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Week of training Sunday October 26th - Saturday November 1st + JJ's Weekly Wrap Up + NYC Marathon Thoughts.

Hey friends! I don't know why I entitled this entry as if I've been doing my regular training but old habits die hard I guess.....ha. I'm just kidding, obviously I was on my scheduled break. But, ladies and gentlemen, the break is now over and I'm chomping at the bit to get back at it. I'm both physically and mentally recharged and I'm going all in this fall/winter. JJ sent me my first months training there last week. I'm putting my complete faith in his approach and will see it through until the end of next year. I really trust his judgement. Not only is he a very decorated runner who has some stellar PB's but he explained how our Saucony Teammate David Jackson took him under his wing when JJ himself was making his return after a short hiatus post college. How does the old saying go? You are who you chose to surround yourself with? Something like that? Ha well I'm in good hands.

I'm going at it this fall and winter 100%. 0 junk miles over 6:30 pace. The majority of easy running under 6:00/mile and quality workouts where I'm emptying the tank. My mileage is going to be cut back by a great deal. What Jeremiah suggested was cycling it where I'm coming down after higher weeks. I want to come out next spring a different runner. No more fooling around with this 15 minute 5km business and mediocre 10km. We identified some major weaknesses in my running game. Most notably footspeed and speed endurance. Sure I do well here locally but let's face it folks I've got my ass handed to me away this year. So it's time to remedy this. Anyway, enough about that. You, my fellow runners who read my humble blog will see how the training goes and progresses from week to week. Stay locked, things are going to get FAST up in this! ;)

2014 NYC Marathon.

Well if you are a hardcore running fan like me you tuned into the NYC marathon today. It didn't disappoint. Wilson Kipsang once again proved he is the best man on the planet over 26.2. He took charge after a pedestrian opening 20 mile due to the wind but when he went, oh dear was there ever carnage. The only man to put up a fight was Lelesa Desisa, (2013 Boston Champ) But Wilson is just way too much for that guy to handle. When he took off with 200m to go he put like 5 seconds on him. It was epic. Desisa had some elbow contact with him with about 400m to run and Wilson looked at him with a look of either disdain or pity, He almost let Desisa have a go at trying to win, then just blew the doors off him. My dream is to see Wilson back in Berlin with his training mate Kimmeto both ready to run and 2-3 quality pace makers who can get them to 30-32km. This would be so ridiculous. Guaranteed we would see another 20 plus seconds come off the WR. 

Mile splits from 22 -26
Mile 22 - 4:37
Mile 23 - 4:35
Mile 24 - 4:55 (the boys stopped into starbucks for a bit on this one) lol s
Mile 25 - 4:38
Mile 26 - 4:33

On the women's side we had a barn burner as well but lets face it, everyone who follows the sport knew that after Kiplagat went out the back door at 19 miles and Deba started falling off no other women had the credentials to challenge Kaitany. It was a great run from her. I'm impressed with that 2:25 flat into a headwind. That's got to be worth 2:17 high - 2:18 low on a Berlin type course with good weather. IMPRESSIVE.

What to know who wasn't impressive? The Americans (except for Meb 4th place, epic run, and Deena who is 41, super tiny and not known to run well in the wind. Great run from her. Her and Meb are hanging on until someone worthy/as talented comes along I think).

I followed all the buildups of guys like Ryan Vail, Nick Arcianaga, Desi, Kara........and let me tell you, NOT IMPRESSED. I mean these are great runners, don't get me wrong but how are they getting so much media and how are they so popular? It's rather bizzar considering our top men and women marathoners could scalp them 9/10 times. (Desi is still decent, but I think you give lanni another couple build ups and have her run just 2 marathons/season and she takes desi.) I don't know what to make of this. I feel like Eric's 2:11:21 got no recognition at all and trust me folks on that day in Toronto we had 20km/hour winds as well. You'd think it's the first time these people ran into a headwind or something. Vail ran 2:15 as did Nick. Desi ran a solid 2:28 but was yo-yo-ing off the back from the 13 mile mark and the girl leading was making her marathon debut who went onto break 2:26. So in reality desi wasn't a factor at all. (I'm actually a fan of hers but I'm stating facts here). As for Kara, 2:37, I won't say anything else as that time sort of speaks for itself. That's not good for someone who actually does this for a living. 

There is however hope for the US in the marathon. On the womens side Shalane is still a BEAST. She ran a 2:21 in berlin and might be able to chop a little more off that. What could happen in the future too is Berzunesh Deba (2:19 girl) who had an off day today but was second at NYC the last 2 years and ran a PB of 2:19 this spring is trying to get citizenship for 2016. I'm sure some of the american born girls wont like that but I mean take a look at what it did for the US when Bernard Lagat was a naturalized citizen. So lets see it. Deba, Flanagan and Desi would be a solid Olympic team! For the men, Meb is still very solid, he finished 4th at the last Olympics, won Boston and was 4th today. Ritz has run 2:07 and could still get into that type of shape again without much problem as long as he is healthy. Then eventually, you have the think Galen Rupp will be an animal at the marathon. His only half he ran 60:16, did I mention he fell?

So that is my little rant about the marathon today and the state of the event in the US. I only get fired up about it because I see some of the talent we have here not getting the recognition they deserve. For example Reid Coolseat had the 3rd fastest time in North America last year but everyone was going nuts about the great debut of Tagenkamp (2:12 on a day where 2 guys ran 2:03.....come on....). 

As Canadians we should be super proud of our men and women and be thankful that they are so humble as well. 

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ got after an awesome week of training, love seeing him healthy and running so well.

Monday - 17.1km easy in 66 minutes. Feeling really soar from the track workout yesterday!
Tuesday - 18.1km in 70 minutes. Feeling a bit better but my legs still feel a bit trashed.

Wednesday - 4km warm with drills and strides. 7km tempo in 20:45 or 4:46 mile pace on the treadmill. This one really hurt compared to last week but my legs were still soar from the 300’s I did on Sunday. Overall though I was very happy with this effort. I got just over 5km for a warm down. 16.3km
Thursday - 18.1km easy in 70 minutes
Friday - 17.1 km easy in 66 minutes.
Saturday - Just shy of a 5km warm up with drills and strides. For some reason, I wasn't feeling the best going into today. Really didn't have a set plan as my last 3 weeks I have been nailing workouts as hard as possible and I just needed something solid not crazy. I settled on 7x1mile with 60 seconds rest at 4:55 pace to give myself a break. I ended up going fairly quick on these as David wasn't feeling 100% and only did the first 2. I ended up at 4:59 4:51 4:51 4:48 4:48 4:47 4:44. The average was 4:49.7 which is smack down at 3:00 km pace for just over 11km of work. It really makes me want to try the half marathon again if I can get my leg to keep going in the right direction as this shows I could run a fast one! Just over 4km for the warm down. 19.5km total
Sunday- 14 miles in 1:31 with David Jackson. Felt really relaxed today which was awesome and decided to keep it a bit shorter rather than go another 1:40. Averaged 6:30 pace the whole time.
Summary 128.8km for the week or 80 miles. Really good week of workouts just need to dial it back a bit this month and then hit it very hard in December as my first race will be the middle of January.

So that's it for me. You'll see my training resume next week. So watch for that. Thanks as always for reading folks! I really do appreciate it.


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