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Week of training Sunday April 20th - Saturday April 27th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up!

Hey everyone,

I'll just make this a quick post as I'm really tired and need to get a ton of stuff done the rest of the day. I'll jump on mid week and do a race report for the 5km today and get Yonge Street's up as well. I'm working on a post about last Monday's Boston Marathon. Meb's performance was one that moved so many people. His story is an amazing one and if you haven't read the book "run to overcome" I highly recommend it. Anyway I'll make sure we talk about Meb in a post later this week.

It's sometimes hard to sit down and write a blog post when I'm not feeling really motivated or am having some niggles and training is suffering because of it. But I'm so grateful to all of you who follow along. So let me just say thank you. It keeps me motivated and wanting to continue to work hard. I hope some of you can glean something from reading my ramblings and that it inspires a few people to get out there a get running all the while enjoying this wonderful sport that's been so good to me. So again, thank you so much. I never would have imagined when I started this blog that I'd be getting 5500-6500 hits every month. Thanks gang.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

JJ's is having a busy weekend but was good enough to get me this for you guys, thanks man!

Monday - 18.3km in 70 minutes. Watched the Boston Marathon while running on the treadmill!
Tuesday - 2.5 mile warm up. 4 miles at 4:52 mile pace 19:28 and 3.5 mile warm down. This workout went very well but I was a bit tired from the week.
Wednesday - 10 miles on the dyke in 58:40. Started dropping the pace down to 5:35’s near the end. Felt pretty decent.
Thursday - 9 miles in 57 minutes. Did this on the treadmill to make sure that I took it easy. Pace felt great and just getting geared for Saturday.
Friday - Easy 11km in 44:20 then an additional 2.5km jog with a group. Feel nice and ready for tomorrow.
Saturday - 5.2km warm up then a 5km time trial and an easy 3.4km warm down. This was a bit of a bizarre set up. I did the running portion of a triathlon relay but it wasn't really known how far the course was. Some say it was 5km others said it was 5.1km. I decided to use my garmin and run the course before hand and had it clocked at 3.18 miles so I knew it was a bit long. I decided that I was going to just run balls out for 5km and stop my watch and jog the rest of the way in as we didn't have much competition. I started out hard and didn't see any kilometer signs till 2 km. I checked my garmin at 2 miles which was past in 9:30, I knew at this point I was going to probably to break 15. When I hit 3 miles in 14:24 I knew with only 73 meters left ( mile is 1609 meters so it gives you a shorter distance to 5km) I knew I had it and blasted as hard as I could. Final time was 14:52 and jogged the rest of the way in. I was very happy with this as it is in fact a PR. I knew based off my workouts I was in that type of shape and was lucky to have probably the flattest course on planet earth besides a track to run it on. This was an all out effort for the record and was hard the entire way. Maybe with competition I could have gone 14:45 or so but who knows.
Sunday easy 17km and 10 hours of moving.
Total 108.9km or 68 miles.
I will try and hit 75 miles for the next three weeks with one good session in as May is extremely busy with two major races and our sales meeting.

My week in training.


Long run - 15 miles with Matt, no fire works just a nice easy pace and enjoyed some good running talk while we went.

15 miles - AM
5 miles - PM


Workout - 5 mile tempo on the treadmill @ 12.1 mph or 4:57/mile pace. Felt really good. Taking this one right from Jeremiah's play book. Didn't want to do any damage to the hamstring but wanted a hard effort.

4.2 miles easy - AM
15.3 miles with workout - PM


6.2 miles easy (felt the hammy a little) - AM
9.4 miles with strides - PM


Workout - A nice easy set of 1km's with 60 seconds rest just working the 5km pace a little and wanted to feel good. 6X1km off 60 seconds jogging across the infield of the track to get to the 200m mark to start my 1km's again. Averaged 3:00 (actually every rep was bang on 3. It was pretty cool)

5.1 miles easy - AM
11.3 miles with workout and hurdle drills - PM


3.9 miles easy - AM
10 miles steady state (55:09) - PM


4 miles with strides - AM
6.3 miles - PM



Well that was my week. I had 95.7 miles and was cutting down just a tad for the race today. As you all know Mundy Pond is a hard course and we had a fair amount of wind today. I'll jump on mid week for a race report but I was pretty happy with it. I was a minute faster then I'd ever ran on the course before granted it's been 2 years but that's a fine solo effort wire to wire.

Anyway that's it for now folks! I'll see you mid week,
Run hard,

First lap of today's 5km

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