Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Week of training Monday December 22ed to Sunday December 28th + JJ's weekly wrap up

Happy Holidays friends, I trust your all recovering from your turkey hangovers and getting in some good runs. I had one of the best weeks in my career training wise this past week which was a pleasant surprise. It's normally pretty tough to stay motivated during Christmas week but it helps being off work and limiting the social evening outings. Either way I'm stoked to have made it through Christmas in good form. I just got my training for January from Jeremiah and it looks like things will be ramped up from here with more 5km specific work as the goal is to run a fast 5000m indoors. I'm going to limit this post to JJ and my training. I'll jump on later this week and give my thoughts on 2014 in terms of what went down in the world of running and what I enjoyed the most. There's lots to look at. The first 2:02 Marathon, a 3:27 1500 from Silas Kiplagat, Nick Willis having an amazing season and breaking 3:50 and 3:30 for the mile and 1500m, Rupp's 26:44, the year that was in the steeple which proved to be pretty entertaining, King David returning to the 800 and Gatlin murdering the 100/200m. Anyway I'll toss a post together about that and have it ready to go later this week.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ had a great week once again. I know he's been super busy with work and not getting as much rest as he would normally but the workouts speak for themselves. Thanks as always bud.

Monday. Easy 10 miles in 62 minutes. Felt good.
Tuesday Easy 10 miles in 62 minutes. Felt good.
Wednesday. Warm up. 4 mile tempo in 19:54 on the roads. 2 minutes rest. 2x1 miles in 453 each. 1 minute in between. Felt horrible doing this. Warm down.
Thursday. Day off!
Friday 10 miles in 59:16. Felt super run down and bad again.
Saturday 10 miles in 61:50 felt a bit better.
Sunday warm up 16x300 in an average of 46.20 with a 300 recovery jog in 1:29. Warm down. PM 4 miles with the pup in 26 minutes. Total of 24km.
Summary 105.5km or 65.5 miles. This was a down week for me and I needed it. Overall it was an average week without a ton of fire works to speak of. I hope to feel better next week!

My Week in Training

Monday - 12 miles nice and easy at 6:24/mile pace - AM


Workout - 6km tempo on the treadmill at 4:50/mile pace or 12.4mph. Followed by 2X1km on the indoor track. I'm fortunate to have a good facility in our fieldhouse at our University here in town so I did the tempo on the treadmill's upstairs then switched into my spikes and got after the 2X1km. I went 2:57, 2:54 for the 1km's and held on to the tempo for the full 6km. I was pretty tired after and a little stiff. I think it was switching from the treadmill to turns on the indoor track. Happy with this one tho for sure.

5km warm up, 6km tempo, 2X1km then a 3km cool down - AM


10 miles on the treadmill at 6:30 pace - AM
5 miles easy on the trails at 6:19 pace - PM


12 miles steady state at 5:52/mile pace + 10X100m strides. I was hurting a little but managed to finish it off ok. - AM


11 miles easy at 6:36/mile pace - AM


Workout - This was probably the hardest session I've ever done. I started out hard and wanted to push the envelope and see what I had in the tank. The workout was 6X1mile off 1 minute rest. I did this session about a month ago and averaged around 4:55 but we figured we would shoot for around 4:50 or so this time. When all was said and done I averaged 4:48 for the workout. I got my 5th rep down to 4:46 and was hoping to hang onto that for the last one but I was really spent and only managed a 4:52.8 on the last one. I was seeing stars when I finished the last rep and just walked back to my car without a cool down. I decided to go to the pool for a swim instead.

3 mile warm up + 6X1mile - AM
Swim - PM


Long Run - 16 miles at just under 6:30 pace. I think it was 6:24 average. I felt really tired but just got it done.

16 miles - AM

Alright folks, so that's it really for 2014. I'm hitting my last workout of the year this morning but after that we will tie a bow on it and move on to bigger and better things in 2015. Be sure to stay locked and see what happens as we kick off 2015.

Thanks for reading, and happy holidays. Keep your sticks on the ice and be safe,

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