Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Week of training Sunday October 19th - Saturday October 25th (taking some scheduled down time) + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

Hey friends, sorry for the delay here, I'm just getting time now to get a post up. I have been under the weather since about mid day Saturday and am finally just getting back to 100%. I'll wait until Saturday to start in on my next training segment. I'm actually super excited to start fresh and build up for some fast times indoors. JJ and I have chatted about the game plan. And looking at the first month of training he put together I'm really anxious to get at it. There are going to be lots of changes compared to what I was doing but I'm sure it will lead to success and faster times. The big goal is to get that 5km/10km time down to something respectable and hit some good ones in the spring. I'll really need to focus on my speed and bring that up through more fast work and strides.

I'm not forgetting my STWM recap or anything I'm just getting this post up first that will have JJ's training wrap up from last week. I'll be back on the weekend to do my recap and look at NYC 2014 as well as my thoughts on starting up the training again.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

JJ had an awesome week. Stoked to see him healthy and stringing really solid training together like this.

Monday - Easy 17.1km in 66 minutes. Pretty tired from the mile repeats from the day before.
Tuesday - Easy 18.1 km in 70 minutes. Felt pretty good on this one and was just getting ready for tomorrow workout.
Wednesday - 4 km warm up with drills and strides. 7.25km tempo run @ 446 pace. Came through 4 miles in 19:04 and kept it going. Felt way better then last week and got in a 5km warm down for just over 16km for the day.
Thursday - 17.1km easy run in 66 minutes.
Friday - Am did 18km in 69 minutes and then did a PM run of 5 miles in 29:05.
Saturday - Got in 11 miles in 66 minutes on the dot. The worst my hamstring has been for some weird reason this morning. Hopefully the weather is better then today.
Sunday - 5km warm up with drills and strides. 16x300 with 300 jog continuous. I have done this work a lot and its great to help keep the speed endurance going as your rest is just long enough for you to bang something pretty quick off. Splits were 46 47 46 46 45 45 46 46 46 46 45 46 47 46 46 45. Average was officially 46.1. I had absolutely crap conditions with wind and rain and after two I almost called it but gutted it out. I’m actually really happy with the out outcome as I know with better conditions I would have been at that 45 average I was looking for. Total 19.5km
Summary 132km or 82.5 miles. Two very good sessions and hopefully will keep progressing with the leg!

So as I mentioned above, I'm on a training break so no week in training for me but I'm back at it this Saturday after about 10 days of scheduled down time. But we will be back in the saddle and cranking out workouts next week.

Stay after it friends,

Monday, 20 October 2014

Week of training Sunday October 12th - Saturday October 18th + JJ's weekly training wrap up.

Hey running friends, this is going to be quick as I'm doing it from my laptop in my hotel and I've got to jump on a plane home soon. I'll do a detailed post about this weekend with pictures and videos tomorrow or Wednesday. I had an awesome time up here. The Canadian Running Series Crew continues to amaze with their premier events and the attention to detail. Thanks so much Cliff for this weekend, and Alan same goes to you. I could hear you balling out at me coming over the finish "Pride of the rock" haha. Thanks for everything. I'll go back home, build more fitness and hit the whole race circuit next year.

I ended up running 1:11 good for 8th overall. I went after the 69 minute half but just didn't pace it right, I needed 33:20/33:20 for each 10km and a good final 1km. I went out a bit hard and was left in no mans land on the lakeshore to fight the wind alone from 12-19km. It's there on a better day and I'm leaving very satisfied all things considered. Next year will be a different story. JJ and I are going to hit things HARD this winter and the goal is to be way inside 70. Here are the results -

Again like I said, I've got a ton to talk about on the race and the weekend from some great eating, hanging with the Saucony crew, going to the leafs game and the race. So stay tuned for the post about all that this week.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Monday - Easy 1:40 min run with David. We covered just over 24 km for the day and first long run I have done without having to stop for my left hamstring.

Tuesday - 4 km warm up. 5.25km run at 4:46 mile pace and just about a 4.5km warm down. I tried to really blast a hard tempo without any stretching or strides and it clearly didn’t work well. I still got over 5km at 2:57km pace effort but I was hurting and was very tight from doing this at 5:45 am

Wednesday - 18.1km in the am easy. 5 miles in the pm in 28:50. 26.5km total for the day.

Thursday - 17.1km easy felt pretty good.

Friday - 17.1km easy but was really tired from a long work day and just felt off.

Saturday -17.1km easy in the am before a long day at the expo for my job.

Sunday - 5km warm up with strides and drills. I didn’t exactly know what to expect as my legs were dead from standing for 9 hours at the expo yesterday but the goal pace was 445-448 for 5x1mile off of 60 seconds rest on our hilly 2 mile loop. Splits were 446 446 443 444 440. Came out to a 443 mile average but this one I had to dig deep for. I’m still incredibly tired from this workout but it went better than expected and I think the best mile repeat session I have ever done.

Summary - 131.5km for the week or 82 miles. Great week al together and things should level off in terms of the early mornings for a bit!

My week that was in training


Race/Hard Effort - Turkey Tea 10km, nice hard effort of mid 32 with negative splits just getting a nice hard effort in. Happy to get the win and a decent effort on the day.

9 miles with race - AM
10 miles - PM


11 miles - AM
OFF with pool run 35 mintues - PM


7 miles - AM
13 miles  - PM


Workout - 2X2miles hard. 9:54 and 9:43. The last one was at 5km race pace. Felt good to really suffer it out as it was only the second rep in a low volume session.

10 miles with strides and workout - AM


10 miles - AM
OFF/travel - PM


4 miles with strides - AM


Shakeout run with strides 5 miles - AM

So like I said, just a training update here but when I get back to St. John's I'll do a proper post! Thanks for all the txt's and emails/FB msgs. I really appreciate it!

Stay after it,

Thursday, 16 October 2014

All new Saucony Iso-Series Triumph.

Hey running friends. I trust your all having a great week and running well! As I mentioned in a couple of my last training updates I've been running in the soon to be released (November 2014) Saucony Iso-Series Triumph. This is the 12th instalment in the Triumph franchise and it was a complete overhaul on the shoe from outsole/midsole to the upper. I fell in love with this shoe the moment I put it on and find myself sometimes just wearing it out doing errands. I'll get into some of the nuts and bolts of what makes this shoe unique below.

Now, I'm someone who likes to wear a light shoe and feel fast even on my easy days so the past 2-3 years I'v done the majority of my running in the Saucony Kinvara. However, this past year I've tried to do my longer runs and recovery runs in something that offers a little more cushioning and support so I turned to the Cortana 3/4 which has treated me very well. So when I got my hands on the Triumph which has long been knows as Saucony's premier neutral cushioned daily trainer I envisioned it would be very similar as they fall into the same category more or less.

When I first put them on I saw what the Iso-Fit was all about. The shoe itself has a built in sock/bootie so your foot feels secure and locked down. Then when you tighten the laces the floating overlays help secure your foot even more. It's kind of like tying a hockey skate. If anyone has ever run in the Nike Free it's the same type of inner sock as that only this one has a softer inside and feels more luxurious for lack of a better word.

I'll link a video of the shoe designer talking more about the technology below. But the other huge thing that sets this apart from the rest of the line and the Cortana is the introduction of PowerGrid+. It gives 33% more cushion then the normal PowerGrid and is lighter. The Triumph keeps the 8mm heel to toe offset and uses stack heights of 29/21mm which work great and offer such a plush but still responsive ride.

The thing that I loved was that I could truly notice the difference with the extra cushioning. I did a 2+ hour long run at a decent pace (low 6 minute miles with a few under at the end) and I didn't feel any pounding on my legs that last 30 minutes or so which is something I tend to find in other shoes. This is completely normal after running a longer type run. But I think this will really help reduce the recovery time after a long run for me moving forward which is something I really appreciate.

The last thing I'll note that is probably my favourite feature is the weight. This is still a 10.3 ounce shoe despite all the cushioning and features. It doesn't feel like a chunky trainer. You can roll and feel fast in these bad boys and that's something I was not expecting. Going forward PowerGrid+ and Iso-Fit are going to start showing up in the Hurricane and the all new Zealot and Breakthru. So this is something to keep an eye out for. I highly recommend anyone who's looking for a great neutral training to take this for a spin when it's released. Your legs will thank you!

More details about the design and engineering.

Men's Colorway

Women's Colorway

Rear with the support frame

Outsole with XT900 and IBR+

The inner sock/bootie I mentioned

Lockdown, a floating cage that attach to the laces

Side View,

Well, that's it for me, definitely give these shoes a try. And if any of you are going to be at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon be sure to stop by the Saucony booth set up during the expo and try them on. Also be on the lookout for the upcoming Zealot, Breakthru and Hurricane. When I get my hands on them I'll be sure to review them as well!

Run on my friends,

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Week of training Sunday October 5th - Saturday October 11th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

Hello once again my running friends. Well I must say, cutting my volume back this last week has done me a world of good. I apologize for sounding like a downer last week lol. It was the culmination of 3 races in September and some long grinding workouts that had me completely depleted and somewhat jaded on my running. But worry not, I'm feeling like a million dollars right now after dropping my volume to around 89 miles last week (145ish km's). I really need to start coming down once a month even if I'm not racing. It rejuvenates me and I've noticed when I run that kind of mileage my easy runs tend to dip down under 6 minute pace when I'm not watching. Which begs the questions would I be better served running 90 miles/week and killing my workouts while running all those 90 miles at sub 6 minute/mile pace? Well this will be an experiment that I'll try after some down time.

So, here we are, 7 days out from Scotiabank Half. Things are looking good. I cruised a nice little 32 minute 10km win today. It was actually a brutal day as my fellow runners will attest. It was pouring even before we started and we had some gnarly headwind to fight. So I figured I would chill with Dan McDonald and Mark Greene for the first little while. Both are STUDS, Dan was 7th in the tely this year only 20 seconds back from me (4th). and last year in the tely (2013) Mark Greene was just behind me in 6th to my 5th. Mark can run, 32 mid 10km guy. So I didn't want to empty the tank too bad out there today for the win but I knew I'd have to work harder then I did out in harbour grace. Also let's not forget Adam Snow, 15/32 minute 5km/10km guy. Needless to say, I couldn't just jog it for the win.

I let Mark and Dan set the pace and sat behind for the first mile, 5:14 into a stiff wind, Dan and I moved well over the next mile and separated from Mark running only a 5:24 mile but that's the uphill one. After letting Dan do the leading for that one I jumped into the lead to give him some reprieve from the headwind and took us through the next one in 5:19. At this point even with the wind I felt like I was doing a nice threshold effort and was content to let things continue like this for the next mile or so. I ran the next mile in 5:12 and could hear Dan was starting to work hard so I decided to toss in a surge and drop the pace to give myself some separation. The last 2 miles I went 5:04, 4:57 and cruised it in for the win about 40 seconds ahead of the boys. They had a battle as Adam came back on them and the 3 boys finished within 10 seconds of each other. They all looked strong. This was a good indication today. I felt like the first 4 miles which were actually about half marathon pace were really smooth and when I dropped the last two mile in 10:01 I was nice and smooth. Things are looking good for STWM.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ seems to back back at 100% and is killing it again in workouts. He explaines some fall plans, how the rehab is coming along and goals for indoors at the end of his training recap. He's going to be coaching me going forward as well so I hope we can both make some big jumps in fitness. If it's one thing JJ knows it's how to get fit in a hurry. #SauconyHurricanes2015andbeyond (Also notice how he nonchalantly runs a 76 minute half on the weekend like it's no big deal ha) 

Monday - Did an easy 17km run in 66 minutes. Felt ok.

Tuesday - Did an easy 17km run in 66 minutes.

Wednesday - Did an easy 18.1km run in 69 minutes.

Thursday - Did an easy 17.1km run in 66 minutes

Friday - Did an easy 17km run in 66 minutes

Saturday - Did an easy 4.2km warm up with drills and strides. We had really really bad weather so we switched the workout. We did 4,5,6,6,5,4 min hard with 60 seconds rest in between. We ended up running 11km in 35 min or 3:16km pace for the entire session including the rests which were almost a slow walk. Went through 6 miles in 31:38 which is pretty solid.

Sunday - Did 21.1km in 76 minutes or 5:50 mile pace. Finally my leg had the best day ever! Made it all the way to 12 miles before I had to stretch.

Summary- 124.5km for the week or 77 miles. This week and next week are tough because I’m getting up at 4:45 am to get these runs in before 7 for work. My new job has me working pretty early but after this week I should be able to go get a normal tempo back into the week and get ready for 2 indoor races in December. My leg rehab is getting better with this week being the best but still has it’s ups and downs. I would like to try and run 14:2x indoors this year by February and run 14:4x on the roads as well if the course and weather permits!

My week in training


Long run - Not super long as I'm starting to cut things back but I did a 15 mile progression. 5 miles at 6:30 pace, 5 miles at 5:45 pace and the last 5 at 5:25 pace. This was a great run. The last 5 miles felt great but I made sure I ran those on the roads and not the trails like the first 10 miles of the run as our trails are really undulating and hitting 5:25 on some of the sections would be 5 minute pace effort wise.

15 miles - AM
OFF with a 30 minute pool run - PM


Workout with Jason - 5 miles at half marathon pace with 2 minutes rest followed by 2 more miles at goal half marathon pace. This was a great session done out and back on Portugal Cove Rd. Hit goal half marathon pace feeling smooth. 

14.2 miles with workout (lunch time) - AM
OFF with some mobility work in the gym - PM


12 miles easy with Jason with some strides - AM


Workout - 16X400m off 60 seconds rest. The goal was to run 67's and 68's. I felt like a boss the first 12 and originally that's all I had intended to do but JJ suggested 16 and he was right. The last 4 are where the lungs were burning and my shoulders started getting tight and I was fighting to hold 67 seconds off the 1 minute recovery. This is such a hard session. My goal which Jeremiah and I talked about during the indoor season will be to get myself ready to run a set of 16 with an average of 65 seconds which normally indicates 14:40 5km fitness. We will see. I needed to inject some speed in the legs.

14.2 miles with workout - AM


15 miles - AM
60 minutes pool running - PM


8.2 miles with some strides - AM


13 miles with the first 6 with Jon Lodge, the legend - AM

So like I mentioned much lower mileage wise then before but this is the direction I think I'll be going moving forward. My thinking is that I'll try to run maybe 90-95 miles a week the rest of the fall and winter. I've got my "Aerobic House" built so to speak. I'm going to try exploring running in that 90 mile range with everything being fast and without as many doubles. So for an average pace I want to look at my week and see that my easy/aerobic runs are at 5:50 pace or better. I've gone too long running easy pace at 6:40-7:10 pace. I'm getting no benefits from these runs other then spending more time on my feet then I need to. Looking at how fast JJ is covering his weekly miles makes me think it's time to start speeding things up and dumping the junk miles. That said I'm definitely going to start using a heart rate monitor more to watch out for overtraining. 

Well that's it for me folks, I'll jump online mid week to talk about Scotiabank next Sunday. I'm leaving this Thursday and returning the following Monday. Shout out to Cliff the Elite/Pro Athlete Coordinator for looking after me. Can't wait to get up there and just be part of the weekend. There are 3 sub 2:06 men in the men's marathon.....just ridiculous. Also, I'll be at the Saucony Canada booth at the Expo both Friday and Saturday so be sure to stop by, say hey and check out the awesome products. Speaking of Saucony, I've been doing some testing for them on the soon to be released Saucony Iso-Fit Triumph. (I was calling it the Triumph 12 on social media! My bad.) Anyways I'll be reviewing that on here in the next week or so. It's seriously a game changer, so plush and secure on the foot but still just 10 ounces.....I'm wanting to wear this just walking around. It's so good! Couple of pics below from the race today care of NLAA, Biped Sports (check em out!) and the Triumph I was talking about!

Over and out,

Julia and I took the wins today.

Why do I check the watch every time a picture is taken ha

Saucony Triumph Iso-Fit coming November 2014

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Week of training Sunday September 28th - Saturday October 4th + plans for next season + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

Hey everyone, I trust your all doing well, enjoying your running, weather, friends, family all that good stuff. I know that the minute I cross the line in Toronto two weeks from today I'll be enjoying all that stuff just a little bit more. The grind is starting to wear on me. It could be having trained hard without much down time since January (with the exception of a week after the tely in late July). Or it might simply be racing 3 times in September (granted two were done as workouts but you still empty a lot of yourself physically into races regardless). Don't get me wrong, I'm actually running/training very well and this week has been one of the best in the last couple months. It's just getting to that point where I'm going to need a good chunk of time to kick back and relax for a bit and run without worrying about pace or wondering if I can squeeze that extra workout in.

I've been helping out with the NLAA cross country meets over the last few weeks and it's so awesome seeing kids ages 9-18 out there getting after it and having fun running for their schools. Dare I say I've lost a little bit of this enjoyment over the course of the late summer/fall training? I'm sure once I take some downtime and get some friendship runs in with guys and girls I don't normally get a chance to run with I'll get rejuvenated and get that fire set under me to run fast.

Check out the fun these kids are having!

I've been looking at 2015 and trying to make tentative plans. I want to hit Yonge Street again as I think that's a course where I'll have my best chance at sub 30:30 to get full Elite Hosting (i.e my travel taken care of, etc) for the 10km National Championships that will be held in Ottawa next May. (Ideally 30:17 if training goes well for Yonge Street, so a minute faster then this year.)

I've made big gains in fitness this year and taken a minute off my 10km PB (31:17) and 25ish seconds off my 5km PB (15:15). But I've also felt the effects of overtraining and trying to hold a peak for too long. Next year I'm going to focus on 4 races in the spring from early April until late May then shut things down for a full 2 weeks before building back up for September. I'll adopt the two peaks/year approach that Alberto uses with his athletes. This may leave me not in the shape I want to be for the tely 10 but I'm ok with sitting it out for a year or two to focus on long term development and working to get my personal bests down. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to win the tely, but I think if I become a really good 10km runner then when I do target the tely 10 as a goal for the season it will take care of itself so to speak. Also, let's not forget Colin Fewer isn't going anywhere so a 50-51 minute tely if I'm at that fitness next year still won't be good enough for the win so why beat up the body for the sake of lowering my best over that distance when in reality I only want to win it regardless of the time I run. As of now the Tely 10 goals will be put on hold for a while. I haven't decided what races I'll look at next fall as it's too far down the road but for the spring I'll be looking at 4 races on the mainland. 1 in Vancouver and 3 in Ontario.

Yonge Street 10km - April 19th, Toronto
Times Colonist 10km - April 26th, Vancouver
Sporting life 10km - May 10th, Toronto
Ottawa Race Weekend 10km - May 23rd

I wanted to get that off my chest as I've been thinking about next season pretty much all week on my runs and this is the plan that I've chosen to ensure I peak properly and run as fast as I can. I'll take some down time after scotiabank in two weeks then build up the volume again focusing on long runs and tempos through November and December before getting back on the indoor track and working on my speed to try and bring down my 1500 and 3000m PB's. The approach I took last year worked great so I see no need of changing it too much. What I'll be sure to do however is make sure I'm taking at least 2 days between workouts. Mike pointed out that this has been one reason why I'm feeling so drained.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I've got two more races I want to hit this fall. The turkey tea 10km next week as a hard effort before Scotiabank in Toronto on the 19th. I'm feeling really fit right now and workouts are rolling well. I just need to make sure I get to that starting line fresh. If I can do that I'll run fast.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ is back once again for a breakdown of his week that was in training. That's a heck of a workout he had Saturday! 7 miles at an average well under 5 minute pace! Thanks as always my friend. 
  • Monday - Off still sick as a dog.
  • Tuesday - 18km easy in 70 minutes. Still feeling bad
  • Wednesday - 18km in 63 minutes after work. My left side was extremely bad on this run and I had to stop several times. It seems everytime I try and and get down to 5:30 mile pace my body will tighten up.
  • Thursday 10 miles in 62 minutes. Very early run 4:50 am
  • Friday - Same as Thursday. (10 miles in 62 minutes. Very early run 4:50 am)
  • Saturday - just over a 4km warm up. Workout was 4 miles at half marathon pace. 2 miles at 10km pace and 1 mile at 5km pace with 2:30 and 2:00 for the rest. Results were 20:15 for the 4 mile. 9:41 for the 2 mile and 4:45 for the 1 mile. Weather wasn’t the best and my body was still run down but I would give this a solid effort overall.
  • Sunday - 24.5km in 1:40. Very tired and tight from yesterday but got it done.
  • Summary 112km or 70 miles. Starting to finally feel good from the sickness but not 100% yet!

My week in training.


Race/Workout - I went out to the Harbour Grace Blueberry Harvest 10km. They put off a great event out there and the new race director Jonathan is an awesome dude so I had to make the trip out and snag myself a blueberry pie for first place. I did this race at half marathon effort. I took the pace out a little quick to get some separation and making sure I could just focus on hitting my own splits without having a race on my hands.

12 miles with warm up, race and cool down - AM
8 miles easy - PM


4 miles easy - AM.
17 mile medium long run - PM


Workout - Jason and I met up for a session of 4X2miles. I wanted to hit this about 10km effort as I knew my next workout was going to be at half marathon pace. It went well I was hitting 10 minutes each rep.

14 miles with workout at lunchtime - AM
3.6 miles - PM


5 miles really slowly in the morning - AM
8 miles (I wanted to do at least 13 but I was just too tired....) - PM


Workout - Half Marathon prep session. 2.5 miles (90 seconds rest) + 2 miles (90 seconds rest) + 2 miles (90 seconds rest) + 2.5 miles. I didn't want to go overboard so I made sure I stayed right around half marathon pace. The average for the 9 miles of quality was 5:15.5/mile pace. I worked for it but that's because I have a lot of fatigue in the system. I'll be cutting my mileage and intensity in half this coming week and barely doing anything race week.

16.3 miles with workout - AM
OFF - PM (wanted to double up and get at least a 5km in but my body was too depleted.)


4.6 miles easy with strides - AM
15 miles with some 60/30's tossed in to feel a little quicker - PM


Workout - I heard the University Cross Country team was doing 3XLong Pond off 90 seconds rest which is basically 3X3km on the brutally hilly long pond. I figured I would jump into this and run it at half marathon effort on tired legs and see how I felt. At the very least I'd draw confidence from hitting the effort tired and I'd also help Conor and Mark who would be running their intervals at about this pace as it was an LT session for them. It went incredibly well. I didn't feel that tired at all and cruised the workout barely going over that line where I was breathing too hard, which only happened on the uphill sections. Ran them in 9:45/rep with the boys.

14.4 miles with workout - AM
6 miles - PM

So that was my week. Looking back on it now I know exactly why I'm feeling the way I am. Mike is definitely right about always taking 2 easy days between harder session. I'm going to be using my heart rate monitor from now on to force myself to run slow enough on easy days and check my morning pulse to make sure I'm not over training and am recovering enough after harder session.

But basically all the work is now done. I'll do something fast mid week like a set of 400's just to inject some speed into the legs but then it's the turkey tea 10km next sunday and resting up for Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half.

Time for this kid to get some sleep, see you guy's next week!
Keep runnin'

Friday, 3 October 2014

Women's Elite field breakdown for Chicago and NYC Marathons + fuelling at the 2:02-2:05 marathoner level hindered by track career?

Hey everyone,

Well, better late then never. As I mentioned I would look at the fields for the two deepest major marathons of the year (though London 2014 was stacked as well! Watch the full race on youtube if you have the chance!). I'm also going to talk about fuelling for 26.2 when pushing the limits of what the human body can handle and asking the question of weather having a long track career or running super fast times on the track hinders the ability to run well over 26.2. Ronato Canova spoke about this on Alberto Stretti's blog. Anyone out there who likes track and field and marathoning needs to follow this blog and never miss a post! It's where the truth is told and the best in the world are asked about thier oppinions and stats are broken down like no other. This week he talks about the performance of Denis Kimetto in Berlin and shows each and every split. Read the part where he talks about the last 10km split of 28:53. Also these are the splits run from 30-35km (2:47, 2:46, 2:52, 2:48, 2:58) Think about that for a moment.....mind blowing.

Women's Elite Field for Chicago.

Rita Jeptoo - 2:18:57
Florence Kiplagat - 2:19:44
Mare Dibaba - 2:19:52
Birhane Dibaba - 2:22:30

These are your contenders to watch. There are about 25 on the Elite Startlist but these are the only women worth mentioning if we are talking truly elite. In women's marathoning right now if your not of sub 2:20 ability with the exception of a new comer to the marathon game on your way to the top then you won't win a major unless everyone else runs horribly. Case and point Shalane Flanagan ran AMAZINGLY last week in Berlin but when the two Ethiopian girls who are relatively still unknown and non sub 2:20 performers took off at 32km it was over. It's the same thing on the men's side. If your not a sub 2:05 guy, it really needs to be a situation like Boston this year to win. 

So who's going to take the tape? It's going to be between Jeptoo and Kiplagat. Both are incredible marathon runners and half marathon runners for that matter. I don't know how to break this one down. I feel like they will want to run fast and the 4 above names are the only ones with PR's capable of going out at that pace so look for all 4 to go out at around 1:10 for the half and things will get strung out from there. I'll take Jeptoo as I feel like she's got more Major Marathon credentials but Kiplagat could surprise with her 1:05 half marathon speed!!

Women's Elite Field for NYC.

Mary Kaitany - 2:18:37
Edna Kiplagat - 2:19:50
Buzunesh Deba - 2:19:59
Priscah Jeptoo - 2:20:14

WHAT A FIELD!!!!!! I'm so excited for this race on both the men's and women's side. Mary Kaitany has been on a tear since returning from having her first child. At the great north run she ran the world record for the half marathon of 1:05:39. I'm going to say this comes down to the last 2 miles in central park. I think it's going to be the opposite of last year. These ladies won't let Deba go and spot her 3 minutes and 15 seconds like last year. They know Deba is now a sub 2:20 girl and they will never get her back. I envision Deba taking the pace out hot like last year and they go through the half in 1:11:30ish and keep moving well as a pack until Jeptoo pushes the pace hard and only herself and Kaitany are left. I'm going to say Jeptoo takes it. I can't not after the race she ran last year. But I could be wrong and Mary will put up a heck of a fight. Either way this is a MUST watch! So be sure to tune in. It's just 29 days away.

Fuelling in the marathon for men running sub 2:05 hindered by the track?

Now I'm asking questions here more then talking about the idea and I encourage anyone who understands this metabolic physiology better then myself to jump in! (Mike Greene that means you!!). I bring up this point as I read about Canova talking about the difficulty to train the body to be efficient at burning fat for fuel at 4:40-4:43/mile tempo. Especially for a guy coming from a great track foundation where they have a huge ability to "resist" fatigue as Renato puts it while running at a very fast pace. (We are talking sub 26:40 10km ability and sub 12:50 5km runners). These races at that type of tempo have the runners burning glycogen as their primary fuel source at an incredibly fast rate. He talks about the hard transition that occurs when these athletes make the move to the marathon when they are running a much slower pace and trying to conserve their glycogen as long as possible. The issue is now with the top guys running so fast, they are on that fine line where they need to make their bodies as efficient as possible to ensure they can maintain that pace and not run out of fuel too early. Obviously they are taking in carbohydrate but the key is their ability to oxidise and utilize fatty acids at such a velocity and conserve that pure energy source (glycogen) for later stages when dropping those fast 5km's with 30 minute or less of running on the clock.

Canova expresses his thoughts that runners going strait to the roads/marathon and jumping right into that type of training are at an advantage and teach their body right away through lots of marathon race pace work to get as effecient as possible at running on fats. He questions how much faster Bekele can run over 26.2 but says it is possible to develop this ability in some cases later in one's career after coming from the track like his top competitor in Chicago Eliud Kipchoge.

Anyway this is just to get the discusion started. I find this very interesting. And to be honest I'm thinking this may be why Mo Farah only mustered a 2:08 debut marathon. Mo ran 3:28 for 1500m 10 month before he ran the marathon. I wonder if he had too much speed if there is such a thing for the marathon. I guess not so much that his speed was holding him back but that he was still a runner that operated best at high intensities where he was powering his aerobic engine on carbs alone and that's what it needed to run well.

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