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Week of training Sunday October 5th - Saturday October 11th + JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

Hello once again my running friends. Well I must say, cutting my volume back this last week has done me a world of good. I apologize for sounding like a downer last week lol. It was the culmination of 3 races in September and some long grinding workouts that had me completely depleted and somewhat jaded on my running. But worry not, I'm feeling like a million dollars right now after dropping my volume to around 89 miles last week (145ish km's). I really need to start coming down once a month even if I'm not racing. It rejuvenates me and I've noticed when I run that kind of mileage my easy runs tend to dip down under 6 minute pace when I'm not watching. Which begs the questions would I be better served running 90 miles/week and killing my workouts while running all those 90 miles at sub 6 minute/mile pace? Well this will be an experiment that I'll try after some down time.

So, here we are, 7 days out from Scotiabank Half. Things are looking good. I cruised a nice little 32 minute 10km win today. It was actually a brutal day as my fellow runners will attest. It was pouring even before we started and we had some gnarly headwind to fight. So I figured I would chill with Dan McDonald and Mark Greene for the first little while. Both are STUDS, Dan was 7th in the tely this year only 20 seconds back from me (4th). and last year in the tely (2013) Mark Greene was just behind me in 6th to my 5th. Mark can run, 32 mid 10km guy. So I didn't want to empty the tank too bad out there today for the win but I knew I'd have to work harder then I did out in harbour grace. Also let's not forget Adam Snow, 15/32 minute 5km/10km guy. Needless to say, I couldn't just jog it for the win.

I let Mark and Dan set the pace and sat behind for the first mile, 5:14 into a stiff wind, Dan and I moved well over the next mile and separated from Mark running only a 5:24 mile but that's the uphill one. After letting Dan do the leading for that one I jumped into the lead to give him some reprieve from the headwind and took us through the next one in 5:19. At this point even with the wind I felt like I was doing a nice threshold effort and was content to let things continue like this for the next mile or so. I ran the next mile in 5:12 and could hear Dan was starting to work hard so I decided to toss in a surge and drop the pace to give myself some separation. The last 2 miles I went 5:04, 4:57 and cruised it in for the win about 40 seconds ahead of the boys. They had a battle as Adam came back on them and the 3 boys finished within 10 seconds of each other. They all looked strong. This was a good indication today. I felt like the first 4 miles which were actually about half marathon pace were really smooth and when I dropped the last two mile in 10:01 I was nice and smooth. Things are looking good for STWM.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ seems to back back at 100% and is killing it again in workouts. He explaines some fall plans, how the rehab is coming along and goals for indoors at the end of his training recap. He's going to be coaching me going forward as well so I hope we can both make some big jumps in fitness. If it's one thing JJ knows it's how to get fit in a hurry. #SauconyHurricanes2015andbeyond (Also notice how he nonchalantly runs a 76 minute half on the weekend like it's no big deal ha) 

Monday - Did an easy 17km run in 66 minutes. Felt ok.

Tuesday - Did an easy 17km run in 66 minutes.

Wednesday - Did an easy 18.1km run in 69 minutes.

Thursday - Did an easy 17.1km run in 66 minutes

Friday - Did an easy 17km run in 66 minutes

Saturday - Did an easy 4.2km warm up with drills and strides. We had really really bad weather so we switched the workout. We did 4,5,6,6,5,4 min hard with 60 seconds rest in between. We ended up running 11km in 35 min or 3:16km pace for the entire session including the rests which were almost a slow walk. Went through 6 miles in 31:38 which is pretty solid.

Sunday - Did 21.1km in 76 minutes or 5:50 mile pace. Finally my leg had the best day ever! Made it all the way to 12 miles before I had to stretch.

Summary- 124.5km for the week or 77 miles. This week and next week are tough because I’m getting up at 4:45 am to get these runs in before 7 for work. My new job has me working pretty early but after this week I should be able to go get a normal tempo back into the week and get ready for 2 indoor races in December. My leg rehab is getting better with this week being the best but still has it’s ups and downs. I would like to try and run 14:2x indoors this year by February and run 14:4x on the roads as well if the course and weather permits!

My week in training


Long run - Not super long as I'm starting to cut things back but I did a 15 mile progression. 5 miles at 6:30 pace, 5 miles at 5:45 pace and the last 5 at 5:25 pace. This was a great run. The last 5 miles felt great but I made sure I ran those on the roads and not the trails like the first 10 miles of the run as our trails are really undulating and hitting 5:25 on some of the sections would be 5 minute pace effort wise.

15 miles - AM
OFF with a 30 minute pool run - PM


Workout with Jason - 5 miles at half marathon pace with 2 minutes rest followed by 2 more miles at goal half marathon pace. This was a great session done out and back on Portugal Cove Rd. Hit goal half marathon pace feeling smooth. 

14.2 miles with workout (lunch time) - AM
OFF with some mobility work in the gym - PM


12 miles easy with Jason with some strides - AM


Workout - 16X400m off 60 seconds rest. The goal was to run 67's and 68's. I felt like a boss the first 12 and originally that's all I had intended to do but JJ suggested 16 and he was right. The last 4 are where the lungs were burning and my shoulders started getting tight and I was fighting to hold 67 seconds off the 1 minute recovery. This is such a hard session. My goal which Jeremiah and I talked about during the indoor season will be to get myself ready to run a set of 16 with an average of 65 seconds which normally indicates 14:40 5km fitness. We will see. I needed to inject some speed in the legs.

14.2 miles with workout - AM


15 miles - AM
60 minutes pool running - PM


8.2 miles with some strides - AM


13 miles with the first 6 with Jon Lodge, the legend - AM

So like I mentioned much lower mileage wise then before but this is the direction I think I'll be going moving forward. My thinking is that I'll try to run maybe 90-95 miles a week the rest of the fall and winter. I've got my "Aerobic House" built so to speak. I'm going to try exploring running in that 90 mile range with everything being fast and without as many doubles. So for an average pace I want to look at my week and see that my easy/aerobic runs are at 5:50 pace or better. I've gone too long running easy pace at 6:40-7:10 pace. I'm getting no benefits from these runs other then spending more time on my feet then I need to. Looking at how fast JJ is covering his weekly miles makes me think it's time to start speeding things up and dumping the junk miles. That said I'm definitely going to start using a heart rate monitor more to watch out for overtraining. 

Well that's it for me folks, I'll jump online mid week to talk about Scotiabank next Sunday. I'm leaving this Thursday and returning the following Monday. Shout out to Cliff the Elite/Pro Athlete Coordinator for looking after me. Can't wait to get up there and just be part of the weekend. There are 3 sub 2:06 men in the men's marathon.....just ridiculous. Also, I'll be at the Saucony Canada booth at the Expo both Friday and Saturday so be sure to stop by, say hey and check out the awesome products. Speaking of Saucony, I've been doing some testing for them on the soon to be released Saucony Iso-Fit Triumph. (I was calling it the Triumph 12 on social media! My bad.) Anyways I'll be reviewing that on here in the next week or so. It's seriously a game changer, so plush and secure on the foot but still just 10 ounces.....I'm wanting to wear this just walking around. It's so good! Couple of pics below from the race today care of NLAA, Biped Sports (check em out!) and the Triumph I was talking about!

Over and out,

Julia and I took the wins today.

Why do I check the watch every time a picture is taken ha

Saucony Triumph Iso-Fit coming November 2014

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