Sunday, 1 June 2014

Week of training Sunday May 25th - Saturday May 31st, JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up, Contest Update and Saucony Kinvara 5 review.

Hey running friends!

I hope your all training hard? I'm super jazzed about this past week, I can say without a shadow of a doubt it's the best week of training I've ever had. 3 heavy workouts (18 miles worth of work averaged under 5:00/mile pace), a 21.2 mile long run and 141 miles for the week. As I type this...I'm keeping my eyes open with toothpicks, but it's going to be worth it. I plan on putting in another brutal week this coming one. Then I'll start to come down for a 5000m on the track, a half and a 10km in the span of about 15 days. So let's hope there is some new fitness waiting for me when I rest up and let the body absorb some of the stimulus I've thrown at it. I'll say one thing for certain. I'm ready to run a good 10 mile and half. I did a session of 4X2mile off 2 minutes recovery and averaged 9:55/rep so that's a good sign. I think what has effected my ability to run to my potential over 10 miles in past years is my lack of longer intervals and overall volume of work during quality days. But I'm feeling really good about things now. I'm going to do 3X5km this coming week hopefully all around 15:50.

Pre Classic 5000m Prediction Contest

What a meet this year at the Prefontaine Classic.....some unreal races in all distances from Justin Gatlin running 9.77 in the 100 (wind aided -2.5) all the way to Galen Rupp destroying his own 10000m record in a silly fast time of 26:44. However there wasn't anyone who entered the prediction contest who picked the right winner in the Men's 5000m race. Most people voted for Alamirew or Gebrhiwet which were solid pics but the man of the day was Ndiku, he threw down and that probably shouldn't have surprised us given the form he showed taking the Gold at the 2014 world indoor champs in Sopot Poland this winter. I must admit however that I didn't think he would take down the likes of the above mentioned athletes or a runner like Edwin Soi.

Anyway, what we will do is push the contest to the next diamond league 5000 which is only 10 days away. I'll make sure I put a post up as soon as the start list is announced and you will all have the chance to make a prediction and win a pair of CEP socks or sleeves of your choice.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Thanks as always to JJ for letting us have a look at what an athlete of his caliber trains like. When I heard about his 7X1km workout off 60's......oh man, is he ever ready to run fast. He's going to be racing the BC 5km champs in 2 weeks so look for him to drop a sizzling time! Thanks for the weekly summary bud.

Monday - 18km easy in 70 minutes. Tired from the day before
Tuesday - 16km easy in 62:51. Getting for tomorrow's tempo.
Wednesday - 4km warm up strides and drills. 8.3km tempo at 4:52 pace on the treadmill. Went through 8km again in 24:11. Felt good but had to make a bathroom break as I planned for 9km. 4km warm down.
PM - 9km easy with a clinic for work.
Thursday - 17km in 66 minutes.
Friday - 16km in 62:51 getting ready for a hard one tomorrow!
Saturday - 4.5km warm up. Drills strides. Workout was 7x1km with 60 seconds rest. Goal pace was 2:53. I went 2:54 2:54 2:52 253 251 253 251. Average of 2:52.5. Best workout of my life. Probably could run around 14:15 on the track based off of this. 4.5km warm down
Sunday just over 18km in 66:18. 5:54 mile pace.
Summary 128km or 80 miles this week. Two great workouts. I have one more hard one next week then I hope to be ready for the BC champs road 5km on June 13.

My week in training.


Medium long run with Matt 14.8 miles - AM 
6.1 miles - PM


Workout - 5X6minutes at an average of 4:55 pace with 60 seconds jog recovery. I did this one on the track in spikes. I was moving well and going through the mile no slower then 4:57 and the average came out to be 4:55.

5.2 miles - AM
13.4 miles with workout - PM


9 miles (treadmill) - AM
11 miles (treadmill because it was raining) - PM


Workout - Possibly the best one of my life. 4X2miles with 2 minutes recovery at goal 10km race pace. I averaged 4:57ish/mile pace. My splits were 9:56, 9:57, 9:49, 9:52. I was really tired going into the last interval as I've never done a workout with this much volume (8 miles worth). But I hung in there and grinded it out. The feeling you get after crushing a workout is like no other. I was riding high on this one for a couple days.

5 miles - AM
14.3 miles with workout - PM


6.9 miles - AM
13.6 miles - PM (really slow, like 7:30's)


Workout - Track session with Joe, 16X400m with 400m jog recovery. Looking back at this I should have broken it up into 4X(4X400m) maybe shortened the recovery between reps to 200m jogs and had 400m between sets but this was a great workout. I let Joe lead every other interval. I averaged 64.5/400m. with most of the ones I was leading in 61-62.

7.2 miles - AM
10.3 miles - PM


Long run - My training partners Joe D. and Jason W. are gearing up for a fast fall marathon and this was the first long run in the preparation stage. I met up with them and we knocked out a 21.2 miler. It felt pretty good. We didn't run it overly hard. I can see the boy's having a great one this fall in T.O. I'll be going up with them to run the half at STWM. I hope to by then be running in the 30's for 10km (the turkey tea should lend itself to a fast time) so I'll try to go after a 1:08 as my training partners take on the full 26.2

21.2 miles - AM
2 miles on the treadmill to turn my legs over and flush out the toxins from the long run - PM

Saucony Kinvara 5 Review.

I've been rolling in the new Kinvara 5's for several weeks now so I wanted to let you know what my impressions/thoughts were about this new update. I've been in the Kinvara franchise since the very first model was released in 2010 and this is by far my favourite. The biggest difference that I found is the lockdown of the foot is more snug and makes for a better feel on foot. This is done through the use of Saucony's ProLock system that they have near the top of the laces. This is the same technology they use in their high end cross country spike the Carrera XC. It works really well in the new Kinvara. The other couple of things I noticed was the softer/thicker heel counter and the use of IBR+ blown rubber on the outside of the outsole. This is definitely going to help the shoe last longer and prevent it from wearing down where midfoot strikers tend to land.

I really love this shoe, for me I could use it every day of the week in any situation, a long run, workout or just an easy friendship run with some of my buddies. I highly recommend checking these out. The Kinvara 4's were also a great shoe and can be had right now for super cheap with the release of this new model so you can't go wrong with either. But I'd give these a try, you won't be disappointed!

Notice the yellow tab by the laces on the Kinvara 5, it's the ProLock system that is used in the Carerra XC I'm holding, Saucony's premium cross country spike.

The Kivara 5 on the left has more decoupling in the heel as well for a smoother transition. 

You can see the thinker heel counter on the left in the Kinvara 5.

Anyway folks that's all for this week. I'll jump on mid week and recap the Prefontaine Classic. I'm itching to break down Galen's 26:44 performance. It was really something to watch. We also had a great meet in Canada last night at the Speed River Inferno where Taylor Milne ran an 8:27 steeple and Chris Winter also dipped under the Comenwealth Games B standard. Our boy Brock held his own and ran to a stellar 4th place finish! He's going to run a mid to low 8:30 with the right race for sure.

I'll see you all next time, stay frosty!


  1. My Kinvara 5s are being shipped as we speak. Stoked to try them out. Some much needed tweaks are introduced, which I like. The heel counter looks like a big swollen fat lip lol, but it needed to be done. My kinvara 3 rubbed the crap out of my achilles tendon if the socks didn't go up high enough.

  2. You'll for sure notice the difference in this model. I've heard people say they had that heel issue with the 4's too. Kate in particular. I'm sure you will enjoy the 5's.