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Week of training Sunday May 4th - Saturday May 10th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Hey everyone!

I'm going to make this a quick blog post and I'll make sure to jump on mid week with some thoughts and comments I had about the first Diamond league meeting of the season in Doha Qatar. I'll mention it quickly here now but I'll really do an in depth analysis of the track races that took place. (I don't know much about the field event's). But yeah, what a way to quick off the season, see that ladies and gentlemen is the difference between an outstanding meet like Payton Jordan last week and the truly Elite, top of the food chain athletes. I mean, did you all see that 1500? The top 6 guy's under 3:31? Kiprop running 3:29.1 at this time of the year. I've never seen anything so insane this early. They split 800. in 1:51, which would have probably won the 3rd heat of the 800 at last weeks Cardinal invite. And what about Ezekiel Kemboi in that 3k steeple......the guy can close his last 400 over bariers and the steeple pit in 57......and he's been so good for so long.

I think that by the time the Hercules meet in Monaco comes around Asbel will be ready for something blistering fast, maybe with the right pace making we could see El Geurrouj's 3:26 1500m WR go down. I'm so excited for this year of track. With no World Champs or Olympics this is a year to chase fast times. I hear that there will be a 10000m in Brussels at the end of the year as well. I'd love to see Mo back in top track form going after a fast time with Rupp and all the East Africans. I'm going to stop talking about this now because it makes me too excited! I'll jump on mid week and break down the Doha meet and we will talk about just how impressive these early marks are!

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

As always Jeremiah gives us a look inside his week of training. This guy is a beast to be running the way he does working such long days. It really shows us that we can always make time to run well. Thanks my friend!

Monday - 18.1km in 70 minutes just nice and easy as I was pretty tired from working the marathon all last week.
Tuesday - 4 km warm up. 7.2km tempo at 4:52 pace 5 km warm down. I went thru 7km in 21:10 on the treadmill and it felt pretty smooth overall.
Wednesday -16.1 km on the dyke in 58:40.
Thursday - 17.1km easy in 67 minutes.
Friday - 17.1km easy in 66 minutes.
Saturday - 2 mile warm up and drills. 16x300 with 300 jog continuous in 85 to 90 seconds for recovery. Average 47.3 for the workout in bad conditions but I would like to be at 46s as I have been in the past. 2 mile warm down.
Sunday - 1:40 of easy running covering 24.3km. Felt tired from yesterday
Summary 125km or 78 miles. The week was ok but the track session on Saturday wasn't the best. I don't do so well running this much in a week with work so I will try and scale back a bit this week.

My week in training


Long Run - 15 miles with Matt just ran it nice and controlled and had a chat about the upcoming track season. Our average pace was about 6:17/mile.

15 miles - AM
5.3 miles -PM


Workout - 5X6minutes @ 8km race pace. This was a badass workout. I rolled really well. The recovery was 2 minutes of jogging. The average of the 6 minute segments was 4:56.5/mile. I was pretty psyched about it. I mean that's a fair amount of volume at a respectable pace. Nothing blazing but good.

3.5 miles easy - AM
13.7 miles with workout and drills - PM


7 miles - AM
9 miles - PM


Workout - Matt Noseworthy and I hit up the track for some 400's 3X(4X400). I did 8 with Matt and another 4 myself afterwards but man, Matt is SOO silky smooth. It's ridiculous what he looks like running 62's and then contrast that to what I look like. He just floats along and I'm giving er' to make it happen ha. But I mean I'm sure these will help. We were averaging 65's off 75 second rest. 

4.2 miles - AM
11.4 miles - PM


Off - AM
10 miles steady state 54:48 (5:28/mile pace) - PM


10 miles easy with Matt - AM
Off - PM


Off - AM
Off - PM

So obviously a front loaded week there in anticipation for a 10km race. But that's a good week in training non the less. 90.1 miles with 2 good workouts, a steady state run and a long run. I'm feeling really aerobically strong right now. It's not like other years where I feared in a longer race I wouldn't be able to run a hard pace. I think all the miles, longer intervals and just more volume in my workouts like that 5X6minutes is really lending itself to a development of more strength. I guess where we go from here in a periodization phase would be to start working some more 5km race pace (4:45ish/mile pace) and then after a segment of that really work the speed and be ready to run fast on the track and roads. Either way I'm stoked about the way things are going. I just need to stay healthy and keep up the training!

Well I'll be on here mid week to recap Doha, talk training and racing and all that jazz. I trust you all had a good weekend and were good to your Mothers! :). I know that mine is one awesome lady who is my biggest fan. She religiously reads my blog (most times criticizing my grammar) but I'm so lucky to have her in my life. Thanks for all the support and love Mom! Your awesome!

See you next time folks,
Keep grindin'

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