Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Week of down time from training and thoughts on the Commonwealth Games and how adding the US and Ethiopia make a world of difference to competition.

Hey running friends,

As I mentioned I was taking some scheduled down time from running last week and this week with the thoughts of recharging my mind and body after a long training grind that started in January. The plan is to get the body fresh and the mind fired up for a big fall buildup and hit some races hard in late September through October. If I can hit one out of the park at STWM (the half marathon) and run a 1:08 high to 1:09 low I might look at extending things and running some cross country as well. But I don't want to get ahead of myself. I have a TON of work to do on the lactate threshold system to be ready to run a good half. The speed is there and I hope to hold it but I really need improvement on the speed endurance. I was very happy with my Tely but if I"m honest with myself even without the heat I think the best I was going to run was 52 minutes. There needs to be more work done on the strength side of my running. The strange part about this is that when doing long workouts like 3-4X2miles I feel strong but maybe I should be doing those same workouts at a little slower pace but doing the more frequently along with implementing a heart rate monitor during sustained tempo runs to make sure I'm in the target zones to get the proper training effect.

Glasgow's Commonwealth Games

Let me first just say I'm super proud of Canada in the athletics department at these games, I shouldn't say just athletics obviously, but for the purpose of my blog that's what we will talk about. In total Canada earned 17 medals of various colors (5 Gold, 2 Silver and 10 Bronze). This includes the track, the infield and multi events. But what I want to focus on is the middle and distance events.

Now I'm not trying to talk about this in terms of which nations are the most dominant or if this was a world championship/Olympic games what would have happened but I just want to asses what we saw here with some perspective. For example, in the men's 5000m is Zane Roberson really going to beat the top 3 Kenyan 5000m runners? I'd venture to say you could track down 15 or more that would beat him. Granted at a world championship every country only gets to send 3 athletes/event but what I'm getting at is we need to look at these performances with a grain on salt and realize that if you toss in even 1 country then everything changes. 

What's more is most of the top of the food chain athletes look at this as an off year, even for countries that are part of the Commonwealth. Kenya primarily. Why weren't 3:27 (1500m) men Asbel Kiprop and Silas Kiplagat at the games? They are focusing on chasing times and winning diamond league races.

Another thing that I started to think about was how good the US is in the middle to long distances....I could have seen them grabbing a medal or two in every event from the 800-Marathon except for the women's 10000m as those Kenyan girls would blow the doors off everyone in the world without the name Defar or Debaba. 

I don't really know what I'm trying to say the more I write in this blog post but I guess the gist of it is, I'm thrilled that Cam threw down in the 10000m and to be honest he is the type of guy along with Mo Amed who in a couple years may be world beaters at true world major championships. And getting medals at events like the Commonwealth games is great for their confidence and getting that big time event vibe. I just don't want to see fans of the sport start comparing these games to other major events or even big meets with money on the line.

The games were/are great for all the nations that participate, great for the sport and great for the fans. But lets watch with educated eyes on who toes the line at these events and have our expectations in the right place for Tokyo next summer!

Hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings and strange observations haha. I'm back at the training grind hard tomorrow so expect the weekly updates to come fast and furious. We will get JJ's training recap back up and running too. He's back at it hitting the workouts hard this week so I shall do the same,

Run hard my friends,

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