Sunday, 25 May 2014

Week of training Sunday May 18th - Saturday May 24th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up + CEP Giveaway

Hey everyone,

Where to start. First off let's send a shout out to Dan McNeil on his Ottawa Marathon performance this morning. He was the 3rd Canadian in 2:24:00. Very solid run by Dan. He won the tely last year and has been making consistent progress since. I certainly hope we can get him down this year. I ran with Dan the first 5km of YS10km then started to drift off him and finished about 35 seconds back but I know that having him at our tely would be terrific. Just latching on for as long as possible. He would drag me to something under 51. Dan is FOR SURE in sub 50 minute shape. So Dan bud if your reading this. Get the recovery going and get yourself down here in late July son.

Also let's send some love to my two Saucony Canada teammates Kate and Colin. Both had good showings in Ottawa. Colin took the win in the 5km in 15:32. Which is super solid considering all he has done is some turn over. He's running that off purely aerobic work on the elliptical. Once he starts doing some workouts. Watch out. I haven't talked to Kate since her race. If I know her she's probably not super happy with that time but Kate is nails and was the 4th Canadian women. I really think if Kate got into the right race she would threaten 34 minutes. It would just take even pacing and some work in that race pace zone. But yeah, awesome job to you both. Look for them both to be throwing down in some races very soon.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

A huge thanks to JJ as always for giving us a look inside his training. He's been super busy travelling with work and holding it down for Saucony on the weekends at expos and events. Thanks buddy, much appreciated!

Monday - off traveling to Michigan for sales meeting.
Tuesday - 22km first 12 km on my own then the last 10km with our Saucony team. Average was 6:30 overall with my pace at 5:55.
Wednesday -12 miles at 5:52 pace in 70:20.
Thursday - 12 miles in 81 minutes with some of the guys. Pace as slow but all of these runs start at 5:15 am eastern time so that's 2:15 am my time.
Friday - easy 10 miles in 62:15
Saturday - easy 10 miles in 62:51.
Sunday - 4km warm up with strides and drills. 10km half marathon effort 32:50. Won by a ton. 3km warm down.
Race summary. Worked 80 hours in 6 days with travel and the race expo so I was completely blown out before hand. My left hamstring tightens on me if I'm run down and not loose and makes me stop completely. I had to stop 4 times in the race and it cost me a minute as I went through 5km in 15:54 and felt very relaxed. I'm mentally and physically blown out though and may take some down time.
Overall 68 miles or 109km in 6 days

Also I wanted to congratulate JJ on the new addition to his family. He and his wife Maria now have a cute little puppy called Tucker. He's going to be an awesome runner if JJ has anything to say about it

This week in training


Workout - 10 minutes, 3X5minutes, 2X2:30 (2 minutes rest after the 10, 60 seconds after the 5 and 2:30) - This was a great session. I ran the 10 minute segment at 4:54 pace, the 5 minutes I was passing the mile about 4:50, and the 2:30's I didn't really keep track of the pace but I was passing 800 maybe 5-10 seconds before 2:30. Super happy with this session.

13.4 miles with workout - AM
6.1 miles - PM


5.2 miles with strides - AM
10.3 miles - PM


Workout - I jumped on the treadmill for this one and just did 20 minutes @ 12.4 mph or 4:50 pace, just working the turnover and taking this one right from JJ. Felt hard after 15 minutes and just prayed not to fly out the back door but happy with the effort.

4 miles easy - AM
11.9 miles with workout - PM


5.2 miles - AM
9.1 miles with strides - PM


4.1 miles - AM
10 miles steady effort, 55:09 - PM


Workout - Track Session with Joe. 4X200, 3X1mile, 4X400m. Solid effort on the track, worked the leg turnover and some 5km pace. The 200's were 30's (one 29). The miles were 4:45, 4:48, 4:44, and the 400's averaged 65. Recovery was 200m jogs for the most part.

5.2 miles - AM
9.9 miles with workout - PM


9.3 miles - AM
10 miles helping Matt Noseworthy out with his steady state workout. 30 minutes at 5:27/mile average - PM

Solid week right there, but I didn't get a long run in. As I type this I'm about to send Matt a msg so we can get after one. I'm really stoked about how things are going and I'm happy that I haven't had to race (I was supposed to this weekend). But it's great because it's giving me a nice training block to build some fitness. I'll be racing next in 3 weeks. Other then a track race I'm planning as more of a workout.

CEP Giveaway

Alright folks here's a chance for you to win a free pair of socks. What I want you to do is in the comment section below leave a msg saying who you think will win the Prefontain Classic Men's 5000m race next Saturday. Also, because several people could pick the right winner predict the time that he will win the race in. The person who is right and has the closest to the actual time will win a pair of CEP compression socks or calf sleeves in whatever colour. Tyler over at CEP Canada will get in touch with the winner and we will announce it on here.

Here is the start list for those of you not super into the track scene -

If nobody gets it right then we will carry it over to the next diamond league meet. We are going to be posting about this on twitter as well as facebook so hopefully lots of people make their predictions.

Check out their site at

Well that's all for now. I didn't want to have too long of a post but look back mid week for a review of the new Kinvara 5's from Saucony. Go to your local running shop and try them on, tell me they aren't the best feeling most agile shoe out there!

Thanks for reading,
Train hard and see you next time,

Friday, 23 May 2014

CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0 Review and thoughts and Giveaway!

Hey running friends.

I just wanted to toss up and post on my thoughts about the new CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0. I'm sure all you hardcore runners who are reading this are well aware of the benefits of compression technology and how it not only helps performance but more importantly it speeds up recovery. Therefore enabling us to get back into doing a hard session again in a hurry.

I've tried various brands of compression socks over the years but I've found that none are of the quality and standard of CEP. I first purchased a pair of the CEP Progressive Run socks 3 years ago and I still have that original pair. They don't seem to loose their compression the way some other brands tend to. You may pay a few dollars more for them in comparison to a generic brand but they are well worth it as one pair will last you the time 3 regular pairs might.

I also experimented with the progressive calf sleeves as well which are a fantastic product. However I would only recommend them during competition rather then for recovery as it may cause some foot swelling if worn too long. (This is written on the package as well as the website which I will link to below.)

Anyway, Tyler over at CEP Canada sent me out some of the new 2.0 Progressive+ Run Socks and they are everything I'd hoped they would be. I wore them on several long runs and they felt great as well as around the house for some recovery. They have no hotspots when your running and are made with the best quality materials. I don't have much to say about them other then the fact that they are absolutely perfect. If you are in the market for some compression socks or sleeve please head on over to the CEP site and check out their range of compression garments especially the Progressive 2.0!

CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0

Even my dog approves!

The first edition of the original CEP Run Sock. This was from 2012. (PS: I was always rocking Saucony, notice the Fastwhich 5's and inferno singlet ;) )

CEP Giveaway

Alright folks here's a chance for you to win a free pair of socks. What I want you to do is in the comment section below leave a msg saying who you think will win the Prefontain Classic Men's 5000m race next Saturday. Also, because several people could pick the right winner predict the time that he will win the race in. The person who is right and has the closest to the actual time will win a pair of CEP compression socks or calf sleeves in whatever colour. Tyler over at CEP Canada will get in touch with the winner and we will announce it on here.

Here is the start list for those of you not super into the track scene -

If nobody gets it right then we will carry it over to the next diamond league meet. We are going to be posting about this on twitter as well as facebook so hopefully lots of people make their predictions.

I'll be back Sunday for my weekly update along with a review of the new Saucony Kinvara 5! Such amazing shoes.

Run hard folks, see you Sunday.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Week of training Sunday May 11th - Saturday May 17th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up + Doha Diamond League stuff + Saucony Endorphin Racers?

Hey guys,

Well back at it with another week of training. I was pretty banged up from last weeks race, more stiffness then anything but I played it safe and ran most of my runs on the treadmill this week and did some supplemental pool runs. I really want to play things smart and be ready for a really fast time at the Garnish 10km. It's probably the best course in the province and with any luck Brock will be there so I'll have someone to run with/chase. (Brock btw just ran a steeple PR of 8:37. Like he's right there with Winter, Genest and Milne. Our top guy Matt Huges is just ridiculously good and runs like mid to low 8:1X's. But man Brock is right there. What's the A standard for Rio? Is it 8:26? It's in striking distance for sure). But yeah Brock is also a 30:59 10km guy, so right around where I want to be running. Love to work with him and run something fast on Newfoundland soil.

In other news, guess who's finally on twitter? This guy! So as they say "toss me a follow". But what's really blowing my mind right now and it's the reason I didn't do a recap like I said of the Diamond League meet in Doha is because I found out my Uncle Nick Kelly (also my Godfather) and his wife my Auntie Donna Kelly were at the meet. Like is that not ridiculous. They had crazy good seats too. So I'm going to let the pictures they took show you how the meet went down. Short background on my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt moved there after she retired from teaching to take a position as an educator in Qatar, after my Uncle retired a year later he moved there (2012 or there abouts). But what's so cool is all the stuff they get to do. Like they went to the Qatar Open and all these cool event's. When they emailed me there mid week and told me I was so happy and jealous. My Uncle is actually super knowledgeable about most sports and ran Varsity Cross Country for mun about 30 years ago as well as competing on the Varsity Wrestling team, while earning his undergrad. He's given me some great advice over the last couple years. Anyway I'll attach some pics below.

Some long jump action

My Auntie Donna in the green and behind her in the yellow the big guy, Uncle Nickie! Love you guys!

It takes a Bentley to keep up with the east Africans

Yup that's Kiprop sitting on the leader and Makloufi in 4th Olympic Gold Medallist from 2012

Start of the 3000m Steeple Chase

The guy in the middle in the Nike Gold Medal Kit is the man himself, the legendary Ezekiel Kemboi

And it's not a diamond league meet without some Poll Vault action

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Once again JJ's coming through with his weekly wrap up. I don't know how he's doing it with his schedule but man it lights a fire under me every time I hear from him. Love seeing these workouts. Thanks so much bud. 

Monday - 16km easy in 62:51. Felt pretty drained from the workout and long run the day before.
Tuesday - 14km easy on the treadmill at the hotel. Horrible gym and hotel and the motor blew up on me at the 55 minute mark.
Wednesday - 4km warm up. Drills and strides then 8km tempo in 24:11 on the treadmill 4:52 mile pace. 4km warm down. Very happy with this session as I feel I can run this fast on the road in a race. PM 9km of running with a group for work.
Thursday - 16km in 62:11. Very tired from yesterday.
Friday - 17.1km in 66 minutes. Felt great and relaxed.
Saturday - 10 miles or 16km in 57:37 on the dyke this felt really relaxed and good.
Sunday - 4km warm up. Workout was 2 mile, 90 seconds rest. 3x1 mile 1 minute rest between 2x2minutes 1 minute rest. My training partner wasn't feeling great today so we decided to just run 10km race pace or 8km pace and no faster. Felt really smooth and easy on this workout. Went 9:48, 4:51, 4:49, 4:48 or 4:49 I can't quite remember then just shy of 700 meters for the 2 minutes. About 685 meters for each. 4km warm down.
Summary 122.2km or 76.5 miles this week. Very happy with this week and happy with the workout today. The two mile felt so smooth and easy showing that maybe 30:30 or so on the roads is in the cards.

My week in training.


Race - HF10K. Very happy with this effort. Won by about 2 minutes just being controlled over the first half then murdering the last 5km. What's hilarious is at the halfway point I was 13 seconds slower then I was last year, (Granted the first 5km was into a stiff 35km headwind, but by the end of the race I was like almost a minute faster then last year and just felt super strong running 5:05's

13 miles with race WU/CD - AM
7 miles easy - PM


6.1 miles easy - AM
9 miles easy - PM


Workout - I was weary to do anything too hard as I was really stiff so I did 10X3minute segments off 60 seconds. JJ was explaining to me the importance of really cutting down my recovery time on my intervals. Like you guy's know how stoked I was with my 5X6minutes from last week off 2 minutes. Well it should have felt that smooth. From now on my recovery on anything shorter then 2 mile reps will be closer to 60 seconds. Anyways I was averaging about 4:55 pace or 3:05ish/km

4 miles easy - AM
13 miles with workout - PM


6.2 miles really slow on the treadmill, like 7:30/mile pace - AM
8 miles a little faster - PM


Workout - 5 mile tempo on the treadmill @ 12.2 mph or 4:55 pace. I felt pretty stoked about this one until Jeremiah shoots me a msg about doing an 8km tempo in 24:11.....I'll take mine, but I'm thankful he's at the other end of the country because I'd be ducking him in races. On our Mews 8km he would go sub 24 I'd say.

5 miles easy - AM
12 miles with workout - PM


3 mile - AM
8 miles with 20 minutes of diagonals on the MUN soccer field - PM


Long run - Absolutely CRUSHED it. It was like 15 degrees outside and I was feeling really good so I did the Fort Amherst run from my house and back then went up to my loop to get the 4 miles to make it 20. My first mile was a little slow but then I was rolling 5:45-5:55's like it was nobodies business. From 10-12 on the flat downtown section (well from southside road to the end of water street) I went 5:15, 5:21. I think the average of the run was about 5:48-5:49. It was 1:56:22 for elapsed time. Pretty sweet, two back to back 58 minute 10 miles.

20 miles - AM

So pretty stellar week of training despite being banged up. I've come to realize, it's part of running 110+ miles per week with the intense workouts. Your going to be hurting doing it, but stacking volume on top of quality is where the magic happens. I've run 150 miles in a week of all easy runs and a long run and felt fine. It's running a 16 mile day after doing a super hard workout the day before that grinds on the body. But nothing ventured nothing gained. 

In Saucony news ;)

I saw a preview of a new racing flat that's in the works.......the Endorhpin Racer. And OH DEAR. It looks so crazy. I hope it comes out this fall. I'll attach a picture below. Also I've been rolling in the new Kinvara 5's for workouts and a long run. What a shoe, superb update. A softer feeling inside to the shoe but the same Kinvara feel. I'm going to do a review of that shoe this week so look for that. As well I was lucky enough to get my hands on Saucony's mid distance spike the Endorphin MD4. I'm going to rip out some workouts in it and then post up a review. I'll be looking to race a 5000m in that very soon :).

Teaser of the Endorphin Racer born from the line of Endorhpine mid and distance spikes.
The new Saucony Kinvara 5 #happyfeet

The Saucony Endorphin MD4 #holyfast Nate Brannan ran the Canadian 1000m record in these puppies.

Alright folks that all for me, It's been a great week with much more to come. Cabot relay next week and for the people in town racing the road mile, head on over to the and sign up. Always fun to race a mile.

Until next week,
Keep your sticks on the ice.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sponsorship, thank you!

I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to Smith Optics and Saucony Canada. I'm so lucky to be teamed up with two companies that not only I believe in but make products that I'd be using even if I wasn't sponsored. I love everything made by Saucony and if you have followed along with my running career you'd see that I've been rocking their gear long before they sponsored me. And Smith Optics.......oh man, I can't believe how lucky I am to be under contract with them. I love their shades and they take such good care of me. I came home today to an Epic care package that Andrew was good enough to send me. A pair of the brand new PivLocks and Approach Max's along with a ton of apparel. Thanks so much man

Thanks Saucony and Smith. You guy's are the reason I keep training so hard. I appreciate all the help!

See you all mid week for a Doha break down,

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Week of training Sunday May 4th - Saturday May 10th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Hey everyone!

I'm going to make this a quick blog post and I'll make sure to jump on mid week with some thoughts and comments I had about the first Diamond league meeting of the season in Doha Qatar. I'll mention it quickly here now but I'll really do an in depth analysis of the track races that took place. (I don't know much about the field event's). But yeah, what a way to quick off the season, see that ladies and gentlemen is the difference between an outstanding meet like Payton Jordan last week and the truly Elite, top of the food chain athletes. I mean, did you all see that 1500? The top 6 guy's under 3:31? Kiprop running 3:29.1 at this time of the year. I've never seen anything so insane this early. They split 800. in 1:51, which would have probably won the 3rd heat of the 800 at last weeks Cardinal invite. And what about Ezekiel Kemboi in that 3k steeple......the guy can close his last 400 over bariers and the steeple pit in 57......and he's been so good for so long.

I think that by the time the Hercules meet in Monaco comes around Asbel will be ready for something blistering fast, maybe with the right pace making we could see El Geurrouj's 3:26 1500m WR go down. I'm so excited for this year of track. With no World Champs or Olympics this is a year to chase fast times. I hear that there will be a 10000m in Brussels at the end of the year as well. I'd love to see Mo back in top track form going after a fast time with Rupp and all the East Africans. I'm going to stop talking about this now because it makes me too excited! I'll jump on mid week and break down the Doha meet and we will talk about just how impressive these early marks are!

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

As always Jeremiah gives us a look inside his week of training. This guy is a beast to be running the way he does working such long days. It really shows us that we can always make time to run well. Thanks my friend!

Monday - 18.1km in 70 minutes just nice and easy as I was pretty tired from working the marathon all last week.
Tuesday - 4 km warm up. 7.2km tempo at 4:52 pace 5 km warm down. I went thru 7km in 21:10 on the treadmill and it felt pretty smooth overall.
Wednesday -16.1 km on the dyke in 58:40.
Thursday - 17.1km easy in 67 minutes.
Friday - 17.1km easy in 66 minutes.
Saturday - 2 mile warm up and drills. 16x300 with 300 jog continuous in 85 to 90 seconds for recovery. Average 47.3 for the workout in bad conditions but I would like to be at 46s as I have been in the past. 2 mile warm down.
Sunday - 1:40 of easy running covering 24.3km. Felt tired from yesterday
Summary 125km or 78 miles. The week was ok but the track session on Saturday wasn't the best. I don't do so well running this much in a week with work so I will try and scale back a bit this week.

My week in training


Long Run - 15 miles with Matt just ran it nice and controlled and had a chat about the upcoming track season. Our average pace was about 6:17/mile.

15 miles - AM
5.3 miles -PM


Workout - 5X6minutes @ 8km race pace. This was a badass workout. I rolled really well. The recovery was 2 minutes of jogging. The average of the 6 minute segments was 4:56.5/mile. I was pretty psyched about it. I mean that's a fair amount of volume at a respectable pace. Nothing blazing but good.

3.5 miles easy - AM
13.7 miles with workout and drills - PM


7 miles - AM
9 miles - PM


Workout - Matt Noseworthy and I hit up the track for some 400's 3X(4X400). I did 8 with Matt and another 4 myself afterwards but man, Matt is SOO silky smooth. It's ridiculous what he looks like running 62's and then contrast that to what I look like. He just floats along and I'm giving er' to make it happen ha. But I mean I'm sure these will help. We were averaging 65's off 75 second rest. 

4.2 miles - AM
11.4 miles - PM


Off - AM
10 miles steady state 54:48 (5:28/mile pace) - PM


10 miles easy with Matt - AM
Off - PM


Off - AM
Off - PM

So obviously a front loaded week there in anticipation for a 10km race. But that's a good week in training non the less. 90.1 miles with 2 good workouts, a steady state run and a long run. I'm feeling really aerobically strong right now. It's not like other years where I feared in a longer race I wouldn't be able to run a hard pace. I think all the miles, longer intervals and just more volume in my workouts like that 5X6minutes is really lending itself to a development of more strength. I guess where we go from here in a periodization phase would be to start working some more 5km race pace (4:45ish/mile pace) and then after a segment of that really work the speed and be ready to run fast on the track and roads. Either way I'm stoked about the way things are going. I just need to stay healthy and keep up the training!

Well I'll be on here mid week to recap Doha, talk training and racing and all that jazz. I trust you all had a good weekend and were good to your Mothers! :). I know that mine is one awesome lady who is my biggest fan. She religiously reads my blog (most times criticizing my grammar) but I'm so lucky to have her in my life. Thanks for all the support and love Mom! Your awesome!

See you next time folks,
Keep grindin'

Thursday, 8 May 2014

New Sponsor Announcement.

Hey friends,

I hope your week is going well and everyone is training hard. Did you all get to catch the Payton Jordan Cardinal invitational last weekend? Holy cow what a great meet. Our boy Cam Levins did most of the work in the men's 10km to secure himself the Commonwealth Games A standard of sub 27:40 running 27:36 like it was nothing....he ran the first 5km in the pack nice and controlled in 14:00 then came back with a 13:36 like it was no big deal. Such a stud. The fast heat of the 5000m was incredible too. Sacuony runner Ben True took the scalps of all the Bowerman Track Club runners. It was awesome to watch. Shout out to Luc Bruchet in the second heat of the 5000m He ran 13:33 a new PR and took the win. This kid is legit man, look for him in the next couple years to be making some big waves.

Anyway as I mentioned in my last post I've been speaking with another company. Now that the contract is signed I wanted to let you all know about it. I'm stoked to announce a partnership with Smith Optics. Smith is such a rad and cutting edge company that makes some of the best eyewear around, as well as some cool apparel, goggles, helmets etc. I'm so happy and proud to be part of the Smith Optics family and look forward to promoting and wearing some of the dopest shades around. They make amazing glasses for endurance sports like running and triathlon as well as really nice casual sunglasses for everyday wear.

So I just want to thank Andrew over at Smith Optics for everything and obviously also say a big thank you to my footwear and apparel sponsor Saucony for their support and allowing me to form this partnership as well. I'm proud and honoured to be teamed with such amazing companies!

Alright folks, well I've got a 10km this weekend and then a 3000m track race at the first Twilight Meet up at Pearlgate next Wednesday evening. So it's time to rest my legs and get ready to throw down.

The weekly update will be up on Sunday with JJ's Wrap Up, see you then,

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Week of training Sunday April 28th - Saturday May 3rd + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up + Thoughts on Meb at Boston + A New Partnership/Sponsorship

Hey again friends,

Sorry I haven't posted up anything mid week. It's been really busy at work lately and I'm having some hamstring tightness too, but training is going extremely well regardless. I seem to come around on workout days and end up hammering out really intense sessions.

I think some of what's beautiful about this sport is that you can really do what you want on any given day. Granted it's better to have a road map but you can switch things up and still make "all kinds of gains" ha. Like today, oh man, what a ridiculous day. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone. It goes against everything I've learned and that my coach has me doing. I decided to join my friend Jason for a long run in the morning (15.1 miles) then after I went out on the tupper-laurier loop and was going to do another 5 miles just for the fun of it as the weather had gotten better. Anyway, I get out there and have the bright idea of running a fast mile and just see how my legs feel. So I put on my headphones (another thing I need to get away from) and started running but focusing on running smoothly with my hands and arms really relaxed, I came through the mile in 4:57, then decided I'll make it a 2 mile in just under 10, the next mile was again 4:57, so 9:54 is pretty solid for a 2 mile rep for me, so I thought to myself as some heavy dubstep house music came on why not make it a 5km. I came through the 3 mile in 14:52 and went on to run the 5km in 15:29....which is really an awesome time for having done a good 15 miler earlier. Now I know this was pretty dumb, but they say when you feel good go with it.

I wish I had run last week's 5km that smoothly and under control. Obviously my loop there as you all know is pancake flat but that's how I should be running races. Last week's 5km I saw Adam at the start line, and I know hes a great 5km runner and has been training really hard on the indoor track this winter with Julia so I figured he would be ready for something in the 15:30's if we had a good day. So I asked him if he wanted to trade the pace. He told me he wasn't sure where his fitness was and would just stay with me. I get really anxious having someone on my shoulder. I don't mind if we are side by side and working together. But I'd rather sacrifice some time off my own race and go out hard and run alone then drag someone along with me the whole time. I ended up going through the first 1km in 2:59 with Adam hot on my heels and got really anxious and made a surge on the hill to break away. Looking back now a 3:03 opening K would have been far smarter. I really don't like that Mundy Pond course tho, I mean I've seen Colin Fewer in tremendous shape on a great day go out and run 15:15 there and follow that up with a 30:30 10km 2 weeks later. I'm starting to have such an appreciation for all the fast times Colin has had to run here over the years doing it all alone. It's really important to be doing self checks and pace properly. I fear that this will be my fate for my local races this year. On the track I don't mind, and for the Tely I'll get a few boys down and maybe Colin will be back too. But yeah, I think that a 14:50 5km will have to be run on the track or in a race away with some fast dudes.

How Meb won Boston

This is something that has been all over the boards. If any of you are on the forums of you know that most of the people on their like to weigh in with strong opinions and do so with laughable running pedigrees. So when I saw the thread talking about how the Boston Marathon was fixed I just had to toss a post up here about it.

First of all Boston is point to point but it's not and easy course, many years Boston has been won in 2:10 or more. Now I understand that Meb toed the line on that fateful Monday with a PR 5 minutes slower then the alpha males of the field. But Meb is a championship racer. Let's not forget that Meb came 4th in the Olympics finishing only 2 minutes back from the current world record holder Wilson Kipsang, who on that day himself was bested by Stephen Kiprotich who only has a high 2:06 PR. When tactics come into play in a non rabbited race then PR's don't mean a whole lot.

I think they didn't respect Meb's ability and credentials (2009 NYC Marathon winner, 2004 Olympic silver medalist, 4th in the 2012 games and fresh off a 61 minute half marathon at the US 1/2 champs). Meb has done it all, he's run 27:13 for 10000m. He may be 39 but you'd have to be a fool to spot him 80 seconds.....The top dogs seemed to be playing cat and mouse waiting to see who was going to make a move, when nobody did and time was running out Chibet tried to go, and he did just that. he covered 30-40km in 29:17 (2:04:13 marathon pace) on the hardest part of the course which was the newton hills. He ran an uphill mile from 23-24 in 4:32 which eventually did him in. Meb was staying on 2:08 pace clicking off 4:55's and stayed steady. I was txting my friends as it was going down and I'll admit I was super nervous when the gap was down to 8 seconds but when the camera showed Chibet, it was that of a broken man, he had nothing more to give. To say this race was fixed is absurd. I saw an article published on SI. (sports illustrated) also asking this question. Come on, learn something about the sport and do your homework. Meb ran an inspired race and is a National hero. Good for you Meb, #Mebstrong

JJ's weekly training wrap up,

As always JJ comes through in the clutch with awesome training recaps. He's manning the Saucony booth at the expo for the BMO half and full marathon this weekend. Thanks for taking the time man, we all appreciate your insight!

Monday 18.3km in 70 minutes easy.
Tuesday 4.5km warm up. 7x1km with 60 sec rest 2:53 2:54 2:54 2:54 2:55 2:54 2:54. Good session. 4.5km warm down. 17.2km
Wednesday 10 miles in 56:56.
Thursday 18km in 70 minutes.
Friday 19.3km or 12 miles in 70:39.
Saturday 10 miles in 64;30.
Sunday 10 miles easy
75.5 miles or 121.2km very busy week at the expo so may push my workouts to Wednesday of next week.

My week in training


Workout/Long Run - This was a day that I paid for until Wednesday. I won the Mundy Pond 5km and was proud of the effort then I met Matt Noseworthy 2 hours later for a 15 mile Long Run. I got 21.1 miles in on the day and my body felt it let me tell ya.

6.1 miles with Race, warm up and cool down - AM
15 mile Long Run - PM


2.2 miles at basically a walk I was so stiff - AM
13 miles with some strides and stretching - PM


Workout - 2X15 minutes of LT running with 10X10 seconds hill sprints at the end. Great workout, I was running at about 5:05-5:10 pace depending on what the terrain was doing. It's incredible to see how the body is so adaptable. I remember training in my Lactate Zone back in January and I was at the same heart rate running about 15-17 seconds/mile slower......great sign of things to come.

4 miles easy - AM
13.4 miles with workout and hills - PM


5 miles only really slow, my hamstring felt so tight and it hurt to push off - AM


Workout - BACK ON THE OUTDOOR TRACK!!!! And loving it. I spiked up and did 5X2km. I made sure the hamstring was iced for a while after my morning shake out run. It felt pretty good and so awesome to be running 400m splits. So I wanted to be running about 10km goal pace or a little faster. 3:05/km was the goal. I went 6:03, 6:12, 6:09, 6:11, 6:09. The average was right around what I wanted 6:10 but it took me a while to lock in 74 second laps.

3 miles with some light strides - AM
14 miles with workout, hurdle drills and skips - PM


5 miles at a crawl - AM
10 mile progression run from 6 minute pace to 5:30 pace, 57:10 - PM


Long Run/Weird Workout - I described this in the opening paragraphs....I wasn't planning on another workout but oh well. 15 mile long run and a fast 5km in the evening. This is the type of thing I don't advocate, haphazard training ha. I'll listen to my own advice next time.

15 miler with Jason - AM
5 miles with fast 5km - PM

Another Sponsorship/Partnership in the works.

I won't go into details right now but once I talk again with the marketing manager of the company I'll be working with and get more details and the banners placed on my blog and other social media outlets I'll let you all know more. Let me just say it's big and I'm excited. I'm so lucky and grateful to be teamed with Saucony for my apparel and footwear. I wouldn't wear or promote any other brand of running gear. They've given me the green light to pair up with this new company as well so it's exciting. Look for stuff I'll be doing on here like giveaways and cool new things like that. I've been talking with another company CEP compression and we are in the process of figuring out how to best giveaway a pair of compression calf sleeves or compression running socks to one of my readers as well. So that is also greatly appreciated and I thank Tyler Boschman over at CEP for getting in touch with me about that and for sending me socks too!

So yeah, lots of big new things happening at a great time! I'll announce more as we get things done.

Thanks as always folks. None of this would be possible without your support. I'd also like to give a shout out to Aaron over at They had their grand opening over there today, super cool specialized running shop. He stocks a full line of Saucony shoes and apparel as well as other great brands.

Alright that's all for me right now, I've got my race reports done but not edited yet.

Get out there and get after it,