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Week of training Sunday September 14th - Saturday September 20th + JJ's Weekly Wrap Up + Race Recap

Hey friends!

Where to start, it was a busy weekend but an awesome one as well. I'll start with the most important thing and that's thanking the Canadian Running Series!! Most notably Alan Brooks and Ian Catar. From the moment we touched down at Pearson they went above and beyond and took care of everything all weekend. Ian was there to pick us up at the airport and bring us to the hotel where he set us up in our rooms. They run such a top notch event, it's clear that CRS puts off the premier road races in the country with the biggest being next month's Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I wanted to be sure and thank them for taking such good care of all the elites this weekend, we didn't have to do anything other then be ready to go at the start line. I highly recommend any of their events to my readers, you wont find a more organized or professional race environment. (I'm sorry I didn't run faster Alan! haha. But I went for broke and paid the price after 5km, which I know happened to a few of us, I'll be ready to pop a super fast one on October 19th I promise haha)

Now I'll get into JJ's weekly training wrap up and take you guys through my training last week. I knew there might be a chance I'd have a sub par race with all the hard sessions that I've been doing and high mileage but it was a risk I had to take preparing for STWM. I mentioned last weekend that I would break down the women's fields of the 3 Majors which I intend on doing but I'll make it a separate post so I don't go on for about 5 pages here today. I'll also attach some cool pictures at the bottom of this post from the weekend.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

As always JJ breaks down his week of training out on the west coast. Looks like he had a super solid week in training! Thanks my friend.

Monday - did an easy 18km in 70 minutes.

Tuesday - did an easy 17km run in 65 minutes

Wednesday - 4 km warm up with drills 4.5 miles or 7.3km hard tempo on the treadmill @ 12.6mph or 4:46 mile pace. Went through 7km in 20:45. Felt tired on this one but got it done

Thursday - 18km run in 70 minutes

Friday - 17km run in 66 minutes didn't feel to great.

Saturday - did an easy 4k warm up with drills and strides. 4 miles pretty hard then a 6km warm down in the morning. I wasn't feeling the greatest going into this workout and it showed. Mile splits were all over the map to. 4:49, 4:59, 4:57, 4:51. Ended up run 19:37 for the 4 miles which is not on the easiest of course and equates to 4:54 mile pace or 3:02 km pace. I have mixed emotions on this as I wanted to average 4:52's but I just didn't have it in me today.

Saturday - PM, 2km warm up then did 10x200 with 200 jog in 60 seconds 29 29 29 28 29 28 29 29 28 28. 2km warm down. I was pretty tired after today

Sunday 15.3 mile run with David in 1:40. I was really tired on this as was thankful to get it done.

Summary 135km for the week or 84 miles. I have mixed emotions as I would have liked to be a bit faster on the tempo if I wasn't going to do the 2x1 miles after. I may not be as fit I am hoping for at this time or just run down

My week that was in training.


Long Run - 20 miles run moderately quick, I started pretty slow and worked the pace down as it went on. The overall average was slower then the last couple weeks but the last 5 miles were at 5:30 pace. Total time was 2:01:33

20 miles - AM


Workout - 5X2km off 90 seconds rest. This was done up at the track with spikes on so I got after it pretty good. Started off conservative around 6:08 and by the end had a couple under 6. (This was closer to 5km effort then 10km effort).

4.4 miles - AM
14.1 miles with workout - PM


5 miles - AM
12 miles - PM


Workout - 5X3minutes just to get the legs going, I wasn't worrying about pace but it worked out to 3 minutes being a kilometre, maybe a little more or less on any given rep.

15 miles with workout - AM


4 miles before flight - AM


5 mile shakeout run with Lanni, Kate and Julia and some strides - AM


Race - I went out and tried to hang with some super fast guys like Kevin Coffee (30:10 10km, 2:26 marathon debut) and Adam Biles (30:45 10km) and just over cooked it. My first 1km was 2:58 so definitely too fast for a hard hilly course with 30 turns on the last 5km. But I figured this was a step towards the big one in a month so I might as well just go out and try to hang on. I was happy that even after feeling really drained and running solo the last 5km I still hung in there and gutted it out. Nothing wrong with a 33 minute 10km on that course considering the heavy training I'm in and having done 2 workouts during the week. I'd have been satisfied with 32:45ish on that course but that's alright, I'm there fitness wise I just have to focus on that main goal for the fall a 69:00 half marathon.

9.5 miles with warm up, race and cool down - AM
8 miles with Kate - PM (we needed to blow off steam after not hitting our goals so we doubled haha)

So that was my week. I'm happy with how things went, obviously I'd have liked to run a little faster but when your training through races and not specifically tapering down for them it's hard to know excatly how the legs will feel when you toe the line. I did have a super fun weekend and got to hang out with some amazing athletes and made lots of new running buds.

I'll attach some pictures below. I'll be back with my breakdown of the women's fields for Berlin, Chicago and NYC later this week as well as a review on the updated Saucony Cortana 4 and Saucony Virrata 2!

Thanks as always friends, stay after it,

Alan laying down the law at the technical meeting

Kate, Kip, Sami and Alan, meeting of the minds

Me and my boy Kip

Team NL

Odie!! National Masters 10km Champ!

Resting the legs pre race

Why is this sideways? Coming home enjoying some Rocky Mountain Ice Cream

Catherine ordered us all some killer pre race food before the technical meeting!

Why is this also sideways? Weird ha, Kate and Julia resting up

Race kit, also sideways

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