Monday, 14 April 2014

Race results, week of training Sunday April 6th - Saturday April 12th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up!

Hey Everyone,

Just trying to get my weekly post up for you all. It's been super busy as you know being away and with travel and what not. I'll get a quick post up now and do an in depth race report later this week.

I will say that coming out of this first real race of the season I'm feeling fantastic. I know that I've had to deal with our horrible winter while trying to get in some hard quality sessions. But now I see that a lot of progress was made. After reviewing my race and thinking about it I'm so hungry right now to train even harder (but smartly of course). I've built a lot of fitness this winter and now is the time to take it to the next level and get to work on the outdoor track to build more speed and hit those long grinding tempos on the roads.

Results -

It's humbling going to a race like Yonge Street, Alan flew in most of the top runners from coast to coast. Coming through 5km in 15:23 and knowing I was already almost a minute behind the leaders is a crazy feeling. But it shows me that these are the people I need to be looking towards and thinking about during my training.

After the race I got to chat with a lot of friends from away which is always fun. I'm trying to get as many of them down to our Tely 10 as possible. I'm working on Kevin C. who is a beast (14:40 5k, 30:12 10km, 1:07 half, 2:26 marathon debut). I also heard through a friend that if Matt is feeling good (2012 tely winner in 48:08) he will be back as well. Dan McNeil who won last year basically just doing it as a hard effort in 51 minutes was racing at Yonge Street as well and ran 30:38. We got to talking after and he is 100% down to come back. So I'm hoping by that time I'll be fit enough to roll with Kevin and Dan and we can really go after a good time. If Colin is back we might see 5 of the fastest tely times in a while!

Race results

The race itself was amazing. I ended up running 31:17 officially. We were hoping the wind would shift south but it ended up being right in our face for the first 7 km. It certainly didn't cost us a ton of time as I was tucked into a nice pack of about 6 guys who came through the 5km mark in 15:23. We had to fight it a little as we started to string out from 5-7.2km but after that we turned and it was sheltered by the buildings. I hung tough the last 5 km and managed to run about 15:55 or so. My first couple of hard miles really nipped me in the butt a little but I was happy that even when slowing down and starting to feel really bad I was still running 5:05 pace. My splits were

Mile 1 - 4:49
Mile 2 - 4:53
Mile 3 - 5:03
Mile 4 - 5:02
Mile 5 - 5:05
Mile 6 - 5:09 (this was a struggle, Rejean Chaisson came up on me and I had nothing for him ha,)
Last .2 - 75

I'm happy with that, obviously there was a little slow down at the end but it's a lot better then last year, as I ran the last 2 miles really slowly (5:28, 5:31). I'm moving in the right direction. If all goes well I should be under 31 by mid summer. The key will be getting that 5km time down and really running fast over 1500m.

I'll attach a few pics and a quick video but expect a detailed post about the weekend coming later this week.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up,

Alright folks here is the weekly instalment from JJ himself. Thanks buddy!

Monday- sick with the flu
Tuesday- sick with the flu
Wednesday AM 17km in 67 minutes but I had to stop a few time for dehydration purposes. PM did 9.5km that night with a run group for work.
Thursday. 12 mile run is 19.3km in 71:30. Felt pretty toasted on this one as well but I wanted something longer.
Friday 16km in 62;51 on the treadmill. Still pretty beat up physically from the flu.
Saturday 22km in 1:35 with a run group for work.
Sunday 16km in 62:45 this run felt like my normal self. Finally not dehydrated any more and will do a two workouts this week. I was travelling all weekend for work so it did get pretty hectic.
Summary 100km or 62 miles in 5 days of running which I will take. Again I was in no shape this week to run super hard as my body was drained until Sunday morning. Next week I should have a couple of good workouts to report!

My week in training


Workout - 10X500m at between 1500m and 3000m race pace. The average on these was 1:20/rep. I got a few in that were quicker. Normally I was going through 400 around 65 or so. I did this one with Joe on the indoor track. Good session and turned the legs over well.

12.2 miles with workout - AM
4.2 miles easy - PM


5.1 miles easy - AM
10 miles - PM


Workout - 4X1mile at 10km race pace. This went very well. I was 5:00, 5:00, 4:50, 4:48. No fireworks but I knew I was ready after this one.

4.4 miles - AM
9.4 miles with workout - PM




10.6 miles - AM


OFF - AM (travelling)
3 miles and strides - PM


3 miles and acceleration - AM

So that was my week leading into the race it was light obviously. The taper worked well as 31:17 is 51 seconds faster then I've covered the distance before. Like I said though, I've got a ton of motivation right now and the fire is burning to run fast. The half marathon champs are 13 days away so I'll put in a good week and then cut back again next week. The tentative plans are 3X1mile @ 4:45/mile with 2:30 recover + 10X1minute hills on Wednesday and then on Friday a 10 mile tempo on the Tely 10 course. I'll run it around 52:00 if the weather is favourable, I want the effort to be around 53:00 so with the nature of the downhill that's where I need to be. On race day the plan is to go through 10 miles in 53:00 or 5:18/mile pace which should have me right on 1:09 low pace.

Anyway I just wanted to get this up as fast as I could. Thanks for reading, much more to come!

See you later this week,
Run hard

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