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Week of training Sunday July 6th - Saturday July 12th + JJ's weekly training wrap up + tely 10 thoughts and comparing male to female marathon performances.

Hello again,

I hope everyone is enjoying this weather we are having, it's making things hard on the running front but after the winter we had I'm just psyched to have some heat. I got out this morning with Joe to do a long run and watch the Mews 8km, I must say I was SUPER stoked for my teammate Colin Fewer on an incredible run. The conditions were as perfect as they could have been and Colin took full advantage and ran an incredibly fast 23:49 FTW. That's a blistering pace of 4:46/mile. I was also really happy for Julia who is making the jump up in distance and ran her first 8km in a time of 27:01. That's very fine running, Julia has a bright future on the roads for sure. As I watched the race I was really happy I wasn't running it. I mean I'd have loved to gone out and run a huge PB, but looking at the times what I figured I'd have run 24:40-24:45 would have put me a minute back from Colin and a minute ahead of the boys that came in around 25:45. I made the right call and hit some big workouts last week. I'm going to do a 5km in Clarenville this Wednesday and really try to run it as hard as I can and get a gauge of my current fitness just so I know what pace to go out for the Tely. I'll try to run 15:00. I hear its a little undulating the first and last mile but the 2ed mile is supposed to be pancake flat. I believe that on a track I can dip under 15 so on the roads I should be able to solo at least a 15:15. We will see how it goes, I'll jump on after the race and let you all know how I make out.

Tely 10 2014,

This years race is shaping up to be one of the fastest in recent history. With Colin being in top form in the 8km it looks to me like he's ready for a 10 mile of under 50 minutes. Matt Loiselle is also registered and even with limited training Matt can probably run a 49:00 or better, in 2012 he was 48:08 and ran 25km the day before. Then we have my boy Dan McNeil, he's run 30:38 for 10km this spring and is fresh off a 2:24:02 marathon in Ottawa back in May. On the right day Dan could also threaten 50 minutes. So the men's side is pretty stacked, which is a good thing for sure but it's going to make breaking into the top 3 very difficult. I'll have to run my own splits and hope someone falls off their pace or goes out too hard. How I'm looking at it this year is to just continue to drop my personal best over the distance and let the placing take care of itself. I have a feeling I'll be running a fair amount of this one on my own and it will force me to stay focused and hit my splits. I'm not sure if I'll try to run 5:05 pace or 5:10 pace. I'll know after the 5km on Wednesday. Talking to Colin about it he was telling me the best way to run the race is to come through 10km 20-30 seconds off my personal best (31:17) and keep grinding it out until the end, so that would be right around 5:10 pace which is what I'm leaning towards. It's far better to come through 10km feeling strong rather then to be holding on for dear life and then hitting the uphill section of the course. I'll make the call on race day but this year I won't be focusing on racing anyone, rather I want to maximize my current fitness and get the most out of myself on Tely day!

On the women's side, Kate Bazeley should have a great shot at the course record of 55:47 if we get a good day. As well, I wouldn't be surprised to see Julia run something in the 57 low to 56 high range either based on the race she ran today. It's going to be lots of fun regardless and the post race festivities should make for some great stories the following Monday!

Comparable performances in the Marathon Men vs. Women.

This is something I've been thinking about this past week. But even before that I was wondering about this when taking a closer look at the qualifying standards set by Athletics Canada. For women they have set it at 2:29:55 and for men it's 2:11:29. Now please if anyone out there has some thoughts on this or has knowledge about relative performances I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment bellow and we will get the discussion going.

Let me start by saying I think both standards are too harsh and we should just use the Olympic A standards as our qualifying times, 2:15 and 2:37 like they do in the U.S. This would give more athletes a chance at getting to the big show and gaining valuable experience competing on the world level. We could have a whole debate on this and it's something I'll write about in the future but for now lets look at the times and compare them.

Lets start by laying out what the top end runners for both Male and Female are running over the marathon. 2:03/2:04 for men. (If you can't run 2:04 or your name isn't Stephen Kiprotich then forget about winning a major or world title.). On the women's side of things 2:18/2:19 is what the standard for what the truly elite marathon runners produce. Even when they don't run those times on a course like say NYC, the girls with those PR's end up winning by going out conservative then running a 1:08 last half. So 2:03/2:04 vs 2:18/2:19. (Paula Radclif's 2:15 is the outliar here and could very well be a 2:00 men's performance).

So that's a difference of 15 minutes over the marathon and I think that's bang on what the difference in qualifying stands should be, give or take a minute either way. To say that a 2:29 high is equal to a 2:11 mid is simply ludicrous. I've even seen break downs for prize money incentives (look up the Dublin marathon for example) where they give the same money to a sub 2:30 as a sub 2:09.........I don't even know how a logical person could come up with that. In my mind a 2:24 might equate to a 2:09. There are plenty of women out there who can run between 2:27:00-2:30:00 in various countries around the world that don't have the credentials of a world class runner. Not to say 2:27-2:30 isn't Elite, it most certainly is!! I just don't put the same value on that time as I would a sub 2:10 performance.

We can look at all the distances and try to extrapolate what relative performances are, or even look at the IAAF points scoring system and see what I'm trying to get across. I just think its something that needs to be talked about.

There is a reason the Canadian Marathon record of 2:10:09 has stood the test of time with many sub 28 minute 10km runners unable to drop it any lower, it's a fast mark, maybe not in this day of east African dominence, but a 2:10 flat marathon is blazing fast and in my mind when we have women running 2:25 we will have men running under 2:10. (Not that it's going to happen just like that but in terms of performances!)

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Jeremiah had a heck of a week and threw down a 15:04 on a hilly 5km route to take the win on Sunday, congrats dude, great run! 

Monday - 10 miles in 59:30. Felt pretty blown out.
Tuesday - 14.5km in 55 minutes.
Wednesday - 4 km warm up 6km tempo at 12.6mph or 4:46 mile pace. Went through in 17:47 and then 4km warm down. Really good session.
Thursday - 14km easy.
Friday - 15km in 60 minutes.
Saturday - 7 miles in 40:45. Last 4 miles were 5:39 pace.
Sunday - 5 km warm up. Race and won in 15:05. 8km warm down.
Summary - 103km or 64 miles. Race went really well as the course is pretty tough with the hills. I ended up racing a guy who has run 30:44 this year for 10km on the road and pulled away after 4.5km. Hot day. With the said I am officially ending the season till the fall and will resume training in a few weeks! My next goal is a 30 minute 10k on the road which I know I am more then capable of.

My week in training,


Workout - 3X2miles with Jason on the loop. Killed it, it was the best workout I'd ever seen Jason run. and he showed some great fitness in the race today taking 35 seconds off his 8km PR. I went 9:49, 9:51, 9:43. I was really rolling but it was so humid and sticky out, I must have lost about 7 pounds of water through sweating this workout. Happy with the effort though for sure.

6 miles easy - AM
13.2 miles with workout - PM


8.1 miles - AM
11.3 miles - PM


Workout - 10X1km off 60 seconds rest. I'll be honest, this workout give me nightmares, like the whole drive to the track I know how brutal its going to be, but all I can do is just try to gut it out. When I run K's with more recovery I like to get into the rhythm of running 70 second 400's but obviously with such short break if I were to do that here I'd be toast by number 5 or 6. Anyway I locked into running 72's as best I could and ended up averaging 3:00.5, not much deviation in the reps at all and with a good solid effort.

5 miles easy - AM
13.8 miles with workout - PM


4.1 miles really slow - AM
14 miles with strides - PM


6.3 miles - AM
12.4 miles fairly steady state - PM (5:43/mile pace)


Workout - 45 minutes of tempo on the treadmill. This was the best call because it was SUPER hot out, 30 degrees and feeling like 37. So I put the treadmill on 12.1 mph (4:57 pace with no incline) and hung on for dear life, the first 30 minutes felt beauty, then things got rough but I told myself the only way to stop is to fall off or make it to 45 minutes! Got er' done but it wasn't pretty!

12.3 miles with workout - AM
8.1 miles - PM

11.2 miles easy - AM
7.7 miles with strides - PM

So that was my week, mileage was great, workouts went well. I'm going to take a day off before that 5km on Wednesday to rest up a bit, but I'll hit a workout Monday, race Wednesday and hit one last hard one Saturday.

Alright friends that's it for me, I'll let you know how I make out in that 5km and get some pictures!

Stay after it,

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