Sunday, 24 August 2014

Week of training Sunday August 17th - Saturday August 23rd + JJ's weekly training wrap up

Hey friends, this is going to be a quick training update. I have that post that I mentioned about the fall major marathons almost ready to go. I'm just waiting for the Elite fields for Berlin to be announced before I can fully break things down and look at what records may fall and who the favourites are. It was announced early last week that Bekele and Kipchoge will be running Chicago and that a world record attempt will be made. This is huge news as for me I think Kipchoge is the most underrated marathoner out there right now and in my mind is only second to Wilson Kipsang as the worlds number 2.

I wish Bekele was running Berlin and facing Kipsang but Chicago with Kipchoge will certainly be epic. New York announced the return of Geoffrey Mutai to defend his tittle for the 3rd time in a row so that should be stellar as well, when Mutai is 100% and he makes that big move and 30km, things get real in a hurry, last year he dropped a couple sub 4:30 miles and splintered the pack of 10 to the point it was strung out like a cross country race. Let's hope his training goes well.

In other news the Diamon League returned with 2 meets this week and another 2 coming in the next 10 days. Mo Farah stepped onto the track today in Birmingham and looked like he jogged an 8:07 two mile and beat his nearest competitor by 15 seconds which is just unheard of.

One more take away from the returning Diamond League was watching Zane Robertson try an run a fast time in Stockholm and sit on Rupp and the east Africans for about 2500m before blowing up and running 13:47. Remember how I talked about the Commonwealth games and how the big dogs weren't there.....this is what I was trying to say, he won a bronze medal there and was last in this diamond league over the same distance and 50+ seconds off the winner Eris from Ethiopia who ran 12:54......not to discredit Robertson but this really is an off year in the world of Track and Field...

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ had a heck of a week, his session of 3X2miles was just ridiculous, I'd say he could run 29:45-30:00 for 10km on the track....crazy fast!

Monday - 17km easy in 66 minutes.

Tuesday - 17.1km in 65 minutes. Felt pretty good just getting ready for tomorrow.

Wednesday - 4 km warm up with drills and strides. 7.7km tempo at 4:48 mile pace or 2:58.9km pace. I contemplated going the full 8km but its August…. This was way more than I planned to do in the first place. 3 mile warm down. PM 6 km easy with work. 22km total.

Thursday - 17km easy in 66 minutes

Friday - 17km in 66 minutes.

Saturday - 4.5km warm up with drills and strides. Workout was 3x2miles with 2 minutes recovery. This got absolutely ridiculous and was by far the best workout of my life. 9:46, 9:41, 9:35. I was completely spent on the last interval. I was going out blazing fast and that second mile with the hill would hurt. I was going out in 4:46’s for the last 2 intervals. 4km warm down

Sunday - 20km in 74:40. I ran with David for a little while so my miles went from 5:45 pace to 6:30’s. Pretty blown out from yesterday but got it done.

Total 128.5km or 80 miles for the week. I will be taking off on vacation next week so I will run Monday and Tempo Tuesday but will take Wednesday to Sunday off

My week that was in training


Long Run - 20 mile progression just over 6 minute pace working it down as the run went on. Felt great and had good temperatures.

20 miles - AM


6 miles with strides - AM
11 miles - PM


Workout - 2X20minutes on the treadmill at 12.2mph or 4:55 pace with 3 minutes easy running at 8mph or 7:30 pace between 20 minute segments.

13 miles with workout - AM(lunch time workout)
5 miles slow - PM


4 miles at a shuffle - AM
12 miles - PM


Workout - 35 minute tempo run at 5:14/mile average on the Mundy Pond 5km course, passed 10km in 32:27 and hung on until I hit 35 minutes. Spoke with Jeremiah afterwards and I'll have to be able to tempo 10km at sub 32 minutes by Early October to be ready for a fast half. When he ran 68 mid he was doing them in 31:30 on I have a ways to go yet!

5 miles - AM
13.6 miles with workout - PM


6 miles with strides - AM
11.4 miles - PM


Workout/Progressive medium long run - 15 miles broken down into three 5 mile segments, the first 5 miles were nice and controlled then the middle 5 were at my marathon pace of 5:45 and the last 5 I was to empty the tank on tired legs and ran 26:16 for my last 5 miles or 5:19 pace. I was spent after this. Later on then I hooked up with my friend James Greene and figured we would just do an easy 5 miles but he was ready to roll after a couple off days and put me through the ringer on a 9 mile trail run in the mid 6 minute pace range......I was so tired that I had to take Sunday off. This day had 24 miles at an average of under 6 minute pace....

15 mile progression - AM
9 miles getting worked by James followed by some hill sprints....-PM

Well that's one more week in the books, pretty jazzed about that one, lots of good miles and I enjoyed a rest day today!

I'll be back with that post about the Majors this fall as soon as Berlin lets us know who's going to be on the start list!

Keep grinding,

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