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Week of training Sunday May 11th - Saturday May 17th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up + Doha Diamond League stuff + Saucony Endorphin Racers?

Hey guys,

Well back at it with another week of training. I was pretty banged up from last weeks race, more stiffness then anything but I played it safe and ran most of my runs on the treadmill this week and did some supplemental pool runs. I really want to play things smart and be ready for a really fast time at the Garnish 10km. It's probably the best course in the province and with any luck Brock will be there so I'll have someone to run with/chase. (Brock btw just ran a steeple PR of 8:37. Like he's right there with Winter, Genest and Milne. Our top guy Matt Huges is just ridiculously good and runs like mid to low 8:1X's. But man Brock is right there. What's the A standard for Rio? Is it 8:26? It's in striking distance for sure). But yeah Brock is also a 30:59 10km guy, so right around where I want to be running. Love to work with him and run something fast on Newfoundland soil.

In other news, guess who's finally on twitter? This guy! So as they say "toss me a follow". But what's really blowing my mind right now and it's the reason I didn't do a recap like I said of the Diamond League meet in Doha is because I found out my Uncle Nick Kelly (also my Godfather) and his wife my Auntie Donna Kelly were at the meet. Like is that not ridiculous. They had crazy good seats too. So I'm going to let the pictures they took show you how the meet went down. Short background on my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt moved there after she retired from teaching to take a position as an educator in Qatar, after my Uncle retired a year later he moved there (2012 or there abouts). But what's so cool is all the stuff they get to do. Like they went to the Qatar Open and all these cool event's. When they emailed me there mid week and told me I was so happy and jealous. My Uncle is actually super knowledgeable about most sports and ran Varsity Cross Country for mun about 30 years ago as well as competing on the Varsity Wrestling team, while earning his undergrad. He's given me some great advice over the last couple years. Anyway I'll attach some pics below.

Some long jump action

My Auntie Donna in the green and behind her in the yellow the big guy, Uncle Nickie! Love you guys!

It takes a Bentley to keep up with the east Africans

Yup that's Kiprop sitting on the leader and Makloufi in 4th Olympic Gold Medallist from 2012

Start of the 3000m Steeple Chase

The guy in the middle in the Nike Gold Medal Kit is the man himself, the legendary Ezekiel Kemboi

And it's not a diamond league meet without some Poll Vault action

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Once again JJ's coming through with his weekly wrap up. I don't know how he's doing it with his schedule but man it lights a fire under me every time I hear from him. Love seeing these workouts. Thanks so much bud. 

Monday - 16km easy in 62:51. Felt pretty drained from the workout and long run the day before.
Tuesday - 14km easy on the treadmill at the hotel. Horrible gym and hotel and the motor blew up on me at the 55 minute mark.
Wednesday - 4km warm up. Drills and strides then 8km tempo in 24:11 on the treadmill 4:52 mile pace. 4km warm down. Very happy with this session as I feel I can run this fast on the road in a race. PM 9km of running with a group for work.
Thursday - 16km in 62:11. Very tired from yesterday.
Friday - 17.1km in 66 minutes. Felt great and relaxed.
Saturday - 10 miles or 16km in 57:37 on the dyke this felt really relaxed and good.
Sunday - 4km warm up. Workout was 2 mile, 90 seconds rest. 3x1 mile 1 minute rest between 2x2minutes 1 minute rest. My training partner wasn't feeling great today so we decided to just run 10km race pace or 8km pace and no faster. Felt really smooth and easy on this workout. Went 9:48, 4:51, 4:49, 4:48 or 4:49 I can't quite remember then just shy of 700 meters for the 2 minutes. About 685 meters for each. 4km warm down.
Summary 122.2km or 76.5 miles this week. Very happy with this week and happy with the workout today. The two mile felt so smooth and easy showing that maybe 30:30 or so on the roads is in the cards.

My week in training.


Race - HF10K. Very happy with this effort. Won by about 2 minutes just being controlled over the first half then murdering the last 5km. What's hilarious is at the halfway point I was 13 seconds slower then I was last year, (Granted the first 5km was into a stiff 35km headwind, but by the end of the race I was like almost a minute faster then last year and just felt super strong running 5:05's

13 miles with race WU/CD - AM
7 miles easy - PM


6.1 miles easy - AM
9 miles easy - PM


Workout - I was weary to do anything too hard as I was really stiff so I did 10X3minute segments off 60 seconds. JJ was explaining to me the importance of really cutting down my recovery time on my intervals. Like you guy's know how stoked I was with my 5X6minutes from last week off 2 minutes. Well it should have felt that smooth. From now on my recovery on anything shorter then 2 mile reps will be closer to 60 seconds. Anyways I was averaging about 4:55 pace or 3:05ish/km

4 miles easy - AM
13 miles with workout - PM


6.2 miles really slow on the treadmill, like 7:30/mile pace - AM
8 miles a little faster - PM


Workout - 5 mile tempo on the treadmill @ 12.2 mph or 4:55 pace. I felt pretty stoked about this one until Jeremiah shoots me a msg about doing an 8km tempo in 24:11.....I'll take mine, but I'm thankful he's at the other end of the country because I'd be ducking him in races. On our Mews 8km he would go sub 24 I'd say.

5 miles easy - AM
12 miles with workout - PM


3 mile - AM
8 miles with 20 minutes of diagonals on the MUN soccer field - PM


Long run - Absolutely CRUSHED it. It was like 15 degrees outside and I was feeling really good so I did the Fort Amherst run from my house and back then went up to my loop to get the 4 miles to make it 20. My first mile was a little slow but then I was rolling 5:45-5:55's like it was nobodies business. From 10-12 on the flat downtown section (well from southside road to the end of water street) I went 5:15, 5:21. I think the average of the run was about 5:48-5:49. It was 1:56:22 for elapsed time. Pretty sweet, two back to back 58 minute 10 miles.

20 miles - AM

So pretty stellar week of training despite being banged up. I've come to realize, it's part of running 110+ miles per week with the intense workouts. Your going to be hurting doing it, but stacking volume on top of quality is where the magic happens. I've run 150 miles in a week of all easy runs and a long run and felt fine. It's running a 16 mile day after doing a super hard workout the day before that grinds on the body. But nothing ventured nothing gained. 

In Saucony news ;)

I saw a preview of a new racing flat that's in the works.......the Endorhpin Racer. And OH DEAR. It looks so crazy. I hope it comes out this fall. I'll attach a picture below. Also I've been rolling in the new Kinvara 5's for workouts and a long run. What a shoe, superb update. A softer feeling inside to the shoe but the same Kinvara feel. I'm going to do a review of that shoe this week so look for that. As well I was lucky enough to get my hands on Saucony's mid distance spike the Endorphin MD4. I'm going to rip out some workouts in it and then post up a review. I'll be looking to race a 5000m in that very soon :).

Teaser of the Endorphin Racer born from the line of Endorhpine mid and distance spikes.
The new Saucony Kinvara 5 #happyfeet

The Saucony Endorphin MD4 #holyfast Nate Brannan ran the Canadian 1000m record in these puppies.

Alright folks that all for me, It's been a great week with much more to come. Cabot relay next week and for the people in town racing the road mile, head on over to the and sign up. Always fun to race a mile.

Until next week,
Keep your sticks on the ice.

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