Sunday, 22 June 2014

Week of training Sunday June 15th - Saturday June 21 + JJ's weekly training wrap up and 3 key Tely 10 workouts to make sure your ready to roll on race day!

Hey friends,

Well I've gotten myself back on track after that nasty flu. I still have it lingering on my chest which is kind of annoying but as Tony Soprano says "whaddaya gonna' do?". Just keep pushing forward and get the most out of yourself on each day when you train I guess. I'm going to be racing a 10km this coming Saturday, it's time to just suck it up and race regardless of how I'm feeling. The course appears to be relatively good although I haven't run it before but I should be able to go out and roll something in the 31's regardless of conditions. We shall see how it goes.

Let me also give a shout out to everyone who rolled the Scotibank Vancouver Half this morning, beaut of a race man, my Saucony Canada teammates David Jackson had a solid run of 68 minutes good for 7th (David is JJ's training partner, so you know David is a beast, JJ says he normally gets into the 66's for the half each season when he hits a good one). And also shout out to Kate for coming second in the women's race rolling a 76. Kate's nails man, I've said it before and I'll say it again. I think with more 5km-10km specific work Kate could run a 74 half on the right day. I know the big goal is STWM on the 19th of October so I'm sure shes grinding out a ton of longer strength based intervals. Look for more great races to come from Kate. Last but not least, another Suacony Teammate Marilyn Arsenult came in a few second behind Kate for 3rd place women, she is a heck of a runner (running in the 45-49 age group). Look for her this fall to lower her own Canadian masters Marathon record!

3 great workouts to prepare for the Tely 10.

With just 5 weeks left until the biggest road race in Newfoundland the Tely 10 Mile. I figured I would share with you 3 key workouts that will have you ready to run a new personal best. 1 is a classic that I've taken from the legendary Mr. Art Meany (Past Tely 10 champ and owner of a 51:53 personal best on the course) and the other two are just sound workouts that will help for the 10 mile or half marathon distance.

1 - 5 or 6X1mile on the Tely course mile 7-8. This is the hardest part of the course with a substantial uphill at a point in the race where we normally start to hurt. Doing this will really help build your confidence to know that you can hold your goal pace when the going gets tough. I would suggest running 6 repeats, up and back so you get 3 on the way up the hill and 3 down. Make sure you run them at goal race pace and keep the recovery around 2 minutes.

2 - 3 or 4X2miles at goal race pace with a 3 minute recovery. This is strait forward, you run the pace you've been training at for the tely, the pace you hope to hold on race day. You should be able to do this if you hope to run this pace for 10 miles. You will feel the last 2 mile rep if you do 4 sets but you will get through it. I've done this once myself at 10km pace just to feel a little faster then race pace but running it a 10 mile goal pace will set you up great for race day.

3 - A steady state tempo run at your goal race pace. I've worked up to doing a 40 minute tempo at a little slower then my goal race pace. I call this a support run. It was about 5-6 seconds per mile slower then I plan to run on race day but under ideal circumstances I'll only be running for 50-51 minutes so doing 40 minutes at that pace would be too hard of a session to do mid week. However I've done sessions of 3X15minutes at my goal race pace with 3 minutes recovery. I would recommend trying your hand at a 20 minute sustained tempo run at your goal race pace. At 5 weeks out this should be no trouble. You can do this once a week and add 5 minutes as the weeks go on. They can also be split up like 2X15 minutes or 2X20. For faster runners who will be running under 60 minutes I wouldn't recommend anything longer then 35-40 minutes at race pace but for runners who are closer to 80 minutes you can certainly do longer sessions.

I hope this helps. Feel free to comment below if you need any clarification or if I can help out with any other workout ideas!

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ had one HECK of a week, when he gets himself into a race....oh man it's going to be epic. His session of 10X1km makes me hurt just thinking about it off 60 seconds rest. Thanks as always man! Gives us normal runners something to shoot for! :)

Monday - 18km in 64:40 passed 10 miles in 57:37 and 16km in 57:22. Averaged 5:46 mile pace.

Tuesday - 17.1km in 66 minutes. Felt pretty run down still.

Wednesday - 4km warm up, drills and strides. 8km tempo in 24:10 then did a 5km warm down. Felt off still and was  planning on 9km at this pace but was feeling not the best at 8km so I called it. Hopefully things get better for this Saturday as I do have a hard one planned. PM did an easy 4km run with a group.

Thursday - 17km easy in 66 minutes. Felt not too bad from the workout.

Friday - 16km in 61:51. Just getting ready for tomorrows workout and I’m starting to feel a bit better which is great.

Saturday - 4.5km warm up. 10x1km with 60 seconds rest in 2:56 2:57 2:56 2:56 2:58 2:56 2:55 2:56 2:55 2:55. Average of 2:56 which is what I was hoping for. I was very happy with this session and hope this strength will help me in three weeks. 4.5km warm down.

Sunday - 12 mile run or 19.3km... 71:46. I had to stop three time on this run as my lower back was stiff and out the entire time. Went through 10 miles in 59:45.
Total is 127.7km or 79.5 miles. Very solid week with one good tempo and a great interval session. Next week will be a 20min tempo @ 12.5mph and 16x400 on the track with 60 seconds rest.

My week in training,


8 miles on the treadmill at my hotel - AM
10 miles easy when I got back to St. John's - PM


Workout - 20X400m at 5km pace with 45 seconds jog recovery (I shuffled down the homestretch and back between reps) I averaged right on 70 seconds for the workout. Now granted I know that 70 second pace is 14:35 and I'm not fit enough to run that even on the track but I think I can run 14:50 no problem on the track with someone with me. The pace felt really good. I'm normally ripping out 400's starting at 65 and working down to 60 seconds but that's with close to 2 minute rests as I tend to use 400m jogs. This session was more speed specific. I felt drained after tho. This flu is hard to shake and doing workouts seems to compromise the immune system that much more so I didn't do any morning run, just this workout

13.2 miles with workout - PM


5.2 miles shuffle, really slow, coughing up a lung - AM
10.4 miles - PM


Workout - I did some feel good mile repeats just at half marathon pace. I was feeling really whipped but wanted to do them and see how I felt. No fireworks here at all. I ran them all in 5:15. Ideally when I do have an opportunity to run a good half which by the looks of things now will have to be STWM 1/2 on October 19th with my boys Joe and Jason while they do the full. I'll want to be able to run in the mid to high 1:08's so I've got to be running 5:15ish/mile to make that happen. I'll have to split 10km's in 32:45ish. I'll have to put some specific work in as that race draws closer. Anyway I did 5X1mile just nice and easy at 5:15. Nothing to write home about I just didn't want to feel like crap after a workout where I'd been feeling so sick.

4 miles - AM
11.3 with workout - PM


Off - AM
10.3 miles - PM


Made the call about the race, decided to squeez in a workout before the long weekend and met up with Joe at the track, we did a nice ladder session of 4X200m, 2X400m, 2X800m, 2X1mile, 2X800m, 2X400m, 4X200m. The 200's and 400's had a 200m recovery jog and everything else was a 400m jog recover. I ran this session pretty well, I was starting to come around a bit by Friday. The 200's were 29's and 30's. The 400's were 63-65 the 800's between 2:15-2:18 and the miles were 4:50 and 4:42 (I went conservative on the first one because I had crushed an 800's right before it.)

11.4 miles with workout - AM
6.2 miles - PM


Attempted long run but felt a little sick again - AM
Off - PM

So that's a pretty good week for not feeling 100%. Lot's of work has been put in the past few months. I'm just waiting to let it come out now in a race. So like I said I switched some things around and I'll be running a 10km on Saturday which should be good fun. I'm just enjoying the weekend now and some time away from the hard training grind. The thing with this sport I think is that we tend to get so consumed by it. Everything comes down to numbers.....the mileage, the splits, the race can really grind and wear on you. So I'm trying to bring things back a bit and just relax this week then have a solid race this weekend before putting in two weeks of good work before the Mews 8km. I really want a sub 25 on that this year!

Alright friends, I'll check in with a post about Wednesday!
Run hard,

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Week of training Sunday June 8th - Saturday June 14th + Overtraining + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Hey friends,

First off let me just apologize for being a couple days late with this post. I pride myself on making sure I post at least once if not twice a week. I was just super busy with work, traveling from Friday - Sunday and being super sick in the mean time. Let me also be the first to say that my training last week was spotty at best, I felt the effects of the two previous weeks that were over 140 miles each while doing 3 workouts during each of those weeks that included huge volume like a 40 minute tempo, 5X6 minutes etc. Anyway I'm being careful to not cross over that line again.


I'm going to touch on this briefly here because I myself have stepped over the line and burned my training too hot in the hopes of really making some more gains/jumps in fitness. When I opened the season up with an almost 1 minute 10km PB and then began running a couple local races and soloing them without tapering to times monumentally faster then last year I got really excited and started to up my volume of quality. See, I know that last year I trained correctly for the most part but I saw huge jumps when my overall workload on quality days increased. I also found I was stronger at the end of races and capable of running the last half faster as apposed to slowing down. So the last couple weeks I really started getting after it. I think the week where I ran over 18 miles of quality that ended up averaging 4:51 pace on top of a 143 mile week was just too much to handle and my body gave in.

The thing with overtraining is, it's actually really hard to do. The term gets thrown around by some people who are hardly even "training" at all. For me anyone who is healthy can be running 90 mile weeks with 2-3 quality days in there provided they work up to it and aren't running massive amounts of speed on those hard days.

I always found that I could combat my huge mileage weeks with massive amounts of food and sleeping well at night. So for most people who think they are overtraining, your probably just deficient in something that your body isn't getting through you daily dietary intake. Most overtraining is just under eating in my opinion. 

Anyway for me, I got to last Monday feeling tired but I went ahead and banged out a nice 5km race prep that you'll find in my training recap below. (I'll also make a workout video with it as I got it all on film, I'll include a clip of one of my mile reps below). But yeah, so I get the workout in, some miles at 14:40 5km pace and feel pretty good until I drive home and my throat feels sore. The next day I get up with a brutal flu, nose stuffed, coughing up a lung and no energy. But I figure one day with no running at all and then the majority of Wednesday before the race and I'll be fine. No such luck, but the thick headed runner that I am thinks if I can't race a 5000m then I better get a workout in so I don't loose any fitness (which is just silly, we don't start loosing aerobic fitness until  about 12 days of no running at all.) So I muscle through a workout of 7X1km off virtually no rest at 14:50 pace....that really did me in, the next day I was so sick. Anyway I realized and accepted I had overcooked things. The rest of the week I spent trying to get over the hole I had dug myself into, add onto that a trip with a fast turn around from Friday-Sunday to Idaho and there you have me completely wrecked. That said, I'm pleased to say that I'm back at it again today, feeling good and I'll get 20 miles in after my evening run and a good VO2 workout tomorrow.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ had a lower week for him as well, but he will be back and I'm sure the next race he does he will light it up! He's super fit right now.

Monday - 9 miles easy in 55 minutes
Tuesday - 13km in 50:40
Wednesday - 12km in the am in 47 minutes and 8 km in the pm with a run group
Thursday - 7 miles easy in 45 minutes
Friday - 5km warm up and felt sick. 5km race in 4th place 15:52 no warm down.

Summary around 60 something kilometers this week. The race was a disaster and I was sick all morning. Needless to say anyone who knows me and my training can figure out 15:52 is about a minute slower then i can run on the roads. I actually had to stop at 3km and take a break as my body was completely done. I felt bad after the first step but i will keep going for another month

This week I will do a 8 to 9km tempo run at 3:01 pace and 10x1km at 2:57 pace with 1 min rest

My week in training


13 miles easy - AM
7.2 miles with strides - PM


Workout - 4X200m + 3X1mile + 4X200m, the 200's had a rolling 200m jog recovery and the miles I had a standing 2 minute just to not overdue it before the 5000m I was supposed to race that Wednesday. The 200's were run hard and averaged 30 seconds and miles felt great, I started with a 4:47 and went 4:45, 4:43 the next two. This felt awesome but on the way home I started feeling sick.

11 miles with workout - AM




Workout - After I went to the track and saw the weather we called it on the 5000 but I wanted to get something in so went to my loop and did 7X1km off 60 seconds standing. I had to fight for this one but it was a graet workout. I averaged 2:58 for the entire workout, the fastest K repeat was my second to last in 2:53 and the slowest was a couple of 3:01's.

10.3 miles with workout - PM




Traveled to Idaho but got a 30 minute treadmill run, 5 miles, in at the hotel - PM


Early 45 minute treadmill run, 7 miles, at the Hotel - AM

Well that was my week, I started to come around and did a run Sunday and some turnover Monday. I'm feeling almost 100% now and I'll get after a really hard one tomorrow. I know I didn't loose anything in a week, if anything it was good for the body to rest up. I mean 53.3 miles feels like I'm not even a runner at this point but I know it's still like 90km so nothing wrong with that for a week of feeling sick with 2 very respectable workouts. But expect a great one for next weeks blog post and I'm editing a workout video, the one I talked about above as I type this. Here is a mile rep I did in 4:43 at the end of the workout.

I'll see you all Sunday for a proper week of training, until then I wish you all happy running,

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Week of training Sunday June 1st - Saturday June 7th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up + Why are so many marathoners overweight?

Hey friends,

I hope your all training hard and are putting in some good miles. I had another large week in training hitting some stellar sessions and a ton of mileage (142miles). I'm pretty tired and depleted but I'm going to drop things down this week and do 2 races. 1st a 5000m on the track where I intend to pace my boy Matt Noseworthy to his Jr. Nationals qualifying standard of sub 15:20. We will start off running 74's for the first mile then I'll take things down to 73's for the following mile. If things are good and Matt's on pace I'll try to really get after the last mile and run a 15:05-15:10. I'll get after a sub 15 at the NL age class championships meet and the next twilight that has a 5000m. But for this one the goal is to get Matt that standard as it's the only opportunity he has before Nationals. Then on Sunday I'll run the uniformed services 10km. This will more then likely be done as a hard tempo run as it's not a very long turn around after a 5000m in spikes. So I'll look to just run a 32:30 and dial in half marathon goal pace for this fall.

Why are so many marathoners now a day overweight? 

I bring this point up as I saw it was posted on the message boards of It really got me thinking about it. I went on YouTube and watched some clips from Boston, London and a few other large marathons and it's pretty shocking to see. When you think that people can't just get off the couch and run 26.2 miles, they have to train and run a decent amount of mileage just in order to be ready to complete the race at whatever pace they so choose to run it at. I'd venture to say the least amount of miles per week someone training for the marathon would do is around 35 miles/week. Lets say for the sake of simplicity that an average person burns 100 calories/mile run. (obviously this is not perfectly accurate, many variables effect the energy output to cover a mile, body weight, grade of the ground, wind, etc...). So let's say a person runs 35 miles a week and burns 100 calories/mile. Said individual who is training at 35 miles per week is burning an extra 3500ish calories each week. And one pound of body fat can be generally lost through having a caloric deficit of that exact number 3500 calories. Not to mention the calorie burning effect after interval sessions or harder workouts like hill repeats where the calorie burning continues long after the exercise is finished. Yet we continue to see people shuffling around the marathon course at much higher body weights then they should be.

I'm not trying to say that anyone who is overweight shouldn't run a Marathon, actually I think it's a great way to shed that extra weight and get healthy. However what I am trying to get across is that don't think because you run 30 minutes to an hour a day you can eat whatever you want......I see people who are struggling to get a Boston Qualifying time, grinding out big mileage, hard workouts and are right on the verge of hitting their goal race times when they could simply loose 10 pounds and be 10-15 minutes faster over the 26.2 mile distance with no fitness gains at all.

The thing that people don't realize is that our VO2 Max, one of the most important determinants in our running performance, is expressed in terms of litres of oxygen uptake per Kg of bodyweight/minute. So a loss in bodyweight, ideally fat mass will instantaneously results in an increase in VO2 Max. 

A rough number that scientist and running experts will throw out there is that each pound costs about 2 seconds/mile. So if one were to loose 10 lb's in a 5km without any increase in fitness other then the weight loss one would expect to run around 1 minute faster. I feel that this estimate holds true for the untrained or beginner athlete. Once you start talking about a trained individual who is running respectable times lets say under 34 minutes for 10km for a man and under 37 for a women then that 2 second/mile actually becomes closer to a gain of 1 second/mile per pound of body weight lost. Also know that there is a point where loosing more weight may be detrimental to performance. Some people are already at their ideal race weight and anything they lose would be essential mass or skeletal muscle mass and this could result in a loss of power and in tern lead to slower race times. 

Ideally a competitive runner who is looking for optimal performance will want to be in the range of about 7-11% bodyfat for a male (obviously some people get leaner then that and you might see some professionals as low as 4-6%). For women I'd assume a relative body fat percentage would be 18-20% maybe a little lower or higher depending on the individual.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

As always JJ comes through with his week in review for his training. It's always amazing to me how he can keep banging out these awesome weeks with the schedule he has. I'm really excited for him to race the BC 5km Champs next weekend. He is super fit right now and ready to run something really fast. I don't want to predict a time but knowing that he solo'd a 14:52 in training and has nailed some stellar workouts this past couple weeks means that he is ready to hang with anyone on race day! Good luck my friend.

Monday - 18km in 66min. 5:54 pace.
Tuesday - 17km easy in 65 min felt good.
Wednesday - 4km warm up strides and drills. 20 min at 4:48 mile pace. 2:58.9km pace. Killed this workout was very happy with it. 4km warm down.
PM 6km easy with work.
Thursday - 10 miles in 57:57 on the dyke. 5:47 pace.
Friday - 17km in 66 min
Saturday - 10 miles in 62:51.
Sunday - 3.5km warm up. 16x300 with 300 jog in under 90 seconds. I averaged 45.5 for this workout which is very very solid. Probably could give sub 3:50 a scare. 4km warm down
Total 122km or 76 miles. It's time to rest for my race this coming Friday. If the race goes out fast I think I'm ready to run 14:40 on the roads. If it's slow I can kick. We will see!

My week in training.


14.2 miles medium long run with Matt - AM
6 miles easy - PM


Workout - 5X2km at goal 10km race pace with 90 seconds recovery. If I'm being honest this was run a fair bit faster then goal 10km race pace. It was closer to 8km pace or a little faster. I went 6:05, 6:03, 6:11, 6:09, 6:01. There was too much deviation in my reps but there was some wind circling around as I was doing this session. It went really well though. The effort was that of doing 5X1mile but just extending it to 1.25 miles, or at least that's how it felt. On the last rep I went through the mile in 4:48 

4.5 miles - AM
13.4 miles with workout - PM


7 miles easy - AM
13.2 miles with some strides - PM


Workout - 40 minute tempo run. I was supposed to do 2X20 minutes with a 2 minute recovery but when I was almost at 20 minutes I decided to just grind it out. I figured if I stopped and had to get things going again I would lose the momentum and rhythm I had going. I ended up having an awesome workout and averaged 5:12/mile. I went through the 10km in 32:21 and felt tired but still in control, the last 3-5 minutes my breathing was really hard though, like what I would sound like at the end of a 5km but it was good mentally to get a workout with that much volume in at a hard pace.

6.1 miles - AM
15.3 miles with workout - PM (it was a longer run then anticipated but I had almost 8 miles of tempo in there)


5.4 miles really easy - AM
13.6 miles with some strides - PM


Workout - 12X400m with 400m jog recovery. Joe and I hit up the track on our lunch break for this one. I let Joe lead every other rep like last week and we had a great workout when all was said and done. I averaged 64 seconds and finished off with a 60 second 400 with a fair amount of wind on the home stretch.

11.4 miles with workout - AM
10 miles really slow - PM


Felt some soreness in my Achilles so just ran really slow today
13.2 miles easy - AM
7 miles east - PM

So that was my week, feeling really good about things. Today (Sunday) Matt and I had a good 90 minute run and then I met up with the legend better known as Jon Lodge in the PM for an easy 45 minutes. Tomorrow I'm going to do 3X1mile at 4:48/mile pace with nice long recoveries just to feel a little faster then the pace I'll be running with Matt on Wednesday night. I'll be having a lighter week with 2 races/workouts so we will see how things go.

Thanks for reading as always. I'll be back mid week for a post I've been working on about Athletics Canada's qualifying standards and how it makes things very hard on our athletes to get championship experience at events like the World Championships and Olympic Games.

Keep hammering my friends,

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A resurgence from the US in the mid and long distance events.

Hello again,

As I mentioned in my post from this past weekend I wanted to break down the Prefontaine Classic. But the more I thought about it the more I found myself looking back at other races over the last couple years and thinking about what famed announcer Tim Hutchings was talking about most of the weekend and that is the power house that the US is becoming in the mid and long distance events.

Mid distance drought.

Basically from the time that miler Steve Scott (3:47 miler) ended his career the States really didn't have any milers worth talking about until Alan Webb came on the scene and Bernard Lagat was made a naturalized US citizen. Then all of a sudden in the early to mid 2000's the country went from having nobody worth mentioning to having 2 men who were running 3:30 for the 1500m. This is what really started the ball rolling and the states seemed to up their game.

Training groups began popping up like the Nike Oregon Project, OTC Elite, Mammoth Track Club (more long distance focused but still). The US seemed to be catching on to the East African philosophies of training in group environments and things started moving in the right direction. By the time we came to the 2008 Olympic trials there was a new breed of athletes coming through the NCAA like Andrew Wheating who made the US team and represented his country at the 2008 Beijing Olympics eventually becoming a 1:44 800m man and a ridiculously fast 3:30 1500m performer.

USA 2008 800m Olympic Trials.

As the years past the Americans have really become a force in the mid distance events and at the longer track events as well. In the mid distance scene right now the one to watch out for is Matt Centrowitz. His father was an amazing 5000m runner and he is the real deal with a PR of 3:31 and the racing senses to really excel in championship races as we saw with his Bronze Medal performance in the 2011 World Champs, a 4th place finish in the Olympic final in 2012 and a silver medal in the 2013 Moscow World Champs. Obviously we can't sleep on the likes of Leo Manzano either who took home the silver in the Olympics in the 1500m but I think Centro is the one to watch in the future, and if Robby Andrews gets himself training consistently he is another one who has crazy talent and good 800m speed.

Distance Resurgence

As for the distance events of 5000m and 10000m I think it all started when Bernard Lagat became an American citizen and started his dominance in the red, white and blue singlet. But then came Matt Tegenkamp in 2007-2009 running some great times 8:07 for the 2 mile and 12:58 for the 5000m. After that we saw Ritz run 12:56 for 5000m in Brussels.

Another big breakthrough for the Americans was Chris Solinsky running 26:59 at the 2010 Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational. This really showed that non African born athletes can mix it up with anyone. Since then Galen Rupp has really placed himself among the top echelon of today's crop of distance runners. He came 2ed in the Olympics over 10000m and has run 12:58 and 26:44 for 5 and 10km....that's just incredible running. He closed his last 5km of the Prefontaine Classic 10km in 13:18.......that's just ridiculous. The top american to run the 5000m the following day, Chris Derek only ran 13:15. So it shows you the type of level he is on when he is running in a good race with an honest pace from the gun.

On the women's side of mid/distance running.

The American women are making some waves as well. They, like the men, have began training in groups and are certainly reaping the rewards. In the mid distance events (800m/1500m), they have Brenda Martinez who has been running amazingly of late setting an 800m PR of 1:57 and taking a Bronze Medal in last years World Champs. Brenda is an amazing athlete and has tremendous range, she can compete with anyone from 800m all the way up to the 5000m. 

Then in the 1500m there is Jenny Simpson.....this girl is NAILS. She is the World Champion for 2011 over 1500m and the Silver Medalist from 2013 over the same distance. Coached by the legendary Mark Wetmore, Jenny is running her best right now and just posted a new 1500m PR of 3:58 low at Prefontaine.

The future for the Americans in the mid distances is secure as well with the likes of High School sensation Mary Cain who under the guidance of Alberto Salazar is already a world beater at age 18 and is only going to get better, I imagine she will be going sub 4 for 1500m this season in the right race.

Over the 5000m/10000m the Americans have Saucony's Molly Huddle, national record holder in the 5km with a PR of 14:44, she recently ran a 10km personal best of 30:48 and ran a half debut of 1:09 flat. Look for Molly to throw down some fast times in the years to come.

Anyway I don't know what the purpose of this post was other then to talk about what the Americans are doing well right now, training in groups, developing athletes from a young age and are now at the point where they are contenders in World Championships. It's great to see and I hope we as Canadians can emulate what they are doing right and start to produce our own crop of great athletes. We are well on our way with the likes of Cam Levins, Mo Ahmed, Sheila Reid and Melissa Bishop. These athletes are young up and comers with the potential to run with anyone in the world in their respective events.

Anyway, I'll see you all Sunday for my weekly update!
Stay after it,

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Week of training Sunday May 25th - Saturday May 31st, JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up, Contest Update and Saucony Kinvara 5 review.

Hey running friends!

I hope your all training hard? I'm super jazzed about this past week, I can say without a shadow of a doubt it's the best week of training I've ever had. 3 heavy workouts (18 miles worth of work averaged under 5:00/mile pace), a 21.2 mile long run and 141 miles for the week. As I type this...I'm keeping my eyes open with toothpicks, but it's going to be worth it. I plan on putting in another brutal week this coming one. Then I'll start to come down for a 5000m on the track, a half and a 10km in the span of about 15 days. So let's hope there is some new fitness waiting for me when I rest up and let the body absorb some of the stimulus I've thrown at it. I'll say one thing for certain. I'm ready to run a good 10 mile and half. I did a session of 4X2mile off 2 minutes recovery and averaged 9:55/rep so that's a good sign. I think what has effected my ability to run to my potential over 10 miles in past years is my lack of longer intervals and overall volume of work during quality days. But I'm feeling really good about things now. I'm going to do 3X5km this coming week hopefully all around 15:50.

Pre Classic 5000m Prediction Contest

What a meet this year at the Prefontaine Classic.....some unreal races in all distances from Justin Gatlin running 9.77 in the 100 (wind aided -2.5) all the way to Galen Rupp destroying his own 10000m record in a silly fast time of 26:44. However there wasn't anyone who entered the prediction contest who picked the right winner in the Men's 5000m race. Most people voted for Alamirew or Gebrhiwet which were solid pics but the man of the day was Ndiku, he threw down and that probably shouldn't have surprised us given the form he showed taking the Gold at the 2014 world indoor champs in Sopot Poland this winter. I must admit however that I didn't think he would take down the likes of the above mentioned athletes or a runner like Edwin Soi.

Anyway, what we will do is push the contest to the next diamond league 5000 which is only 10 days away. I'll make sure I put a post up as soon as the start list is announced and you will all have the chance to make a prediction and win a pair of CEP socks or sleeves of your choice.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Thanks as always to JJ for letting us have a look at what an athlete of his caliber trains like. When I heard about his 7X1km workout off 60's......oh man, is he ever ready to run fast. He's going to be racing the BC 5km champs in 2 weeks so look for him to drop a sizzling time! Thanks for the weekly summary bud.

Monday - 18km easy in 70 minutes. Tired from the day before
Tuesday - 16km easy in 62:51. Getting for tomorrow's tempo.
Wednesday - 4km warm up strides and drills. 8.3km tempo at 4:52 pace on the treadmill. Went through 8km again in 24:11. Felt good but had to make a bathroom break as I planned for 9km. 4km warm down.
PM - 9km easy with a clinic for work.
Thursday - 17km in 66 minutes.
Friday - 16km in 62:51 getting ready for a hard one tomorrow!
Saturday - 4.5km warm up. Drills strides. Workout was 7x1km with 60 seconds rest. Goal pace was 2:53. I went 2:54 2:54 2:52 253 251 253 251. Average of 2:52.5. Best workout of my life. Probably could run around 14:15 on the track based off of this. 4.5km warm down
Sunday just over 18km in 66:18. 5:54 mile pace.
Summary 128km or 80 miles this week. Two great workouts. I have one more hard one next week then I hope to be ready for the BC champs road 5km on June 13.

My week in training.


Medium long run with Matt 14.8 miles - AM 
6.1 miles - PM


Workout - 5X6minutes at an average of 4:55 pace with 60 seconds jog recovery. I did this one on the track in spikes. I was moving well and going through the mile no slower then 4:57 and the average came out to be 4:55.

5.2 miles - AM
13.4 miles with workout - PM


9 miles (treadmill) - AM
11 miles (treadmill because it was raining) - PM


Workout - Possibly the best one of my life. 4X2miles with 2 minutes recovery at goal 10km race pace. I averaged 4:57ish/mile pace. My splits were 9:56, 9:57, 9:49, 9:52. I was really tired going into the last interval as I've never done a workout with this much volume (8 miles worth). But I hung in there and grinded it out. The feeling you get after crushing a workout is like no other. I was riding high on this one for a couple days.

5 miles - AM
14.3 miles with workout - PM


6.9 miles - AM
13.6 miles - PM (really slow, like 7:30's)


Workout - Track session with Joe, 16X400m with 400m jog recovery. Looking back at this I should have broken it up into 4X(4X400m) maybe shortened the recovery between reps to 200m jogs and had 400m between sets but this was a great workout. I let Joe lead every other interval. I averaged 64.5/400m. with most of the ones I was leading in 61-62.

7.2 miles - AM
10.3 miles - PM


Long run - My training partners Joe D. and Jason W. are gearing up for a fast fall marathon and this was the first long run in the preparation stage. I met up with them and we knocked out a 21.2 miler. It felt pretty good. We didn't run it overly hard. I can see the boy's having a great one this fall in T.O. I'll be going up with them to run the half at STWM. I hope to by then be running in the 30's for 10km (the turkey tea should lend itself to a fast time) so I'll try to go after a 1:08 as my training partners take on the full 26.2

21.2 miles - AM
2 miles on the treadmill to turn my legs over and flush out the toxins from the long run - PM

Saucony Kinvara 5 Review.

I've been rolling in the new Kinvara 5's for several weeks now so I wanted to let you know what my impressions/thoughts were about this new update. I've been in the Kinvara franchise since the very first model was released in 2010 and this is by far my favourite. The biggest difference that I found is the lockdown of the foot is more snug and makes for a better feel on foot. This is done through the use of Saucony's ProLock system that they have near the top of the laces. This is the same technology they use in their high end cross country spike the Carrera XC. It works really well in the new Kinvara. The other couple of things I noticed was the softer/thicker heel counter and the use of IBR+ blown rubber on the outside of the outsole. This is definitely going to help the shoe last longer and prevent it from wearing down where midfoot strikers tend to land.

I really love this shoe, for me I could use it every day of the week in any situation, a long run, workout or just an easy friendship run with some of my buddies. I highly recommend checking these out. The Kinvara 4's were also a great shoe and can be had right now for super cheap with the release of this new model so you can't go wrong with either. But I'd give these a try, you won't be disappointed!

Notice the yellow tab by the laces on the Kinvara 5, it's the ProLock system that is used in the Carerra XC I'm holding, Saucony's premium cross country spike.

The Kivara 5 on the left has more decoupling in the heel as well for a smoother transition. 

You can see the thinker heel counter on the left in the Kinvara 5.

Anyway folks that's all for this week. I'll jump on mid week and recap the Prefontaine Classic. I'm itching to break down Galen's 26:44 performance. It was really something to watch. We also had a great meet in Canada last night at the Speed River Inferno where Taylor Milne ran an 8:27 steeple and Chris Winter also dipped under the Comenwealth Games B standard. Our boy Brock held his own and ran to a stellar 4th place finish! He's going to run a mid to low 8:30 with the right race for sure.

I'll see you all next time, stay frosty!