 3:28......that's just unreal, he was closing down on Kiprop in the last 80 meters the best miler on the planet. With that type of speed and the fact that he could toy with anyone over 5 and 10 thousand meters on the track I don't think he needed to move up just yet. But next Sunday will tell us the real story. I do think we need to look at what Bekele did today and know that he isn't done yet, he doesn't have the raw speed he once did but even a diminished 12:37/26:17 5/10k guy is still better then maybe everyone else on the planet. 

The first instalment of JJ's weekly training wrap up

As promised I'm going to be including my friend Jeremiah's training in a special section each week here on my blog. We thought that his training would show people that you can train/perform at a high level on minimal time. See my last post for some background on Jeremiah and get the full story. I also didn't mention that he was off running since last fall with a stress fracture in his pelvis, he's been back only a month and ran his first race today on a really hard half XC half road 5km and won in a time of 15:25, on a track with a good field he's in shape to run under 15 minutes and that's with only 4 workouts under his belt since his return.

This is strait from the man himself!

Monday - 19.4km in 78:20. Just took it nice and easy since I did a very hard session the day before. I actually just sat on my treadmill the entire time as I needed to jet off to work ASAP.
Tuesday - 14.5 km. I did a 9 mile run on the dyke this morning before heading off. I ran into the worst head wind ever. I ended up running 53:40 but I went from running 5:40 mile pace to just under 6’s on the flat stretches.
Wednesday - 2 mile warm up. Stretches and drills. 4 mile tempo on the treadmill at 4:55 mile pace then 2.5 mile cool down. I actually ended up with 4.10 miles but passed through 4 miles in 19:40. The treadmill tempos enable my body to recover faster. It’s also a great way to get proper pacing involved. PM did an easy 5km with a running clinic for work.
Thursday - 12km easy run in 47:06. Felt pretty good considering yesterday’s workout.
Friday - 11km easy in 43:40 in the trails with one of my account owners. We tagged on another 2km of easy running for kicks after.
Saturday - 9km in 35:30. Just trying to feel good and ready for the race tomorrow.
Sunday – 19km in total. Did a 4km warm up with stretches and strides. Then did 5km road race. Cross country running in the trails in 15:25. Km 3-4 is uphill as I went from running 3:19 pace to running my last km in 2:59. Then did a 10km cool down with a friend in 38:29.
Felt pretty good about the week but the race itself felt dreadful. I expected to run right around where I was but I probably should find something more road friendly to see what I can really nock off. I’m hoping for sub 15 on the road at some point in 2014. If all else fails I could jump on the track and try for 14:35 this summer if things keep going well.
Total. 106km or 66 miles
Till next week!

My week in training 


Long Run - 2 hours of steady state running. I didn't want to get after this one as much as I have been recently, I've got to start cutting these down a little both in intensity and length as I begin to run some races. That said I still ran it at 5:58 pace, I was always glancing at the watch just to make sure I wasn't letting the miles creep over 6 minute very often. I got 20.1 miles in.

20.1 miles - AM


Workout - 5 mile tempo. I wanted to get a near race effort longer tempo in so I got after this one a bit. Obviously if this had been a lactate threshold session I would be running 5:10-5:15 pace. But I ran this session at 5:04/mile average when all was said and done. It was a hard effort for sure. I went through the 5km in 15:47 and actually set an 8km PR on my way to the 5 mile mark. I believe the 8km split was around 25:11ish give or take a couple seconds. Very solid effort.

5.2 miles easy - AM
11 miles with drills and workout - PM


12.5 miles easy - AM


Workout - 8X4minutes @ 5km race effort with 2 minute jog recovery. This was a hard session, I think my legs had some lingering tiredness in them but I grinded it out. I was running between 4:48-4:50/mile pace and normally coming through the 1km mark in 3:00-3:03. It was hard mentally to get through after the 5th interval, I just didn't have a whole lot of energy but that was just having only one day between this and my last workout.

4.4 miles - AM
11.2 miles with workout - PM


5.4 miles really easy - AM
9.2 miles with strides - PM




Workout/1500m race - This was going to be my last really speed oriented session with paces faster then 5km race pace. I had 4X400 with 90 seconds rest before and after the 1500m race. All in all this was a great race/workout and the NLAA crew did an amazing job as always. It was great to see all the kids out from elementary school ages all the way to masters runners. George and his crew do such a great job with all the events that are put off here provincially. We are super fortunate to have him. 

5 mile shake out run - AM
14 miles with race/workout/warm up and cool down. - PM

Above you will see a video of the last 3 minutes of my 1500m race, My little buddy Levi took it for me, he pushed the wrong button at the start of the race and thought I would be mad. You did great buddy, thanks for taking the video at all and awesome job winning your division in the 1200m in a time of 3:44. Your a stud and you'll be a force on the local scene in a few years for sure! (Managed to squeeze out a 2.8 second PB in the middle of a workout so pretty pumped about that)

So that was my week. 98 miles with 3 workouts and a long run. I'm really looking forward to dialling things back this week, I'll have one workout on Tuesday which will be 4X1mile at goal race pace for Sunday with 2 minute jog recovery. 

I'll jump on mid week and put a post up I've been working on regarding the marathon. Mike Greene has been teaching me a ton about the event, how best to approach it from a training standpoint, how to "race" it if we can really call it that for the majority of us. (Mike refers to it more as a run which is really a better statement, those who go in with the intentions of racing normally fail miserably). We have also been chatting about an approach he used with great success and that's carb depletion followed by a re-feed before the race. I'm certainly not going near that event for a while but I know allot of people have marathon fever and right now with all the majors about to happen I figured why not put a post up regarding the mother of all events. Thanks for all your insight Mike, love talking all aspect of training!

Alright folks, that's it for this post. Onwards to next week and the spring race season! I'll be sure to document my races away as best I can this year with lots of pictures/videos and all access to any shenanigans I get myself into!

Thanks for reading,
Get out there and run hard,