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Week of training Sunday July 20th - Saturday July 26th, thoughts on the tely 10 and fall plans.

Hello again running friends,

Sorry for the delay on this post, I've been in full on recovery mode since the Tely and am only now getting back to feeling somewhat normal. It was the first time I've ever had to go to a medical tent after a race. I must have gotten some heat stroke or something but all I know is that I was going to grind out those last 2 miles regardless of what the body was telling me.

2014 Tely 10 thoughts/race recap.

Well first off let me just say anyone reading this who has never participated in this historic race I highly recommend it. The NLAA do an amazing job putting this one off and it has the feel of a big city race. We had a record number for this years edition of the race with 4200 runners. 

When we got out there and did a warm up we knew right off the bat that it was going to be ridiculously hot. But hey, we all had the same conditions to deal with so after a 2 mile warm up and some accelerations I got on the line and we were off. When I looked at the field I knew that there were 3 super fast dudes coming from Nova Scotia, Dan McNeil (30:38 10km 2:24 Marathon), Brent Addison (1:10 half marathon) and Lee McCaron (8:30 3km, 31 10km and 2:27:00 Marathon). So I figured the goal would be top 5 and to just get myself into a race. Originally I wanted to do just the opposite and hit splits running my own pace but I knew in the heat going out on a solo mission like that would not end well. 

So as the gun went off Dan and Colin imidiatly establish themselves in the front and took the race out at an honest pace, not blazing as the first mile is mostly uphill but I knew what they would do once they crested that first hill. So I sat off that pace by about 7-8 seconds for the first mile and found myself in a group with the 3 boys from Nova Scotia, Peter Power (who had the race of the day and was on me right until the end!) and John Angelopolous. After the first mile split I stopped looking at the watch and began trying to use the least amount of energy to stay in this pack. The first 5 miles went really well and I wasn't breathing too hard or coming close to crossing over that aerobic threshold line but I was getting super hot. By halfway myself, Brent Addison and Lee McCaron were rolling nicely, although we had somehow let Peter Power gap us by about 50 meters. I chose to stay with that pack instead of bridging the gap up to Peter just for the fact that there was safety in numbers and we had lots of race left. 

When we got to the hill at mile 7 Brent had fallen off our pack, I called out some encouragement to him to stay on it and he ended up finishing really strongly. So myself and Lee caught and passed Peter on the hill at about 7.5 miles into the race, and we kept plugging along at a nice clip. with two miles to go I could sense a pace change from Lee and all of a sudden I began to hurt big time, I check my watch and we are running 5:05 pace.....yeah my legs had enough of that after about half a mile, I tried to stay with him but he made a really strong move and clearly had more in him at the end then me. But at that point I still had him as a focus point and kept the gap down to 20 seconds by the end of the race. I'd be interested to know how fast his last mile was as I ran a 5:09 and he was pulling away pretty good. 

So I hit the Tim Hortons there with about 1km to go and I hear people cheering for Peter Power to "catch him Peter, you got this". At that point I have a look behind me and see Peter is closing like a freight train....I told myself to just get to the last 400 and then start turning the legs over as best you can. The last couple minutes of the race were insanely painful but I held on and kicked it in pretty well. When I came over the line the clock read 53:58-53:59 and all I could think was thank god it's over, I didn't care that I had run basically the same time as last year down to the second. I raced a much better Tely this time around regardless of the time and I finished 4th overall in a super deep field. Colin took the win with Dan about a minute back, Lee another minute or so back and I was 20 second back from him with Peter Power right on my heels only 5 seconds behind with Brent Addison trailing him.

All in all I'm really proud of the race. It was 27 degrees at 8:15 with an 80% humidity so to perform like I did is a good day for this kid. I'm going to take some downtime after the Gander race this weekend to fully recover and then start my build up for the fall. 

Tentative fall race schedule

September 7th - Provincial Timex 5km Road Race (this is a great course that i should be able to run a PB on and defend my provincial title.)
September 20th - Oasis Zoo Run, Canadian 10km National Champs. (Love this race!)
October 12th - Turkey Tea 10km Road Race (a great course and I should be able to PB on that one)
October 19th - Scotibank Toronto Waterfron Half Marathon - (The big goal for this fall)

I'm also leaning towards to Vancouver Eastside 10km on september 13th as well, but I'm not booked for that just yet.

Week of training/tapering


12.3 miles - AM
6.3 miles - PM


4.5 miles - AM
11 miles - PM


Workout - 12X400m with 60 seconds recovery. Averaged 68 seconds. This was my last hard effort to feel some good turnover. JJ suggested this one and it felt good to do something so much faster then race pace. Thanks bud.

3 miles - AM
11 miles with workout - PM




10 miles easy with strides - AM


30 minutes/4 miles easy - AM


4 miles with strides - AM

Well that was my week leading up to the race, back to the grind for another week before some scheuled down time! Thanks for reading. I'll be back on Sunday with another one.


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