Saturday, 12 April 2014

Checking in before the race in the morning.

Hey everyone,

I made it to Toronto safe and sound and am enjoying taking it easy and seeing some friends. I just got back from bringing Kate some Tylenol and water. Unfortunately Kate has come down with something and isn't feeling the best. I don't think she's going to be able to race tomorrow, which is really too bad. She has a ton of fitness and was due for an updated 10km PR. But Kate is tough as nails and will be back and I'm sure she will run a fast sun run. I contemplated snapping a quick picture of her to show you all she's in good spirits but I figured she would kill me if I took her picture when she was in bed feeling under the weather.

Anyway I'll do a full post regarding the race when I get back in town but I feel really good going into it. I did 20 minutes yesterday after I got checked in. And then this morning I did 25 minutes with 5X1 minute at 4:55/mile pace just to get the legs feeling close to race pace.

I'll attach a few pictures here and then really put up a detailed post when I get home. I'll probably put my weekly post up with Jeremiah's training and all that good stuff on Monday as I'll be staying here tomorrow night and most of Monday so I won't have the time to do it before I get home.

I'll also just take the time to say thank you to the Canadian Running Series for putting off such an amazing event. The Expo is fantastic, the volunteers are everywhere and they have gone above and beyond taking care of me here. Thanks to Alan Brooks the race director and head of CRS, Ian Carter the new Elite Athlete Coordinator and also to Cliff Cunningham for looking after us here at the hotel and getting us all ready to run fast. Much appreciated guys.

Well all that's left is to get out there tomorrow and run as hard as I can until I come across the finish line. I look forward to getting out there and mixing it up with the boys. I saw Paul Kimugul is going to be racing, talk about a stud, he holds a personal best of 60:15 for the half marathon.......that is a TOP of the food-chain runner right there. My money is on him to take the win but Kip is nails too over 10km so look for a battle with the boys (Olympian Eric Gillis is no slouch either so nobody should sleep on him).

Alright folks, wish me luck, sub 31 or bust ha. I'll give it my best effort.
I'll see you all soon

If your following live online I'm number 14

Relaxing by the pool with some espresso 

Crazy good weather for early April

Heading down Queen to the pharmacy to get Kate some tylenol

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