Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Week of training Sunday June 22ed - Saturday June 28th + JJ's weekly training wrap up.

Hey running friends,

Sorry for the delay the last couple day's I've been busy but I didn't want to let another day pass without getting my week in training up for you all. Did you all get a chance to watch any of the track and field championships last week/weekend? The European and Canadian Championships were contested over the weekend and the US had theirs in Sacramento last week. I was super impressed with Leo "the lion" Manzano on taking the 1500m title, that guy has a nasty last 150 meters, he closed his last 400m in 52.8 which is pretty solid in a 3:38 race. The womens 1500 saw Jenny Simpson asserting herself as the top womens miler in the nation and proved why she has world championship hardware from the last 2 outings. In the mens 5000m the grand old man Bernard Lagat took his 7th title at the distance and just blew the doors off Andrew Bumblough, while on the womens side Saucony's Molly Huddle battled to the very end with Shanon Rowbery. Awesome races to watch. The longest of the track races the 10000m saw Galen Rupp easily handling Chris Derek and costing in to victory, if you have a chance to watch that replay on it's pretty unreal, he jogged in the last 100 after gaping Chris by about 80 meters in the span of 400. The womens 10km was a close contest between Jordan Hassay and Kim Connoly, with that indoor speed that Kim showed being too much for Jordan in the last stretch.

JJ's weekly training wrap up.

JJ had another awesome week in his training, I can't wait for him to run a 5km now soon. He just keeps piling on the consistent weeks of training which is key in long term development! Thanks for the recap man!

  • Monday - 18km in 65 minutes. Felt a bit a bit better then Sunday
  • Tuesday - 17.1km in 66 minutes PM 5 km with running group
  • Wednesday - 4km warm up then drills and stretching and then did a 7km tempo at 12.5mph or 4:48 miles or 2:58 km pace. Went through 7km in 20:50. PM 10km easy run with work
  • Thursday - did an easy 10 miles before I drove up to the interior. Felt not to bad from yesterday. 4km easy running in the trails with a group for work in the PM
  • Friday - 17.1km easy in 66minutes
  • Saturday - 4km warm up drils and strides and then did 25x200 with 200 jog continuous the whole time. my hards were 30 seconds for the average and my 200m jog is 56 seconds for the average. I wasnt very thrilled with this as I wanted 29's but the rest got pretty short and the conditions weren't great.
  • Sunday - 21.5km with David Jackson in 90 minutes. Very soar from yesterday so it was good to take it easy
  • Summary - 140.7km or 87 miles. One of the highest weeks ever but it also came at a cost because I was working consistent 12 hour days. My workouts and runs suffered Fri till Sunday. Next week I have a local 10km I'm going to do for fun in the trails and then one last hard track session!

My week in training,


17 mile long run - AM
3.2 miles easy - PM


Workout - 5X2km with 90 seconds recovery. This was a good workout, started off about 6:11 and worked in down at the finish to a 6:02. I was feeling pretty good about this one. I need more of the longer intervals like this.

4.5 miles - AM
12.1 miles with workout - PM


5.3 miles - AM
11 miles - PM


10.4 miles - PM


Workout - 25X200m. This was one JJ sugested to get the legs feeling snappy. It went well, I ran them all between 30-31 with the majority being 31 and felt controlled but fast. I'll be sure to keep the recovery a little shorter the next time I do this workout.

12.6 miles with workout - PM


8.4 miles easy and some strides - AM


Workout/race. I went into this 10km planning on running around 31:30. the course is really flat which is great and things went awesome the first 5km. I went through the mile in 4:55 and the 3km in 9:08 so clearly I was being a little ambitious, but I was still feeling solid. I wen't through the 5km turnaround point in 15:47 which is pace for 31:34, perfect. But the minute I turned around I got hit with what felt like a 60km hour head wind. The good thing was that I saw how much of a gap I had on second so I knew I'd be able to hold on for the win even if I wanted to jog it in at 6 minute pace. I tried to stay on it for the next 1km from 5 to 6km but the effort I was putting in to just run 5:20's was ridiculous so I shut it down and rolled the last 4km at a glorified jog. 5:30's or there about. Anyway the good news is I got the win by well over half a minute and won the provincial timex series.

11 miles with warm up/cool down and race.

Well that was my week, I'm pleased with it. I've made some huge jumps in fitness the last month. I'm just waiting on a good race/day to pop a fast one. This week I'll get after some good workouts and make sure to get a nice hard tempo in.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend and I'll see you Sunday!

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