Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Week of training Sunday October 19th - Saturday October 25th (taking some scheduled down time) + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

Hey friends, sorry for the delay here, I'm just getting time now to get a post up. I have been under the weather since about mid day Saturday and am finally just getting back to 100%. I'll wait until Saturday to start in on my next training segment. I'm actually super excited to start fresh and build up for some fast times indoors. JJ and I have chatted about the game plan. And looking at the first month of training he put together I'm really anxious to get at it. There are going to be lots of changes compared to what I was doing but I'm sure it will lead to success and faster times. The big goal is to get that 5km/10km time down to something respectable and hit some good ones in the spring. I'll really need to focus on my speed and bring that up through more fast work and strides.

I'm not forgetting my STWM recap or anything I'm just getting this post up first that will have JJ's training wrap up from last week. I'll be back on the weekend to do my recap and look at NYC 2014 as well as my thoughts on starting up the training again.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

JJ had an awesome week. Stoked to see him healthy and stringing really solid training together like this.

Monday - Easy 17.1km in 66 minutes. Pretty tired from the mile repeats from the day before.
Tuesday - Easy 18.1 km in 70 minutes. Felt pretty good on this one and was just getting ready for tomorrow workout.
Wednesday - 4 km warm up with drills and strides. 7.25km tempo run @ 446 pace. Came through 4 miles in 19:04 and kept it going. Felt way better then last week and got in a 5km warm down for just over 16km for the day.
Thursday - 17.1km easy run in 66 minutes.
Friday - Am did 18km in 69 minutes and then did a PM run of 5 miles in 29:05.
Saturday - Got in 11 miles in 66 minutes on the dot. The worst my hamstring has been for some weird reason this morning. Hopefully the weather is better then today.
Sunday - 5km warm up with drills and strides. 16x300 with 300 jog continuous. I have done this work a lot and its great to help keep the speed endurance going as your rest is just long enough for you to bang something pretty quick off. Splits were 46 47 46 46 45 45 46 46 46 46 45 46 47 46 46 45. Average was officially 46.1. I had absolutely crap conditions with wind and rain and after two I almost called it but gutted it out. I’m actually really happy with the out outcome as I know with better conditions I would have been at that 45 average I was looking for. Total 19.5km
Summary 132km or 82.5 miles. Two very good sessions and hopefully will keep progressing with the leg!

So as I mentioned above, I'm on a training break so no week in training for me but I'm back at it this Saturday after about 10 days of scheduled down time. But we will be back in the saddle and cranking out workouts next week.

Stay after it friends,

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