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Week of training Sunday August 31st - Saturday September 6th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up + I give out my track awards???

Hello fellow running friends and whoever else out there who reads my ramblings (I do appreciate it!). I was super busy last week with work and some family stuff that came up so I was unable to post a blog update. I apologize for this and it shall not happen again on my watch! You guys know I love a good weekly update and ramble.

Year end track meets + Zane Roberston I owe you an apology, well not really but nice run today!

With the last few meets winding down I wanted to talk a little about my favourite events and who impressed this year. I love both male and female competion so I'm going to give my opinion on the best athletes over various distances this season (or at least my opinion). I won't write down why or it will take too long and you will all leave me......haha. No but I might give a quick little note on their badass-ness.

Note that I'm only doing the 800-10000m as I'm not that knowledgeable on anything shorter then that even though I enjoy all the sprints/hurdles and watch them. I just don't follow each athlete there. I will say Gatlin is unbeatable in the 1 and 2 hundo.....his 100/200m times in the same day were just silly in Brussels. 9.70/19:63 or something like that......funny quote from him "I'm like the Batman of track, you might not like me but you need me". haha dude's hilarious, I know he got popped for PED's but he sat out 4 years and is running better then ever at 32.....nuts. On to the awards

Dave's faves and year end #Beast's

Men's 800.

Hands down best runner of the year Nigel Amos, he's the man, but shout out to my man David Rudisha, he raced at maybe 80%, he wasn't scared coming off injury and a year off, he got out there, represented his native Kenya at the CG and in his words "won a silver" not lost the gold. Him at 100% is a 1:40 man and he'd smoke Amos, so great season to you both. Top Dog - Amos, Beast Award - Rudisha

Women's 800m

Eunice Sum.....what can you say, she knows how to run the half mile...didn't win em all but by far the most consistent. Then I want to shout out to the young american Ajee Wilson, this girl is LEGIT, she ran the fastest time in the world this year of 1:57 at age out in a couple years. Top Dog - Eunice Sum, Beast Award - Ajee Wilson

Men's 1500

Ahhh, the superstar event of track, these are the top of the food chain athletes....blistering speed with endurance for dayssssss! This is an easy one, but it breaks my heart it's not Asbell Kiprop....that guy when he is on is unbeatable...I mean that, hes the true number one, but based on this season it's got to be Silas Kiplagat, what didn't he do? From crushing hopes and dreams in tactical 1500/mile races all across the globe to running a 3:27 low 1500m in Monaco, the boy was on fire all year. Now for my shout out you'd think I'd go with Asbel but you'd be wrong, have to give it to Olympic Gold Champ Taoufik Makhloufi, this guy is a rock star man, he doesn't race much but it's playing with fire when he does, He ran 1:43 low to win an 800m today in Rieti, and won the final 1500m in Brussels this past friday, while throwing up the peace sign to the camera as he came around the final turn....definition of badass. Top Dog - Silas Kiplagat, Beast Award - Taoufik Makloufi

Women's 1500m

This is weird but I'm giving both to the same runner here. Jenny Simpson......this girl.....NAILS man, she took the diamond league this year by diving over the finish. She ran 3:57 for 1500m and some great times at 3-5km as well. She's no joke either like she has credentials World Champ in Daigu 2011 and Silver at world champs last year in Moscow. I used to see her as only a racer but now she has the speed to finish well off a hot pace. Top Dog and Beast Award - Jenny Simpson

Men's 5000m

Now this is my favourite to watch as it's my favourite to run. This was a no brainer, best in the world (even tho he wasn't the fastest) Caleb Nediku, under the coaching of legendary Ronato Canova this guy took every scalp this year in the big races, so he's the number 1. Then the beast award even though I wanted to give this to Galen Rupp has to go to the new kid on the block Edris, his first name is escaping me now and I'm not taking the time to google it. But know that he ran the world leading time of 12:54 and off that pace closed in 55 low, pretty quick for sure, no hay day Bekele or current Farah but still fast. Look for this young Etheopian to kill it in the years to come. Top Dog - Caleb Nediku, Beast Award - Edris

Women's 5000m

It was a good year for the 5000m for women, not great but good. I thought early on the baby Diababa was going to own it but that girl just went too hard indoors and must have been burnt out (ran a 3:55 indoor 1500m). So Merchy Cherono was the worlds best and the toughest had to be Saucony's Molly Huddle, now she wasn't the worlds number 2 but she dropped her own American Record running 14:44 and set awesome PR's over the 10000m and half (30:47 and 1:09 flat I believe....). Stud! Top Dog - Merchy Cherono, Beast Award Molly Huddle

Men's/Womens 10000m

There were only a handful run and the fields were too watered down. I'm going with Sally Kipyego of Kenya and Galen Rupp as the two best as they ran the fastest times. That's all. Top Dog's - Sally Kipyego, Galen Rupp.

A final note!

Zane Robertson ran 3:34 for 1500m today, I was on him a bit and I hold to what I said, hes not in the top 20 for 5000m but he showed he's a gamer and ran whats the equivalent of a 3:50-3:51 mile. Way to go dude!

JJ's weekly training wrap up

JJ as always had a great week (despite he will say he's bumbed about that Sunday session.) He's racing in the Elite Field of the Vancouver Eastside 10km this coming Saturday so be sure to check and keep tabs on how he's doing. He's in the shape of his life. Good luck my friend and like I said, don't let anyone go other then our Saucony Teammate Kelly Weibe...if your with him at 5km, you've gone out too hard! Ha. 

Monday - 11 miles at 5:55 pace
Tuesday - 18km in 70 min
Wednesday - 4 km warm up 8km tempo in 23:52 on the treadmill with 4km warm done
Thursday - 20k easy in 77 minutes on the treadmill
Friday - 11 miles in 65 minutes again 5:55 pace
Saturday - 17km in 61 minutes 5:50 pace on a hilly course.
Sunday - aborted 10x1km workout 259 257 and felt absolutely horrible. 7km total
110km for the week not happy with how it ended obviously

My Week that was in training.


Long Run - 32km/20miles in 1:57:58, yes I sprinted to get under 1:58...I'm a dork. Good run, solid pace of about a 5:54ish average.

20 miles - AM
Off - PM


7 miles - AM
11 miles - PM


Workout - 3X20minutes on the treadmill off 3 minutes rolling recovery at 12mph. Just trying to get those longer intervals/tempo runs in. 12 miles of good hard running here. 15 with warm up and cool down.

15 miles - AM
3 miles - PM


8.7 miles - AM
12 miles - PM


7.2 miles - AM
10 miles - PM


Workout - 10X5minutes at half marathon pace off 1 minute recovery, this was hard I started a little quick but on the 5 minute segments I was averaging 5:13 pace so a good strong effort with 50 minutes of work.

4.2 miles - AM
14 miles with workout - PM


16 miles medium long run - AM
4.2 miles - PM

Well, that was my week, I was happy with it, feeling tired and drained but that's the grind. I'm going to jump into a race next Saturday, I'll train right through it and will just run it to get a win and show some support for my awesome sponsors. Might be a 5km or a 10km in paradise or a 10km in Arnold's cove. Then the next Saturday it's off to T.O. with Joe, Kate and Julia for 10km Natty's. Again, sorry about missing last week, I really do appreciate everyone's support.

Keep on keepin on!

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