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Week of training Sunday March 30th - Saturday April 5th + Thoughts on Bekele's debut marathon and the debut of JJ's weekly wrap up.

Hello again everyone,

Well another week in the books and it was a very solid one. 2 hard workouts and a race/workout combo. Now that the work is all done it's time to taper down this week and get ready for next Sunday. I'll post up the Elite Start List mid week when the Canadian Running Series release it but the field is going to be stacked. Eric Gillis, Kip Kangogo, Rob Watson, Sami Jabril etc, I'd assume there will be 7-8 people going under 30 minutes and 3 or 4 under 29. The women's field is going to be super fast as well. Our own Kate Bazeley will be toeing the line so have an eye out for her.

I'm always nervous going into races and trying to predict times and how I'll run but I'm feeling very confident and my training since basically November of last year has gone very well. I've been able to stay healthy while hitting some great workouts and a lot of mileage. I've been really trying to dial in 4:58-5:00/mile pace and make that feel controlled and comfortable, or as comfortable as one can expect it to be. It's a great course with the first 7 km not even having any real turns, just rolling strait on Yonge. If I was to guess under good weather condition I'd expect to run between 30:45-30:55. It's a big jump up in fitness from last year if that happens, about 1:20 seconds or more but I really think I've got that much more in me right now. After running that 1500 last night in the middle of a workout consisting of 4X400 in 65 seconds off 90 seconds rest before and after the 1500m. I feel like my speed is where it needs to be. I just hope my lactate threshold is right there to match it. I'm going to try to come through the first 5km in 15:15 as it's a little quicker then the second half and then just try to run 5 minute pace the last 5km. Last year I came through 5km in 15:42 and just didn't have the engine to continue on at that pace, but even comparing workouts to this time last year tells me I should take at least a minute off my time. Regardless of what I end up running I'm happy with the training I've put in and at some point this spring I'm going to produce the times to show the improvements. Let's hope Yonge street lends itself to producing a fast time next Sunday.

The King, Kenny B is BACK!!

After racing my 1500m and finishing the last of my 400 meter reps I was pretty wound up and decided to get another 10 miles in when I got home, so by the time I got back in the house it was 9:30 and my heart was still racing. I knew I wouldn't be able to get to sleep at a decent hour so I figured I'd watch some Boardwalk Empire and stay up to catch the Paris Marathon where Kenenisa Bekele was making his marathon debut. I'm glad I stayed up let me tell ya! What a race, the conditions were far from ideal and the course had some undulations. I was wondering why the splits were deviating so much but then when the announcers talked about the hills it made sense. He ran a 2:05:02 and took the win, he broke away from a couple 2:06 guys at 25km and didn't look back. This is really exciting for the world of marathon running. In my mind on a course like Berlin with pacemakers to take him to 30km I'd say that performance would be worth 2:02:45-2:03:00. 

For all of you who don't know much about Bekele I'll just give you a few details about him, he is a 2 time gold medallist at 10000m at the Olympic games and a silver and gold medallist in the 5000m. He holds both the world records at those distances as well. His 5000m time of 12:37 is just silly to even think about. A 5km on the track is 12 and a half laps, so he basically averaged about 60.6/400m. That's about 4:04ish/mile. His 10000m record of 26:17 is also pretty bananas too. 

Now I don't think he is the athlete he was when he was running those times in 2004-2005. Back then he could close down the last 2km of a 5000m that was run at an honest pace in 4:55.....he was basically unbeatable. At 32 I think the days of that type of performance have passed him by but I think he still has the ability to destroy the marathon world record and possibly go after the half record as well (although 58:23 is going to be a tough mark to hit, I think to come close to that an athlete has to be in about 26:30 10km shape).

So the other big news now that comes with this is the storyline of what Mo Farah will do in his debut in London. Mo is obviously getting paid bucket loads of money to debut on his home course but with that comes the feat of having to deal with Kipsang and Mutai, (the fastest man to ever cover 26.2 miles and the marathon world record holder). I don't know how I feel about Mo moving to the roads, I know it's what's in the cards for him in the next few years but part of me thinks he's making the move a little prematurely. Last year at 30 years of age he ran a 1500m personal best of 3:28......that's just unreal, he was closing down on Kiprop in the last 80 meters the best miler on the planet. With that type of speed and the fact that he could toy with anyone over 5 and 10 thousand meters on the track I don't think he needed to move up just yet. But next Sunday will tell us the real story. I do think we need to look at what Bekele did today and know that he isn't done yet, he doesn't have the raw speed he once did but even a diminished 12:37/26:17 5/10k guy is still better then maybe everyone else on the planet. 

The first instalment of JJ's weekly training wrap up

As promised I'm going to be including my friend Jeremiah's training in a special section each week here on my blog. We thought that his training would show people that you can train/perform at a high level on minimal time. See my last post for some background on Jeremiah and get the full story. I also didn't mention that he was off running since last fall with a stress fracture in his pelvis, he's been back only a month and ran his first race today on a really hard half XC half road 5km and won in a time of 15:25, on a track with a good field he's in shape to run under 15 minutes and that's with only 4 workouts under his belt since his return.

This is strait from the man himself!

Monday - 19.4km in 78:20. Just took it nice and easy since I did a very hard session the day before. I actually just sat on my treadmill the entire time as I needed to jet off to work ASAP.
Tuesday - 14.5 km. I did a 9 mile run on the dyke this morning before heading off. I ran into the worst head wind ever. I ended up running 53:40 but I went from running 5:40 mile pace to just under 6’s on the flat stretches.
Wednesday - 2 mile warm up. Stretches and drills. 4 mile tempo on the treadmill at 4:55 mile pace then 2.5 mile cool down. I actually ended up with 4.10 miles but passed through 4 miles in 19:40. The treadmill tempos enable my body to recover faster. It’s also a great way to get proper pacing involved. PM did an easy 5km with a running clinic for work.
Thursday - 12km easy run in 47:06. Felt pretty good considering yesterday’s workout.
Friday - 11km easy in 43:40 in the trails with one of my account owners. We tagged on another 2km of easy running for kicks after.
Saturday - 9km in 35:30. Just trying to feel good and ready for the race tomorrow.
Sunday – 19km in total. Did a 4km warm up with stretches and strides. Then did 5km road race. Cross country running in the trails in 15:25. Km 3-4 is uphill as I went from running 3:19 pace to running my last km in 2:59. Then did a 10km cool down with a friend in 38:29.
Felt pretty good about the week but the race itself felt dreadful. I expected to run right around where I was but I probably should find something more road friendly to see what I can really nock off. I’m hoping for sub 15 on the road at some point in 2014. If all else fails I could jump on the track and try for 14:35 this summer if things keep going well.
Total. 106km or 66 miles
Till next week!

My week in training 


Long Run - 2 hours of steady state running. I didn't want to get after this one as much as I have been recently, I've got to start cutting these down a little both in intensity and length as I begin to run some races. That said I still ran it at 5:58 pace, I was always glancing at the watch just to make sure I wasn't letting the miles creep over 6 minute very often. I got 20.1 miles in.

20.1 miles - AM


Workout - 5 mile tempo. I wanted to get a near race effort longer tempo in so I got after this one a bit. Obviously if this had been a lactate threshold session I would be running 5:10-5:15 pace. But I ran this session at 5:04/mile average when all was said and done. It was a hard effort for sure. I went through the 5km in 15:47 and actually set an 8km PR on my way to the 5 mile mark. I believe the 8km split was around 25:11ish give or take a couple seconds. Very solid effort.

5.2 miles easy - AM
11 miles with drills and workout - PM


12.5 miles easy - AM


Workout - 8X4minutes @ 5km race effort with 2 minute jog recovery. This was a hard session, I think my legs had some lingering tiredness in them but I grinded it out. I was running between 4:48-4:50/mile pace and normally coming through the 1km mark in 3:00-3:03. It was hard mentally to get through after the 5th interval, I just didn't have a whole lot of energy but that was just having only one day between this and my last workout.

4.4 miles - AM
11.2 miles with workout - PM


5.4 miles really easy - AM
9.2 miles with strides - PM




Workout/1500m race - This was going to be my last really speed oriented session with paces faster then 5km race pace. I had 4X400 with 90 seconds rest before and after the 1500m race. All in all this was a great race/workout and the NLAA crew did an amazing job as always. It was great to see all the kids out from elementary school ages all the way to masters runners. George and his crew do such a great job with all the events that are put off here provincially. We are super fortunate to have him. 

5 mile shake out run - AM
14 miles with race/workout/warm up and cool down. - PM

Above you will see a video of the last 3 minutes of my 1500m race, My little buddy Levi took it for me, he pushed the wrong button at the start of the race and thought I would be mad. You did great buddy, thanks for taking the video at all and awesome job winning your division in the 1200m in a time of 3:44. Your a stud and you'll be a force on the local scene in a few years for sure! (Managed to squeeze out a 2.8 second PB in the middle of a workout so pretty pumped about that)

So that was my week. 98 miles with 3 workouts and a long run. I'm really looking forward to dialling things back this week, I'll have one workout on Tuesday which will be 4X1mile at goal race pace for Sunday with 2 minute jog recovery. 

I'll jump on mid week and put a post up I've been working on regarding the marathon. Mike Greene has been teaching me a ton about the event, how best to approach it from a training standpoint, how to "race" it if we can really call it that for the majority of us. (Mike refers to it more as a run which is really a better statement, those who go in with the intentions of racing normally fail miserably). We have also been chatting about an approach he used with great success and that's carb depletion followed by a re-feed before the race. I'm certainly not going near that event for a while but I know allot of people have marathon fever and right now with all the majors about to happen I figured why not put a post up regarding the mother of all events. Thanks for all your insight Mike, love talking all aspect of training!

Alright folks, that's it for this post. Onwards to next week and the spring race season! I'll be sure to document my races away as best I can this year with lots of pictures/videos and all access to any shenanigans I get myself into!

Thanks for reading,
Get out there and run hard,

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