Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Last race prep workout, plans for the spring/summer race wise and TYS10K Elite Start List.

Hey everyone,

I just finished up my last race specific workout at lunch time with Joe and Jason. I had 4X1mile @ 10km race pace with 2 minutes jog recovery. The session went really well I was 5:00, 5:00, 4:50, 4:48. I just wanted to run the last 2 a little quicker and make the legs feel snappy.

All the hard work is done now so I'll take tomorrow off, do a 50 minute easy run with some strides Thursday, travel Friday and do a 30 minute shake out when I get to the hotel to get the flight out of my legs and then do 20 minutes on Saturday with some light accelerations at the end then race on Sunday.

I'm feeling really good. I'm one of those people who goes nuts trying to taper though, so It's hard for me to not try to do more or just get out for some more running. But I've got to adhere to the plan and trust all the work that has been done.

It's going to be a really fast race looking at the start list, I'd assume most of the guys will be running at the half champs on the 27th too. So it's going to be great to race a 10km and half this month where I can shut my mind off and just run hard and chase some fast cats on good quick courses. I'm coming to discover it's hard to run good times here at home. Our races are awesome and super well organized but as we all know it's hard to find courses that aren't hilly and I find it really hard mentally running fast solo efforts. I can pull it off on a track where I'm getting feedback on my pace every 200m but not on the roads. So I hope to get away for a good number of races this year. As of right now I've got 4 road races nailed down, TYS10K, Canadian Half Marathon Champs, The Oasis Zoo Run (host of the Canadian 10km champs) and the STWM (the half more then likely). You will note that all these are Canadian running series races. I love hitting events put off by Alan and his team and they help out the Canadian elites with travel/accommodations which is great as well. Other then that I'm looking into getting up for either the London Distance Classic track meet or the Speed River Inferno meet to run a fast 5km on the track, I'll have to check out who's running and what the dates are but those are my tentative plans for this racing season. I'll for sure still be out there doing all the local races and track meets too. I love our local running scene, such great people involved and great events!

I also just confirmed that I'll be on a team trying to take down the course record at the Cabot Trail Relay on the 24th of May long weekend. I was looking at Ottawa but this is going to be a great time and we have a stellar team. Thanks Kevin for the invite I can't wait to take part and meet the team this weekend. More on that race here http://cabottrailrelay.com/

Anyway here is the elite start list for Sunday, or check it out online here http://www.canadarunningseries.com/toronto10k/pdf/elite-list-14.pdf

That's all for me folks, I'll check in again before the race on Saturday,
Enjoy the beauty weather we are having!

Fast fields on the men's and women's sides

Selfie after finishing my last hard session today!

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