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Week of training Sunday July 13th - Saturday July 19th, New 5km PR, Tely 10 in 7 days and JJ's weekly training wrap up taking a break before a fall build up!

Hey everyone,

Well we are only a week out now from the tely, I hope your all feeling confident about your fitness and are excited to get out there and have some fun on the historic 10 mile course. I'm feeling ready to roll coming off a week of 120+ miles with 2 stellar workouts as well as a shiny new 5km PR of 15:15.

I want to talk about the Diamond League Monaco meet that went down on Friday but there are 4 races to go into so I'm going to make a whole blog entry dedicated to it that you can expect on Wednesday, I'll break down the best 1500m race ever run with 7 guys going sub 3:30!!! Think about that for a minute.....sub 3:30 equates to a 3:46 mile or faster......mind blowing. The men's 800 saw 5 men running in the 1:42's. Then there was the men's steeplechase where our Canadian boy Matt Hughes took the scalps of American record holder Evan Jager as well as some top notch Kenyans running a time of 8:12, only 1 second off his own Canadian record. Finally the women's 5km was a stellar race as well, we saw Genzebe Dibaba showing the form she displayed indoors this year and took the win in 14:30 while Saucony's Molly Huddle broke her own American record running 14:42 with fellow American Shannon Rowbery running a great time herself of 14:48. So lots of things to talk about and analyze with regards to this event so I'll put some time into writing a proper post that gives all the races the time they deserve......meets like this are what make Track and Field.

New 5km PR!

As I mentioned last week I headed out to Clarenville with Joe to run a 5km to really blow out the lungs and see where my fitness was truly at. I knew I was fit but without tapering it's hard to know what your capable of on race day. It's hit or miss. So I got after it and ran exactly what I figured I would 15:15. With a full taper and a smart first K I might have very well broken 15 and on a track I'm 100% sure I can do it. I've pencilled in a 5000m on the track on the 6th of August just so I can get that sub 15 before I take a little scheduled break before starting my buildup for the fall where I'll do 4 races and really focus on two big ones the 10km National road race Championships and STWM (the half) I'll do two others as well a 5km and a 10km but those are the big two that I want to hit hard and place well. Looking at the STWM 1/2, normally 1:08 high 1:09 low is good for top 3-5 so that will be the goal.

As for my 5km race I went out a little hard coming through the 1st Km in 2:57 which has some uphill coming out from the school before it levels off. I knew this was going to bite me later but I managed to hold things together pretty well and even ran a 3:04 last 1km that had a hair pin turn.

I want to thank the fine people of the Clarenville running club for putting off an incredible event and making everyone feel at home. I highly recommend you all try to make it out to this race next year, they also offer an 8km. I know I'll be back again. I'll attach a clip of the race and pictures below.

JJ's weekly Training Wrap Up,

Like Jeremiah mentioned at the end of last week's post, he's taking a week or so of time off from running after a great winter/spring/summer of training. When he starts his buildup again for some quick times this fall we will pick things up where he left off. Be sure to tune in as JJ will be looking to run some blistering times this fall and then chase a fast 5000m indoor this winter at some meets in the states.

My week in training,


Long Run - 20.3 miles of easy running, I haven't been getting after long runs the way I was in the winter as I feel like when racing it's just important to sustain that aerobic strength rather then trying to build more while at the same time trying to compete at a high level. Recently these runs have been about 6:20-6:30 pace rather then the 5:50's they were in the winter. With that said as I start my build up for a really fast half this fall after some down time I'll be hammering them out a gain for sure.

20.3 miles - AM


Workout - 7X1km off 60 seconds rest, I jogged across the infield to the start line during my rest periods. Theses were pretty much bang on 2:56 every rep and that's what the average came out to be. One was 2:53 and my first one was a little slow in 2:58. For the most part I was running 70 second 400's and coming through 800 in 2:20-2:21

4 miles easy - AM
12.5 miles with strides, drills and workout - PM


OFF - PM (however I did do a 45 minute pool run in the afternoon)


Race - Clarenville Days 5km Road Race, like I mentioned before I ran a PR of 15:15 and felt really good about it. I had to drive almost 2 hours out in the morning but felt good after a shake out and some strides before the race. 

11 miles with warm up, race and cool down - AM
12.3 miles when I got back in St. John's to get the junk out of my legs from driving back the 2 hours - PM


20.1 mile Long run (not expected but had some extra time at lunch so kept it going) - AM
Off - PM


7.5 miles easy with strides - AM
12 miles - PM


Workout - Tely 10 prep workout 7X1mile from miles 2-8. This was a feel good session, on some of those miles that are quick like number 5 I could have probably run repeats at like 4:35/mile but I wanted to be around or just a hair quicker then goal race pace so I dialed it back and just ran controlled. The average was 4:59/mile for the entire workout. I'll attach the garmin connect splits. 

13.2 miles with workout - AM
8 miles - PM

So that was my week, I felt really good about it and I'm thankfully holding my fitness well, I'm in dire need of some down time before I start another training block towards September/October. So I'll rest up this week with the exception of a set of fast 400's then race the Tely 10 Sunday, Gander the next Saturday, then a 5000m the following Wednesday followed by a well earned rest.

Thanks for reading and I'll be on mid week with my breakdown for the Monaco meet as well as my thoughts on the tely 10 for this year.

Run hard,

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