Thursday, 16 October 2014

All new Saucony Iso-Series Triumph.

Hey running friends. I trust your all having a great week and running well! As I mentioned in a couple of my last training updates I've been running in the soon to be released (November 2014) Saucony Iso-Series Triumph. This is the 12th instalment in the Triumph franchise and it was a complete overhaul on the shoe from outsole/midsole to the upper. I fell in love with this shoe the moment I put it on and find myself sometimes just wearing it out doing errands. I'll get into some of the nuts and bolts of what makes this shoe unique below.

Now, I'm someone who likes to wear a light shoe and feel fast even on my easy days so the past 2-3 years I'v done the majority of my running in the Saucony Kinvara. However, this past year I've tried to do my longer runs and recovery runs in something that offers a little more cushioning and support so I turned to the Cortana 3/4 which has treated me very well. So when I got my hands on the Triumph which has long been knows as Saucony's premier neutral cushioned daily trainer I envisioned it would be very similar as they fall into the same category more or less.

When I first put them on I saw what the Iso-Fit was all about. The shoe itself has a built in sock/bootie so your foot feels secure and locked down. Then when you tighten the laces the floating overlays help secure your foot even more. It's kind of like tying a hockey skate. If anyone has ever run in the Nike Free it's the same type of inner sock as that only this one has a softer inside and feels more luxurious for lack of a better word.

I'll link a video of the shoe designer talking more about the technology below. But the other huge thing that sets this apart from the rest of the line and the Cortana is the introduction of PowerGrid+. It gives 33% more cushion then the normal PowerGrid and is lighter. The Triumph keeps the 8mm heel to toe offset and uses stack heights of 29/21mm which work great and offer such a plush but still responsive ride.

The thing that I loved was that I could truly notice the difference with the extra cushioning. I did a 2+ hour long run at a decent pace (low 6 minute miles with a few under at the end) and I didn't feel any pounding on my legs that last 30 minutes or so which is something I tend to find in other shoes. This is completely normal after running a longer type run. But I think this will really help reduce the recovery time after a long run for me moving forward which is something I really appreciate.

The last thing I'll note that is probably my favourite feature is the weight. This is still a 10.3 ounce shoe despite all the cushioning and features. It doesn't feel like a chunky trainer. You can roll and feel fast in these bad boys and that's something I was not expecting. Going forward PowerGrid+ and Iso-Fit are going to start showing up in the Hurricane and the all new Zealot and Breakthru. So this is something to keep an eye out for. I highly recommend anyone who's looking for a great neutral training to take this for a spin when it's released. Your legs will thank you!

More details about the design and engineering.

Men's Colorway

Women's Colorway

Rear with the support frame

Outsole with XT900 and IBR+

The inner sock/bootie I mentioned

Lockdown, a floating cage that attach to the laces

Side View,

Well, that's it for me, definitely give these shoes a try. And if any of you are going to be at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon be sure to stop by the Saucony booth set up during the expo and try them on. Also be on the lookout for the upcoming Zealot, Breakthru and Hurricane. When I get my hands on them I'll be sure to review them as well!

Run on my friends,

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