Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Week of training Monday December 15th - Sunday December 21st + JJ's Weekly Wrap Up + End of year thoughts.

Hey again friends. Well, I trust your all ready for Christmas and all that the holiday brings. Things are a little chaotic for me but I'm still getting in some great training. This week I had a workout of 2 mile reps and a solid tempo. I'm hoping that I can get one more solid week in this month and then start the new year with even more fire in my belly.

End of year thoughts and thank yous.

Well 2014 was definitely my best year to date since I started this running journey in 2011. I managed to take about 30 seconds off my 5km and a minute off my 10km. I learned much in the way of training in terms of what my body responds to and thankfully made it through the season without any injuries. Provincially, things went well on the roads/track. Over the last 2 years I've gone  24 for 26 on the provincial scene but unfortunately the two races I haven't won have been the Tely 10, the most prestegious event in Newfoundland so obviously that's something I'd like to remedy in the upcoming years. Nationally I competed several times and put forth good efforts with my highest placing being 8th at the STWM half marathon. Looking back now I'm definitely satisfied and grateful for the year as a whole but I'm definitly hungry to keep improving and to drop down those PR's even more. 

So on to the thank yous. First and foremost I want to thank Saucony Canada for all the support this past year and for signing me again for 2015. The whole crew is amazing but a special shout out goes to Jeremiah, Catherine, Linda and Ben. I'd also like to thank Terik with Polar Global, and Tyler with Smith Optics. Lastly my friend JJ (mentioned above as well) but thank you my friend for the encouragement, guidance and friendship!

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

Once again JJ had a great week and seems to be really hiting the workouts he needs to enable him to run some blistering times on the indoor track. He's hoping to open up well with a 5000m at the Husky Invite so be sure to check him out there.

Monday 18.1km easy in 70 minutes.
Tuesday 17.2km easy in 66 minutes easy just getting ready for tomorrow
Wednesday just over 4km warm up and drills. 7.4km tempo at 446 pace. 5k in 14:51 and 7km in 20:45. just about a 5km warm down. This went way better than last week and I felt smoother to.
Thursday 18.1km in 69 minutes
Friday 18.1km in 70minutes
Saturday 10 miles in the am in 62:15 and then did a 3.5 mile run with the pup in the afternoon went through 5k in 18:47
Sunday 4.5 km warm up. workout was 2 mile then 12x200. The 2 mile went really well and was 9:20 for the road loop was around 8:41ish or so for 3km then the 200's were all 30 with the 200jog rest in under a minute. 5km warm down
Summary 127.5km or 79 miles. very good week of training and was able to hold my 5km pace on the road for 2 miles. just keep things going this way!

My Week in Training


10 miles easy on the treadmill at 6:30 pace - AM


10 miles easy - 6:25 pace - AM


Workout - 7km tempo, the same as last week on the treadmill at 4:52 pace or 12.3mph. This felt a little better then last week and I was happy to feel like I wasn't just surviving. This week it's going to be pushed to 8km before we sustain that for a few weeks then but it up to 4:50 pace.

3 mile warm up, 7km tempo, 4 mile cool down - AM


10 miles in 58:14 or 5:50 pace with 10X100m strides after - AM


10 miles easy on the treadmill in 65 minutes 6:30 pace - AM


Workout - 3X2miles off 2 minutes recovery. This was a great workout. JJ said to keep things smart the first two and go really hard on the last one. I was really being safe the first two and went 9:54, 9:51 then basically time trialed in effect the last one in 9:31. I was basically destroyed the last 3 minutes of that interval but managed to hang in there. Have you guys ever had that feeling where your even starting to tie up in your arms.....? Well I had that pretty bad. But when I was done I fist pumped big time in the middle of the road. Hopefully nobody thought there was something wrong with me ha.

3 mile warm up, 6 miles of work (400m jogs between) and 2.6 mile cool down - AM


Long Run - This was a down week so we didn't do as much volume it was a nice 13 miler at 6:18 pace. I felt great during it but after my legs seemed a bit tired after the workout on Saturday.

13 miles - Lunch time

Well folks that was my week, I'm extremely happy with it and am still on a high from that 2 mile session. I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a safe holidays. I'll be back this weekend to chat more about running and training.

Enjoy the festivities

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