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Week of training Monday December 1st - Sunday December 7th + JJ's Weekly Wrap Up.

Hey running friends, sorry for not getting this up on Monday, I was super busy with work but rest assured it won't happen again. I won't make this a long post but next week I'll make sure I jump on and rant about some running related topic that's on my mind. More likely then not it will probably be talking about the upcoming indoor track season or looking at who will be running in the Dubai Marathon as that's always a pretty epic race. This past weekend saw Fukuoka and that's always a pretty strong field. I was hoping Ritz would turn things around and get to the line of this one but I guess it's better playing it safe and getting ready for next season. I know he talked about maybe running the Marathon at the World Champs in late summer so that's going to require a respectable spring Marathon so let's hope he gets 100% healthy and is ready to roll come the spring. (Note that former WR Holder Patrick Makau won Fukuoka in 2:08, this may be far off his 2:03:38 PB but it's a good step. I saw that he ran a decent road 10km this summer in 27:40ish so I figured he was returning to form)

Two more housekeeping items. I'm now hooked in with for this blog. Trackie is an awesome site for everything running related going down in Canada. Now for those of you giving this a read from there. Many of you are more credentialled in the running department then myself and I'd love to have any of your input any time so leave a comment in the section bellow or fire me an email if you ever want to get in on a post or share anything. Thanks Adam, for bringing me onto the blogroll. The other point is that I'm going to be an Ambassador for the 2015 Ottawa Race Weekend as a part of #TeamAwesome #TORW2015. I'll elaborate more on this in my next post but suffice to say I'll be helping do my part to promote the race and you can expect me on the starting line of the race weekend 10km for the Canadian 10km National Champs. Exciting stuff.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

For those of you who are just stoping by my blog for the first time Jeremiah Johnston AKA JJ is my coach, Saucony Canada Teammate and former NCAA D1 runner. I include his training as well to give some perspective on another athletes training. 

Monday 18.2km Easy in 70 min.
Tuesday. Just over 4 km warm up with drills and strides. 7.3km tempo at 446 mile pace. Went through 5k in 1450 and 7km in 2046. Felt great and got in a 5k warm down
Wednesday 17.2km easy in 66 minutes.
Thursday 18.2km in 70 min.
Friday 18.1km in 69 minutes. Felt great!
Saturday. 17.2km easy in 66 minutes.
Sunday was going to do a hard workout but I have been working a ton lately and I listened to my body. A bit mentally burned right now. Did a half marathon in 75 minutes in the trails at 547 pace.
Pm took tucker out for his first 5km! He ran 2134.
Total 132 km or 82.5 miles. I just need to get my head straight and dive into hard workout this weekend.

My Week in training


11 miles easy at 6:28 pace - AM


8km tempo on the treadmill at 12.2mph or 4:55 pace. This was a progression from the 7km we did the week before. (Note that I did a workout today that was back to 7km but at 4:52 pace). This felt hard but good. 8km in 24:37.

Standard 3ish mile warm up and cool down. Felt tired after - Lunch Time

Wednesday - 

10 miles in 65:00 or 6:30 pace easy on the treadmill - AM
5 miles at 6:22 pace on the trails - PM


12 miles steadyish at 5:52 pace then 10X100m strides - AM


11 miles nice and easy at just a hair over 6:30 pace - AM


Workout - 10X1km off 60 seconds rest. I was a little nervous going into this one as it's a fair amount of volume. JJ was thinking anything between 3:02-3:05 average would be good when it was all said and done. I started off the first 5 going pretty conservative I ran one 3:07 and most 3:05 then tried to squeez them down a little faster near the end. The last 2 reps were 2:59 and 2:55 and the average was right at 3:02 which was a coincidence I was happy about as I was pretty spent doing the last couple and was loosing track of how many and how fast I had gone. The 60 seconds recovery doesn't seem bad for the first 5 but the last two I was really suffering. 

4 mile warm up + workout then bailed on the cool down after 1 mile. I was tired and cold - AM


Long Run - 16 miles nothing too spectacular, just tried to feel as good as I could after the workout averaged a hair under 6:30 but was definitely tired near the end.

16 miles - AM

So that was my week. It came out to just about 90 miles with everything added up. I was really happy about both workouts for this time of the season. Things seem to be rolling well. I hope to keep the uninterupted training going into the new year then hit some indoors.

Again, thanks a ton for stopping by my humble blog. I know it's not as sexy as some of the training that some of our Elites are putting in but hey you've got to start somewhere right! 

Keep your sticks on the ice,


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