Monday, 20 October 2014

Week of training Sunday October 12th - Saturday October 18th + JJ's weekly training wrap up.

Hey running friends, this is going to be quick as I'm doing it from my laptop in my hotel and I've got to jump on a plane home soon. I'll do a detailed post about this weekend with pictures and videos tomorrow or Wednesday. I had an awesome time up here. The Canadian Running Series Crew continues to amaze with their premier events and the attention to detail. Thanks so much Cliff for this weekend, and Alan same goes to you. I could hear you balling out at me coming over the finish "Pride of the rock" haha. Thanks for everything. I'll go back home, build more fitness and hit the whole race circuit next year.

I ended up running 1:11 good for 8th overall. I went after the 69 minute half but just didn't pace it right, I needed 33:20/33:20 for each 10km and a good final 1km. I went out a bit hard and was left in no mans land on the lakeshore to fight the wind alone from 12-19km. It's there on a better day and I'm leaving very satisfied all things considered. Next year will be a different story. JJ and I are going to hit things HARD this winter and the goal is to be way inside 70. Here are the results -

Again like I said, I've got a ton to talk about on the race and the weekend from some great eating, hanging with the Saucony crew, going to the leafs game and the race. So stay tuned for the post about all that this week.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

Monday - Easy 1:40 min run with David. We covered just over 24 km for the day and first long run I have done without having to stop for my left hamstring.

Tuesday - 4 km warm up. 5.25km run at 4:46 mile pace and just about a 4.5km warm down. I tried to really blast a hard tempo without any stretching or strides and it clearly didn’t work well. I still got over 5km at 2:57km pace effort but I was hurting and was very tight from doing this at 5:45 am

Wednesday - 18.1km in the am easy. 5 miles in the pm in 28:50. 26.5km total for the day.

Thursday - 17.1km easy felt pretty good.

Friday - 17.1km easy but was really tired from a long work day and just felt off.

Saturday -17.1km easy in the am before a long day at the expo for my job.

Sunday - 5km warm up with strides and drills. I didn’t exactly know what to expect as my legs were dead from standing for 9 hours at the expo yesterday but the goal pace was 445-448 for 5x1mile off of 60 seconds rest on our hilly 2 mile loop. Splits were 446 446 443 444 440. Came out to a 443 mile average but this one I had to dig deep for. I’m still incredibly tired from this workout but it went better than expected and I think the best mile repeat session I have ever done.

Summary - 131.5km for the week or 82 miles. Great week al together and things should level off in terms of the early mornings for a bit!

My week that was in training


Race/Hard Effort - Turkey Tea 10km, nice hard effort of mid 32 with negative splits just getting a nice hard effort in. Happy to get the win and a decent effort on the day.

9 miles with race - AM
10 miles - PM


11 miles - AM
OFF with pool run 35 mintues - PM


7 miles - AM
13 miles  - PM


Workout - 2X2miles hard. 9:54 and 9:43. The last one was at 5km race pace. Felt good to really suffer it out as it was only the second rep in a low volume session.

10 miles with strides and workout - AM


10 miles - AM
OFF/travel - PM


4 miles with strides - AM


Shakeout run with strides 5 miles - AM

So like I said, just a training update here but when I get back to St. John's I'll do a proper post! Thanks for all the txt's and emails/FB msgs. I really appreciate it!

Stay after it,

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