Friday, 23 May 2014

CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0 Review and thoughts and Giveaway!

Hey running friends.

I just wanted to toss up and post on my thoughts about the new CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0. I'm sure all you hardcore runners who are reading this are well aware of the benefits of compression technology and how it not only helps performance but more importantly it speeds up recovery. Therefore enabling us to get back into doing a hard session again in a hurry.

I've tried various brands of compression socks over the years but I've found that none are of the quality and standard of CEP. I first purchased a pair of the CEP Progressive Run socks 3 years ago and I still have that original pair. They don't seem to loose their compression the way some other brands tend to. You may pay a few dollars more for them in comparison to a generic brand but they are well worth it as one pair will last you the time 3 regular pairs might.

I also experimented with the progressive calf sleeves as well which are a fantastic product. However I would only recommend them during competition rather then for recovery as it may cause some foot swelling if worn too long. (This is written on the package as well as the website which I will link to below.)

Anyway, Tyler over at CEP Canada sent me out some of the new 2.0 Progressive+ Run Socks and they are everything I'd hoped they would be. I wore them on several long runs and they felt great as well as around the house for some recovery. They have no hotspots when your running and are made with the best quality materials. I don't have much to say about them other then the fact that they are absolutely perfect. If you are in the market for some compression socks or sleeve please head on over to the CEP site and check out their range of compression garments especially the Progressive 2.0!

CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0

Even my dog approves!

The first edition of the original CEP Run Sock. This was from 2012. (PS: I was always rocking Saucony, notice the Fastwhich 5's and inferno singlet ;) )

CEP Giveaway

Alright folks here's a chance for you to win a free pair of socks. What I want you to do is in the comment section below leave a msg saying who you think will win the Prefontain Classic Men's 5000m race next Saturday. Also, because several people could pick the right winner predict the time that he will win the race in. The person who is right and has the closest to the actual time will win a pair of CEP compression socks or calf sleeves in whatever colour. Tyler over at CEP Canada will get in touch with the winner and we will announce it on here.

Here is the start list for those of you not super into the track scene -

If nobody gets it right then we will carry it over to the next diamond league meet. We are going to be posting about this on twitter as well as facebook so hopefully lots of people make their predictions.

I'll be back Sunday for my weekly update along with a review of the new Saucony Kinvara 5! Such amazing shoes.

Run hard folks, see you Sunday.


  1. Replies
    1. Very smart pick buddy! He is on fire right now and ran really fast indoors. I can certainly see a sub 13 minute race with good pace making! Thanks for the prediction!

  2. I also like Gebrhiwet to win, but not quite as fast. I'll go with Hagos Gebrhiwet in 12:59.34

    Twitter: @KCBillard

    1. I like it! Gebrhiwet seems to be the favourite so far.

  3. Hagos Gebrhiwet in 12:56.5

  4. Solid pick as well Jason! I'm a little surprised nobody is picking Edwin Soi. He was the last man to beat Farah in the 5000 and has run 12:51. But Gebrihiwet is definitely a good guy to put money on.

  5. Replies
    1. Nice!! He's a beast, remember that 5000m he ran in Paris (2012).

      I hope we get to see a really fast honest race from the gun.

    2. me too man, and hopefully Cam hangs on for a new PR and CR

  6. Not sure if my comment went up, but I'm picking Alamirew in 12:53

  7. Nice! Alamirew s sharp! He won in Shanghai a couple weeks ago and closed with a 53 second last 400m off a relatively hard pace (13:04 race). Should be interesting.

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