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Week of training Monday November 17th - Sunday November 23th + JJ's weekly training wrap up + NCAA's

Hey guys. I trust your all doing well and training hard. I'm right back into the hard training now. This week coach introduced workouts back into the plan and we hit a 4 mile tempo on the treadmill on Tuesday and followed that up later the week with a session of 25X200m leaving every 60 seconds on the indoor track. I hit 90 miles for the week and felt good doing it for the most part. I'll admit it was a shock getting that 4 mile tempo as it was my first sustained hard effort since my half marathon about a month ago. It didn't feel hard aerobically which is good and tells me I'm still very fit but just the muscles that I was using and opening up the stride really got me the following day and I was pretty stiff. But things are moving in the right direction. I booked a ticket to Ottawa for late February to race an indoor 5000m at the Ottawa Dome. A full sized indoor track. So we are training with that as our goal and running 14:45. That will put me in a good place to start looking at running fast in the spring. Foot speed and speed endurance are big things that will be developed this fall and winter. So lets see how things progress week after week.

NCAA XC Championships.

There were some great races on this weekend in the NCAA, most notably in DI where on the men's race saw Edward Cheserek taking the win off a pedestrian first 8km which had a group of 40 still in the mix. When he went it was game over, he ran a 5:40 final 2km to take the tape first in 30:19 with his teammate Eric Jenkins coming in behind for the Oregon 1-2. (I called that last week as well as the men's team winners). On the team side Mark Wetmore's men destroyed the field winning in fine fashion, they had 3 men in the top 10. Good to see Blake Theroux back in action and helping lead the team to victory in his senior year. 

Also worth noting is Newfoundland's own Jillian Forsey threw down taking 14th and all american status in her sophomore year. She is such a talent. It's lucky for the CIS girls she's running NCAA because she would have scalped everyone in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport field with ease. I'm actually excited to hear she's racing in the senior women's section of the National Cross Champs on the 29th. I can see her getting beat by only about 3 maybe 4 girls in the country over 6km. She's run 16:02 for 5000m that's the 4th fastest in the field so watch for her to do something special on Jericho Beach.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

As always JJ breaks down his week. He hit some good ones in there. I'm thinking he's definitly in sub 30 minute 10km shape. Can't wait for him to open his season indoors.

Monday - 18.1km in 70 minutes. Felt not to bad but pretty tired overall.
Tuesday - 4km warm up with drills and strides. 7.25km tempo on the treadmill @ 4:46 mile pace. Came through 7km in 20:45 and jumped off a bit later as I wasn;t feeling the greatest but still a solid run all around. 5km warm down. Total of 16.1 km

Wednesday - 17.1km in 65 minutes. Was very tired from yesterday.
Thursday - 18.1km in 70 minutes. Feeling a bit better but not 100%
Friday - 18.1km in 69 minutes. Felt really good today but I have had a couple of really intense days at work.
Saturday - 17.1km in 66minutes. Just getting ready for tomorrows workout.
Sunday - 4.5km warm up with drills and strides. Workout was 6x1 mile with 60 seconds rest. I came into this wanting to run 445 pace but I was going to be fighting winds of 30kph. I had to adjust but I wasn’t to far off regardless. I was really really fighting today to stay on. As every uphill had the wind in my face. Splits were 4:50 4:51 4:49 4:49 4:49 4:47. Average was 4:49 which I was thrilled about. Easily 4-5 seconds slower because of the wind. Just over 5km for a warm down.
Summary 124km total or 77.5 miles. Just one solid week but no fire works. Next week I will try and do something a bit faster on the weekend.

My week in training


11 miles easy in 68:33 or 6:18 pace - AM


Workout - 4 mile tempo on the treadmill at 4:55/mile pace or 12.2 mph. I was hurting big time after about 12 minute but just hung in there to finish it in 19:40. Big shock to the system getting back into workouts.

3 miles warm up, workout then 4 miles cool down for 11 miles - AM


10 miles in 60 minutes or 6:00/mile on the treadmill - AM
5 miles in 32:11 or 6:24/mile pace - PM


12 miles in 76:06 or 6:26/mile pace - AM


12 mile in 74:22 or 6:14/mile pace - AM
Core work and hip mobility drills - PM


Workout - 4km warm up then 25X200m leaving every 60 seconds on the indoor track. This was great until I hit about number 14 or so. Then the short break and running 32's wasn't as easy any more ha. But all the strides I've done helped and I got through it with a 32 second 200m average. Followed by a 5km cool down.

2.4 mile warm up, about 6 miles of running on the track and 3.1 miles cool down. - AM


Long Run - 15 miles in 1:37:56 at an average of 6:32/mile pace. Got out with the boys Jon and Sheldon for the first part of it. Great conversation and a nice honest pace! - AM

Well that was my week, right at 90 miles and 2 workouts with a long run. I just looked at what I've got coming up for December and things are going to get hard/intense in a hurry so stay tuned. Thanks as always for reading and I'll see you guys next time.

Stay frosty,

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