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Week of training Sunday May 18th - Saturday May 24th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up + CEP Giveaway

Hey everyone,

Where to start. First off let's send a shout out to Dan McNeil on his Ottawa Marathon performance this morning. He was the 3rd Canadian in 2:24:00. Very solid run by Dan. He won the tely last year and has been making consistent progress since. I certainly hope we can get him down this year. I ran with Dan the first 5km of YS10km then started to drift off him and finished about 35 seconds back but I know that having him at our tely would be terrific. Just latching on for as long as possible. He would drag me to something under 51. Dan is FOR SURE in sub 50 minute shape. So Dan bud if your reading this. Get the recovery going and get yourself down here in late July son.

Also let's send some love to my two Saucony Canada teammates Kate and Colin. Both had good showings in Ottawa. Colin took the win in the 5km in 15:32. Which is super solid considering all he has done is some turn over. He's running that off purely aerobic work on the elliptical. Once he starts doing some workouts. Watch out. I haven't talked to Kate since her race. If I know her she's probably not super happy with that time but Kate is nails and was the 4th Canadian women. I really think if Kate got into the right race she would threaten 34 minutes. It would just take even pacing and some work in that race pace zone. But yeah, awesome job to you both. Look for them both to be throwing down in some races very soon.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

A huge thanks to JJ as always for giving us a look inside his training. He's been super busy travelling with work and holding it down for Saucony on the weekends at expos and events. Thanks buddy, much appreciated!

Monday - off traveling to Michigan for sales meeting.
Tuesday - 22km first 12 km on my own then the last 10km with our Saucony team. Average was 6:30 overall with my pace at 5:55.
Wednesday -12 miles at 5:52 pace in 70:20.
Thursday - 12 miles in 81 minutes with some of the guys. Pace as slow but all of these runs start at 5:15 am eastern time so that's 2:15 am my time.
Friday - easy 10 miles in 62:15
Saturday - easy 10 miles in 62:51.
Sunday - 4km warm up with strides and drills. 10km half marathon effort 32:50. Won by a ton. 3km warm down.
Race summary. Worked 80 hours in 6 days with travel and the race expo so I was completely blown out before hand. My left hamstring tightens on me if I'm run down and not loose and makes me stop completely. I had to stop 4 times in the race and it cost me a minute as I went through 5km in 15:54 and felt very relaxed. I'm mentally and physically blown out though and may take some down time.
Overall 68 miles or 109km in 6 days

Also I wanted to congratulate JJ on the new addition to his family. He and his wife Maria now have a cute little puppy called Tucker. He's going to be an awesome runner if JJ has anything to say about it

This week in training


Workout - 10 minutes, 3X5minutes, 2X2:30 (2 minutes rest after the 10, 60 seconds after the 5 and 2:30) - This was a great session. I ran the 10 minute segment at 4:54 pace, the 5 minutes I was passing the mile about 4:50, and the 2:30's I didn't really keep track of the pace but I was passing 800 maybe 5-10 seconds before 2:30. Super happy with this session.

13.4 miles with workout - AM
6.1 miles - PM


5.2 miles with strides - AM
10.3 miles - PM


Workout - I jumped on the treadmill for this one and just did 20 minutes @ 12.4 mph or 4:50 pace, just working the turnover and taking this one right from JJ. Felt hard after 15 minutes and just prayed not to fly out the back door but happy with the effort.

4 miles easy - AM
11.9 miles with workout - PM


5.2 miles - AM
9.1 miles with strides - PM


4.1 miles - AM
10 miles steady effort, 55:09 - PM


Workout - Track Session with Joe. 4X200, 3X1mile, 4X400m. Solid effort on the track, worked the leg turnover and some 5km pace. The 200's were 30's (one 29). The miles were 4:45, 4:48, 4:44, and the 400's averaged 65. Recovery was 200m jogs for the most part.

5.2 miles - AM
9.9 miles with workout - PM


9.3 miles - AM
10 miles helping Matt Noseworthy out with his steady state workout. 30 minutes at 5:27/mile average - PM

Solid week right there, but I didn't get a long run in. As I type this I'm about to send Matt a msg so we can get after one. I'm really stoked about how things are going and I'm happy that I haven't had to race (I was supposed to this weekend). But it's great because it's giving me a nice training block to build some fitness. I'll be racing next in 3 weeks. Other then a track race I'm planning as more of a workout.

CEP Giveaway

Alright folks here's a chance for you to win a free pair of socks. What I want you to do is in the comment section below leave a msg saying who you think will win the Prefontain Classic Men's 5000m race next Saturday. Also, because several people could pick the right winner predict the time that he will win the race in. The person who is right and has the closest to the actual time will win a pair of CEP compression socks or calf sleeves in whatever colour. Tyler over at CEP Canada will get in touch with the winner and we will announce it on here.

Here is the start list for those of you not super into the track scene -

If nobody gets it right then we will carry it over to the next diamond league meet. We are going to be posting about this on twitter as well as facebook so hopefully lots of people make their predictions.

Check out their site at

Well that's all for now. I didn't want to have too long of a post but look back mid week for a review of the new Kinvara 5's from Saucony. Go to your local running shop and try them on, tell me they aren't the best feeling most agile shoe out there!

Thanks for reading,
Train hard and see you next time,

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