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Week of training Sunday April 28th - Saturday May 3rd + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up + Thoughts on Meb at Boston + A New Partnership/Sponsorship

Hey again friends,

Sorry I haven't posted up anything mid week. It's been really busy at work lately and I'm having some hamstring tightness too, but training is going extremely well regardless. I seem to come around on workout days and end up hammering out really intense sessions.

I think some of what's beautiful about this sport is that you can really do what you want on any given day. Granted it's better to have a road map but you can switch things up and still make "all kinds of gains" ha. Like today, oh man, what a ridiculous day. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone. It goes against everything I've learned and that my coach has me doing. I decided to join my friend Jason for a long run in the morning (15.1 miles) then after I went out on the tupper-laurier loop and was going to do another 5 miles just for the fun of it as the weather had gotten better. Anyway, I get out there and have the bright idea of running a fast mile and just see how my legs feel. So I put on my headphones (another thing I need to get away from) and started running but focusing on running smoothly with my hands and arms really relaxed, I came through the mile in 4:57, then decided I'll make it a 2 mile in just under 10, the next mile was again 4:57, so 9:54 is pretty solid for a 2 mile rep for me, so I thought to myself as some heavy dubstep house music came on why not make it a 5km. I came through the 3 mile in 14:52 and went on to run the 5km in 15:29....which is really an awesome time for having done a good 15 miler earlier. Now I know this was pretty dumb, but they say when you feel good go with it.

I wish I had run last week's 5km that smoothly and under control. Obviously my loop there as you all know is pancake flat but that's how I should be running races. Last week's 5km I saw Adam at the start line, and I know hes a great 5km runner and has been training really hard on the indoor track this winter with Julia so I figured he would be ready for something in the 15:30's if we had a good day. So I asked him if he wanted to trade the pace. He told me he wasn't sure where his fitness was and would just stay with me. I get really anxious having someone on my shoulder. I don't mind if we are side by side and working together. But I'd rather sacrifice some time off my own race and go out hard and run alone then drag someone along with me the whole time. I ended up going through the first 1km in 2:59 with Adam hot on my heels and got really anxious and made a surge on the hill to break away. Looking back now a 3:03 opening K would have been far smarter. I really don't like that Mundy Pond course tho, I mean I've seen Colin Fewer in tremendous shape on a great day go out and run 15:15 there and follow that up with a 30:30 10km 2 weeks later. I'm starting to have such an appreciation for all the fast times Colin has had to run here over the years doing it all alone. It's really important to be doing self checks and pace properly. I fear that this will be my fate for my local races this year. On the track I don't mind, and for the Tely I'll get a few boys down and maybe Colin will be back too. But yeah, I think that a 14:50 5km will have to be run on the track or in a race away with some fast dudes.

How Meb won Boston

This is something that has been all over the boards. If any of you are on the forums of you know that most of the people on their like to weigh in with strong opinions and do so with laughable running pedigrees. So when I saw the thread talking about how the Boston Marathon was fixed I just had to toss a post up here about it.

First of all Boston is point to point but it's not and easy course, many years Boston has been won in 2:10 or more. Now I understand that Meb toed the line on that fateful Monday with a PR 5 minutes slower then the alpha males of the field. But Meb is a championship racer. Let's not forget that Meb came 4th in the Olympics finishing only 2 minutes back from the current world record holder Wilson Kipsang, who on that day himself was bested by Stephen Kiprotich who only has a high 2:06 PR. When tactics come into play in a non rabbited race then PR's don't mean a whole lot.

I think they didn't respect Meb's ability and credentials (2009 NYC Marathon winner, 2004 Olympic silver medalist, 4th in the 2012 games and fresh off a 61 minute half marathon at the US 1/2 champs). Meb has done it all, he's run 27:13 for 10000m. He may be 39 but you'd have to be a fool to spot him 80 seconds.....The top dogs seemed to be playing cat and mouse waiting to see who was going to make a move, when nobody did and time was running out Chibet tried to go, and he did just that. he covered 30-40km in 29:17 (2:04:13 marathon pace) on the hardest part of the course which was the newton hills. He ran an uphill mile from 23-24 in 4:32 which eventually did him in. Meb was staying on 2:08 pace clicking off 4:55's and stayed steady. I was txting my friends as it was going down and I'll admit I was super nervous when the gap was down to 8 seconds but when the camera showed Chibet, it was that of a broken man, he had nothing more to give. To say this race was fixed is absurd. I saw an article published on SI. (sports illustrated) also asking this question. Come on, learn something about the sport and do your homework. Meb ran an inspired race and is a National hero. Good for you Meb, #Mebstrong

JJ's weekly training wrap up,

As always JJ comes through in the clutch with awesome training recaps. He's manning the Saucony booth at the expo for the BMO half and full marathon this weekend. Thanks for taking the time man, we all appreciate your insight!

Monday 18.3km in 70 minutes easy.
Tuesday 4.5km warm up. 7x1km with 60 sec rest 2:53 2:54 2:54 2:54 2:55 2:54 2:54. Good session. 4.5km warm down. 17.2km
Wednesday 10 miles in 56:56.
Thursday 18km in 70 minutes.
Friday 19.3km or 12 miles in 70:39.
Saturday 10 miles in 64;30.
Sunday 10 miles easy
75.5 miles or 121.2km very busy week at the expo so may push my workouts to Wednesday of next week.

My week in training


Workout/Long Run - This was a day that I paid for until Wednesday. I won the Mundy Pond 5km and was proud of the effort then I met Matt Noseworthy 2 hours later for a 15 mile Long Run. I got 21.1 miles in on the day and my body felt it let me tell ya.

6.1 miles with Race, warm up and cool down - AM
15 mile Long Run - PM


2.2 miles at basically a walk I was so stiff - AM
13 miles with some strides and stretching - PM


Workout - 2X15 minutes of LT running with 10X10 seconds hill sprints at the end. Great workout, I was running at about 5:05-5:10 pace depending on what the terrain was doing. It's incredible to see how the body is so adaptable. I remember training in my Lactate Zone back in January and I was at the same heart rate running about 15-17 seconds/mile slower......great sign of things to come.

4 miles easy - AM
13.4 miles with workout and hills - PM


5 miles only really slow, my hamstring felt so tight and it hurt to push off - AM


Workout - BACK ON THE OUTDOOR TRACK!!!! And loving it. I spiked up and did 5X2km. I made sure the hamstring was iced for a while after my morning shake out run. It felt pretty good and so awesome to be running 400m splits. So I wanted to be running about 10km goal pace or a little faster. 3:05/km was the goal. I went 6:03, 6:12, 6:09, 6:11, 6:09. The average was right around what I wanted 6:10 but it took me a while to lock in 74 second laps.

3 miles with some light strides - AM
14 miles with workout, hurdle drills and skips - PM


5 miles at a crawl - AM
10 mile progression run from 6 minute pace to 5:30 pace, 57:10 - PM


Long Run/Weird Workout - I described this in the opening paragraphs....I wasn't planning on another workout but oh well. 15 mile long run and a fast 5km in the evening. This is the type of thing I don't advocate, haphazard training ha. I'll listen to my own advice next time.

15 miler with Jason - AM
5 miles with fast 5km - PM

Another Sponsorship/Partnership in the works.

I won't go into details right now but once I talk again with the marketing manager of the company I'll be working with and get more details and the banners placed on my blog and other social media outlets I'll let you all know more. Let me just say it's big and I'm excited. I'm so lucky and grateful to be teamed with Saucony for my apparel and footwear. I wouldn't wear or promote any other brand of running gear. They've given me the green light to pair up with this new company as well so it's exciting. Look for stuff I'll be doing on here like giveaways and cool new things like that. I've been talking with another company CEP compression and we are in the process of figuring out how to best giveaway a pair of compression calf sleeves or compression running socks to one of my readers as well. So that is also greatly appreciated and I thank Tyler Boschman over at CEP for getting in touch with me about that and for sending me socks too!

So yeah, lots of big new things happening at a great time! I'll announce more as we get things done.

Thanks as always folks. None of this would be possible without your support. I'd also like to give a shout out to Aaron over at They had their grand opening over there today, super cool specialized running shop. He stocks a full line of Saucony shoes and apparel as well as other great brands.

Alright that's all for me right now, I've got my race reports done but not edited yet.

Get out there and get after it,


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