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Week of training Sunday August 10th - Saturday August 16th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up + Thoughts on Solinsky vs Rupp + Saucony Zealot sneak peak,

Hey running friends,

I hope everyone is starting to gear things up for the fall and you have your race plans in the works! I put in a hell of a week and am really enjoying being back at the grind. I'm also looking forward to the diamond league races resuming now soon so I'll be able to watch some top level mid/distance running that will serve to bridge the gap to the NCAA cross country season and fall marathons.

Let's talk Rupp vs. Solinsky.

First off let me attach the link that got me thinking about this. It's from Now for some reason which escapes me, it seems like everyone on the forums over there loves to hate on Galen and always try to put him and his performances down. 

When we look at the careers that we have thus far to go on of both Chris Solinsky and Galen Rupp things get dicey if we are trying to be fair to Chris and his injury that he sustained in 2011. I will admit that in the races in which they raced each other Solinsky certainly has things locked down but that's not the whole story here. Everyone likes to point out that in 2010 Solinsky ran 12:55 and 12:56 in two 5000's while Rupp's personal best is still from 2011 when he finished second to Farah at the Pre Classic running 12:58. Such people will also look back at the Payton Jordan invite where Solisnky ran away from Rupp and Chelanga to set the American 10000m record and become the first non African to dip under the 27 minute barrier. (Nobody likes to mention the race was set up for Galen and Solinsky just sat the entire time then took off with 800m to go, which is perfectly fine, lets just make it a point to remember that Rupp ran under the old record that night as well!) I'll attach the video of this race below as to not disappoint any Solinky fans that are reading! ;)

Now besides the point that Rupp most certainly has the fitness to AT LEAST run 12:55 for 5km, (I'd venture to say he could run between 12:50-12:53 in an even paced fast race like the Paris Diamond League from 2012 where Gebremeskel ran 12:46 and 12 men broke 13 minutes!) Lets look at their other performances shall we? Rupp has run over 1 second faster at 1500m and is still improving his high end speed, he ran 3:34 for 1500m at Oxy in 2012 and a 3:50 indoor mile in 2013...I'm sure he could run 3:33 maybe a hair under. For 3km he has run 7:30 to Chris's 7:34 (both great times, Galen's was indoors). An 8:07 two mile to an 8:15, Chris has the better 5000m time a blistering fast 12:55 to Rupp's 12:58 and Galen has the 10000m record of 26:44 to Chris's 26:59.

Don't get me wrong, I actually really like Solinsky and I hope he gets himself running well again and takes a crack at the Marathon. But when we think about athletics what is the pinical of the sport? The Olympic Games, Rupp has already made 2 teams at age 28 and has a Silver Medal from 2012 in the 10000m. To me this is what defines ones legacy and is how we should compare athletes. When it counts, did you make it to the big show, and when there did you perform?

I don't know, I just wanted to speak about things from a point of view of someone who likes both athletes but basses the comparison on tangible evidence and personal bests. Anyway, both are awesome athletes and have done wonders to move Americans into the conversations of truly elite distance running.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ is back at it again as I mentioned last week and he is killing it in a big way! I can't wait to see him jump into a race this fall, look out for a redokulous 10km from him! Thanks as always man!

Monday - 17.7km at 5:55 mile pace in the trails. Felt pretty good despite the hard work out from the day before.

Tuesday - 18km easy in 70 minutes. Just getting ready for tomorrow tempo session

Wednesday - 4km warm up. Drills and strides. 7.5km tempo run @ 4:48 mile pace or 2:58.5 km pace on the treadmill. Passed through 5km in 14:53 and kept it going. Felt really strong on this one and was very pleased with the effort. 3 mile warm down. PM 6km easy with a group for work. Total 22km

Thursday - 10 miles easy in the morning PM workout with a group for work which totaled 11km. 27km for the day.

Friday - 10 miles easy in 61:58.

Saturday. 4km warm up. Workout was 6x1 mile off one minute rest at 4:50 pace. I did this workout on my 2 mile loop which is nice and undulating. Every second mile is slower as you have to climb a 300m hill. Times were 4:56, 4:52, 4:48, 4:51, 4:45, 4:47. Average turned out to be 4:49.8 which is not bad for right now. Fairly happy with this workout as I worked 25 hours over the past two days and traveled all over Vancouver island. Just shy of a 5km cool down. 17.7km total

Sunday - 90 minutes easy with David Jackson. He took me into some really hilly trails which I was not a fan of and we ended up running a bit slower due to some nasty hills and I died out. 21.5km total
Summary 140km for the week or 87 miles. Big week for me with two very solid workouts and miles. Next week I will be back in the 75-80 range and have a 7km tempo again at 4:48 pace on the tready and 3x2 miles on my hill loop at 85% effort in 9:45-9:50 pace.

My week in training.


10 miles easy with strides - AM
11 miles - PM


6.8 miles - AM
8 miles - PM (got after this a bit, averaged 5:41/mile)


Workout - 3X3miles @ goal half marathon pace with 2 minutes recovery/400m jog. This is one of the workouts I need to be nailing and making sure it's no faster or slower then goal pace for Toronto Waterfront Half on October 19th. This went really well and I averaged right on 5:15 pace for the workout. I did this with Joe and Jason as the boys are going to be running the full while I run the half. Our training should line up a decent about over the next 2 months.

14 miles with workout - AM
4 miles super slow - PM


5 miles easy - AM
12 miles with strides - PM


Workout - 8X400m with 60 seconds recovery followed by 8X1minute hills on the chicken hill coming up from Quidi Vidi Lake. I was doing the 400's around 65-67 and the hills I was covering about 300m/rep and for rest I would jog back down which was taking me about 85 seconds. Good workout but I was beat up in the glute region after ha.

5 miles easy - AM
11.7 miles with workout - PM


8 miles - AM
13 miles with strides - PM


Workout - 15X1km off 60 seconds rest.............yeah this was about as fun as it sounds. I did this workout at right around half marathon pace, running every one of the 1km's between 3:09 (I got jumpy on the first one, this was too fast) and 3:16. I wanted to feel super smooth running my goal half marathon pace of 3:15/km so getting over 9 miles of volume in at race pace here and earlier this week on Tuesday makes me feel really good about where things are moving right now.

7 miles - AM
12 miles with workout - PM

Well that's my week, I felt really good about it. Things are rolling well here now and I've got my nutrition/core and mobility/drills nailed down too. I'm trying to do all the little things right and have a breakthrough this fall. Let's hope for smooth sailing all the way through! 

Thanks as always for reading. I'll be back mid week with a post I'm working on that breaks down the 3 Major Marathons for this fall, Berlin, Chicago and NYC.

Also I'll leave you with a clip of a new shoe coming in 2015 called the Saucony Zealot, it's seriously epic!

See you next time and stay after it,

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