Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Week of training Monday December 8th - Sunday December 14th + JJ's Weekly Wrap Up + Ottawa Race Weekend and Dubai Marathon

Hey friends, apologies once again on the delay, this post has been written since Sunday but I just didn't have time to get it up. I won't get too deep into things this week but I definitely want to chat about a few things. Training has gone really well and I'm in the best shape I've ever had myself in. I still have a while until my first race but I'm excited to keep building on things. So let's get into some things.

Ottawa Race Weekend 2015

As many of you know at the end of May every year Ottawa hosts their race weekend. There are various events to participate in from the kids run, 5km, 10km, half and full Marathon. This is a truely world class event and plenty of top talent from all over the globe make it a point to race the mean streets of Ottawa at this time of the season. The 10km, which I'll be running in not only plays host to our 10km Nataional Championchips but it's also only the second IAAF Gold Label 10km in North America. Previous winners have been the likes of Dereba Merga 2009 Boston Marathon Champ, and Georfrey Mutai. Not to mention the Marathon attracts some big names and saw the Canadian Soil all comers record set last year. As I briefly mentioned I'm part of the #TeamAwesome #TORW2015 group of athletes that are helping to promote the race and look forward to taking part for the first time myself this year. I chatted with the Elite coordinator Manny Rodriguez yesterday and confirmed my spot on the start line, so I encourage anyone who's looking to run a race in late May to give this some thought. You won't be disappointed - http://www.runottawa.ca/ 

Bekele to run Dubai

I was waiting for a press release to see if the rumours were in fact true. Kenny B will be attempting his 3rd crack at the Marathon this coming January in Dubai. It was announce that he's now under the guidance of famed coach Ronato Canova so I'm really interested to see what he can do on a fast course like Dubai. It's really hard to gauge where his ceiling could be in the Marathon. We saw flashes of brilliance when he beat Mo Farah at the great north run in 2013 and his debut in Paris was very solid. I know you can't really judge a guy too much on an off race and his 2:05:51 in Chicago this year but he did look volnurable there as his rival Eliud Kipchoge just ran away from everyone the last 5-6km. I hope he hits a big on and at least gets into the 2:04:30 territory. Either way this is going to be a great storyline to follow.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up.

JJ had another big week in training, looks like he's really coming into good form so I'm excited to see him open up indoors after the holidays! Also, I know that we would both like to thank Saucony Canada as we just resigned with them for the upcoming season. We are both really grateful.

Monday- 18.2km easy in 70 minutes. Felt pretty good overall.

Tuesday. 17.2km easy in 66 minutes. Just getting ready for tomorrows tempo!

Wednesday- 7.3 km tempo run in 21:30. was at 446 mile pace the whole time but this one was a grind the whole time. Warm up and warm down was 16.1 km in total.

Thursday 18.2km in 70 minutes felt pretty dead from yesterdays tempo sessions!

Friday easy 17.2km run as I was gearing up for tomorrow session!

Saturday warm up and was relieved to finally have David Jackson accompany me for half the workout as he is starting to get back into shape. 6x1 mile with 60 seconds rest on my 2 mile road loop. This was very tough as I really went to the well. 449 446 445 446 444 443. Average of 445 pace which was exactly which I wanted.

total 14.5km PM did 3.5 miles with my dog. Tucker cruised to a new 5km PB of 19:33. He made the rookie mistake of going out in 6 flat for the first mile and died. He will learn! total for the day 20.5km

Sunday- 24.5km in 1:40. I was absolutely zonked on this run from yesterday not much to say

Total for the week is 132km or 82 miles. Very happy with this week as I was finally able to get in two very good workouts and a solid long run!

My Week in Training


10 miles easy 6:27 pace - AM


10 miles easy at lunch 6:30 pace on the treadmill - Lunch
5 miles easy on the trails 6:21 pace - PM


Workout - This was supposed to be Tuesday but I had a really busy schedule so we moved it around. I had a 7km tempo on the treadmill at 12.3mph or 4:52/mile pace. I was really nervous about it just where I've never tried one at that pace before but it went really well. I split 5km in 15:12 and hung in there for dear life. I'm doing this same session again this week before we bump it to an 8km the following week so the body gets a chance to adapt.

3 mile warm up, 7km tempo and 2.5 mile cool down - AM


12 miles steadyish at 5:55/mile pace, I was really drained after doing this one but hung on, I also did 10X100m strides after - AM


11 miles at 6:41 pace - AM (I was pretty tired on this one for sure)


Workout - 16X300m with 90 seconds jog recovery. I actually went out to the outdoor track and got this one in which was pretty awesome, the temps have been great lately. When all was said and done I averaged 48 seconds/rep for the interval. I was trying to come through 200m at 32 seconds. These workouts take a long out of me so I'll have to recover well from this one. Very happy with it though.

2.5 mile warm up then the workout followed by a mile and a half cool down - PM


Long Run - 16 miles at 6:23/mile pace. I felt really drained at the end but I mean it had to get done. I just felt the lingering fatigue in my legs.

16 miles - AM

So that's my week, very happy with it, right around 90 miles with two good workouts so things went well. I've got a down week coming up with less volume so let's hope that puts some freshness back into the legs!

Stay frosty,


  1. You and JJ both do your tempo sessions way too fast. They should be done at a pace you can hold for one hour in a race environment.

    1. Hey Tom,

      I used to do my tempos at the effort that your talking about. More Lactate Threshold zone then what I'm doing now. Based on my fitness they would be around 5:15-5:20/mile but I wasn't seeing as much benefits as what I've been doing recently. I always just felt like I was just getting tired.

      What we are doing is going at a pace that we could hold for 30 minutes I'm assuming or there abouts. I'm really trying to focus on running a good 5km.

      I definitely agree with what your saying tho. I studied some of the physiology while doing my undergrad. There is definitely merit to working at true LT. Essential helping decrease the gap between that LT pace and Velocity at VO2 Max.

      I'd also say that if I were to run these sessions outside they wouldn't be as quick as the energy demand to hit the paces I do on the treadmill are a little less then what they would be outdoors.

      Thanks for the comment tho my friend. Your bang on.