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Week of training Monday November 24th - Sunday November 30th + ACXC

Hello once again my friends. Well, winter is full on here. I'm torn because it looks super nice to have some snow but it's forced me onto the pavement and that's not really good for running but I'll just have to be diligent with my recovery and make sure I'm wearing a heavier shoe to take some of the pounding off my legs. As far as training is going, last week was pretty awesome. It makes me question what I was doing before running such high mileage when I'm basically a 5km-10km guy. Coach had this as a down week with 76 miles which he will have me down at every 4th week. Normally we will be about 90. Even at 90 I'm running about 40 less then I was each week over the last year and I have so much more pop in my legs. I did my first session of longer intervals on Saturday 5X1mile with 60 seconds rest on the stretch of road by Windsor Lake and I felt so strong and fast. I held myself back running a 5:01 for the first one and worked down to a 4:52 on the last one off really short rest and felt like a boss doing it. When I chatted with Jeremiah about the session after we agreed that it's telling us I'm in 15:15 5km shape on the roads which is my PB for the distance on the road. So it's exciting to see that my starting point for this segment is there. We hope to get that staple workout a lot faster as the weeks go by and continue to develop all the necessary systems to enable me to throw down that 14:45 5km we are targeting on the 21st of February.

Canadian XC Champs.

So the big news this past weekend was cross nats at Jericho Beach in Vancouver. I watched most of the races live but missed the Senior mens race as my lady friend and I had date night and I mean, I love running know, I'm also a dude...ha. So anyway after I got home I avoided any spoilers and watched the race. Mad respect to my boy and Saucony teammate Kelly Weibe on pushing the pace and coming 2ed. What a lot of people don't realize is Kelly was in Japan for the Ekiden Relay only a week ago where he ran a 10km leg in 29 with that in his legs and travel that's a heck of a run. The race itself was super exciting. But as they say the cream always rises to the top, after they felt each other out Chris Winter, Barry Britt and Johnson broke away with Kelly and things got strung out. I thought Kelly had it when he made a strong move with 1km to go but Winter is a beast man, he came back with 600 to go and took things home hard. Winter is a beast and a super nice dude. He's run an 8:24 steeple chase and a 13:30 5km so he's no joke. Luc Bruchet had a little bit of an off day but he's one to watch for as well in the next couple years. He was over in Japan with Kelly and ran the 5km leg of the relay in 13:34. (The boys wanted to go 1-2 in the race as they are good buddies and roommates.). CP-T had a great showing coming 7th and the run of the day was by U-Vic's Cassidy, he was battling injuries this year and had a great showing at CIS but threw down here and will be going to World XC thanks to his efforts. I can't leave this race break down without shouting out my other Teammate Colin Fewer, he ran a super smart race, stayed a little bit off that lead pack and picked off people as they started falling off, he finished 19th overall which is very solid.

The women's race was pretty good as well. Rachel Hannah is clearly a class above right now and sat back for 2 laps then just ran away from everyone. I was super impressed with Rachel Clift tho and also Natasha Wodak on impressive performances. Our own Jillian foresey held her own and punched her ticket to worlds as well so great job Jillian!

Kelly making it honest

Lead pack working hard

This is where we normally put up Jeremiah's training but he's been working CRAZY long hours this week and decided to just run easy. But, fear not, he will be back with workouts next week to come back and check for it.

My Week in Training,


10 miles easy running 6:30 pace so bang on 65:00 just wanting to recover from the weekend - AM


Workout - I had the option between 4 miles on the treadmill at 4:52/mile pace or 7km at 4:55. After talking with JJ we figured 7km at 4:55 would be the best bet where I'm only back into workouts for my second week. So I got on there and grinded it out. I felt like I had more pop in my stride this week then last week and my ground contact time seems to be reduced. I felt good popping along. I went through 5km in 15:19 and hung tough for the next 2km and finished 7km in 21:28. It was hard don't get me wrong but I felt great after getting it done.

Workout with 3 mile warm up, 4.37 miles of tempo and 3 mile cool down - AM
Off - PM


10 mile nice and easy in 65:19 so 6:32/mile pace


10 miles at 5:49 pace done in 58:13 then 10X100m strides - AM


10 miles easy in 65:00, did part of this with Sheldon and Jon averaged 6:30 - PM
Stretching, 25 minutes of core work and hip mobility drills - PM


Workout - 5X1mile off 60 seconds floating jog. I did this on the strait portion of Portugual Cove Rd. 3 out and 2 back. This was my first real long interval session after my break so I wanted to feel out the first one but JJ and I decided on 4:55 for the average. I eased into the first one and felt like I wasn't really working hard and ran 5:01, after that I went 4:55, 4:56, 4:54 and 4:52 (The last one was a 4:55 effort I just ran the last 400 really hard). This was a really good session I felt so smooth running this pace. I ended the workout thinking I could have run 2 more. But 4:55 pace has never been my problem it's when I'm trying to do a set at 4:45 when I start getting my ass kicked so this is a good start and we will progress from here!

Workout with warm up and cool down totalled 11 miles - AM/PM (afternoon)


Long Run  12 miles at 6:28 pace with Sheldon and Jamie, really enjoyed the company - AM

So that was my week folks, we scheduled this one as a down week to get myself rested up a bit as I'm running much faster overall on all my runs. Like, last week for example the average of all my miles including workouts and easy runs was about 6:13 so that's much faster then it's been in the past. Better to be safe and bring the volume down every now and then to focus on quality.

That's it for me folks but I'll be back next week same time, same place, stay locked,

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