Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Week of training Sunday June 8th - Saturday June 14th + Overtraining + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Hey friends,

First off let me just apologize for being a couple days late with this post. I pride myself on making sure I post at least once if not twice a week. I was just super busy with work, traveling from Friday - Sunday and being super sick in the mean time. Let me also be the first to say that my training last week was spotty at best, I felt the effects of the two previous weeks that were over 140 miles each while doing 3 workouts during each of those weeks that included huge volume like a 40 minute tempo, 5X6 minutes etc. Anyway I'm being careful to not cross over that line again.


I'm going to touch on this briefly here because I myself have stepped over the line and burned my training too hot in the hopes of really making some more gains/jumps in fitness. When I opened the season up with an almost 1 minute 10km PB and then began running a couple local races and soloing them without tapering to times monumentally faster then last year I got really excited and started to up my volume of quality. See, I know that last year I trained correctly for the most part but I saw huge jumps when my overall workload on quality days increased. I also found I was stronger at the end of races and capable of running the last half faster as apposed to slowing down. So the last couple weeks I really started getting after it. I think the week where I ran over 18 miles of quality that ended up averaging 4:51 pace on top of a 143 mile week was just too much to handle and my body gave in.

The thing with overtraining is, it's actually really hard to do. The term gets thrown around by some people who are hardly even "training" at all. For me anyone who is healthy can be running 90 mile weeks with 2-3 quality days in there provided they work up to it and aren't running massive amounts of speed on those hard days.

I always found that I could combat my huge mileage weeks with massive amounts of food and sleeping well at night. So for most people who think they are overtraining, your probably just deficient in something that your body isn't getting through you daily dietary intake. Most overtraining is just under eating in my opinion. 

Anyway for me, I got to last Monday feeling tired but I went ahead and banged out a nice 5km race prep that you'll find in my training recap below. (I'll also make a workout video with it as I got it all on film, I'll include a clip of one of my mile reps below). But yeah, so I get the workout in, some miles at 14:40 5km pace and feel pretty good until I drive home and my throat feels sore. The next day I get up with a brutal flu, nose stuffed, coughing up a lung and no energy. But I figure one day with no running at all and then the majority of Wednesday before the race and I'll be fine. No such luck, but the thick headed runner that I am thinks if I can't race a 5000m then I better get a workout in so I don't loose any fitness (which is just silly, we don't start loosing aerobic fitness until  about 12 days of no running at all.) So I muscle through a workout of 7X1km off virtually no rest at 14:50 pace....that really did me in, the next day I was so sick. Anyway I realized and accepted I had overcooked things. The rest of the week I spent trying to get over the hole I had dug myself into, add onto that a trip with a fast turn around from Friday-Sunday to Idaho and there you have me completely wrecked. That said, I'm pleased to say that I'm back at it again today, feeling good and I'll get 20 miles in after my evening run and a good VO2 workout tomorrow.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ had a lower week for him as well, but he will be back and I'm sure the next race he does he will light it up! He's super fit right now.

Monday - 9 miles easy in 55 minutes
Tuesday - 13km in 50:40
Wednesday - 12km in the am in 47 minutes and 8 km in the pm with a run group
Thursday - 7 miles easy in 45 minutes
Friday - 5km warm up and felt sick. 5km race in 4th place 15:52 no warm down.

Summary around 60 something kilometers this week. The race was a disaster and I was sick all morning. Needless to say anyone who knows me and my training can figure out 15:52 is about a minute slower then i can run on the roads. I actually had to stop at 3km and take a break as my body was completely done. I felt bad after the first step but i will keep going for another month

This week I will do a 8 to 9km tempo run at 3:01 pace and 10x1km at 2:57 pace with 1 min rest

My week in training


13 miles easy - AM
7.2 miles with strides - PM


Workout - 4X200m + 3X1mile + 4X200m, the 200's had a rolling 200m jog recovery and the miles I had a standing 2 minute just to not overdue it before the 5000m I was supposed to race that Wednesday. The 200's were run hard and averaged 30 seconds and miles felt great, I started with a 4:47 and went 4:45, 4:43 the next two. This felt awesome but on the way home I started feeling sick.

11 miles with workout - AM




Workout - After I went to the track and saw the weather we called it on the 5000 but I wanted to get something in so went to my loop and did 7X1km off 60 seconds standing. I had to fight for this one but it was a graet workout. I averaged 2:58 for the entire workout, the fastest K repeat was my second to last in 2:53 and the slowest was a couple of 3:01's.

10.3 miles with workout - PM




Traveled to Idaho but got a 30 minute treadmill run, 5 miles, in at the hotel - PM


Early 45 minute treadmill run, 7 miles, at the Hotel - AM

Well that was my week, I started to come around and did a run Sunday and some turnover Monday. I'm feeling almost 100% now and I'll get after a really hard one tomorrow. I know I didn't loose anything in a week, if anything it was good for the body to rest up. I mean 53.3 miles feels like I'm not even a runner at this point but I know it's still like 90km so nothing wrong with that for a week of feeling sick with 2 very respectable workouts. But expect a great one for next weeks blog post and I'm editing a workout video, the one I talked about above as I type this. Here is a mile rep I did in 4:43 at the end of the workout.

I'll see you all Sunday for a proper week of training, until then I wish you all happy running,

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