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Week of training Monday December 28th - January 4th + JJ's weekly wrap up + my top 5 performances of 2014

Happy new year folks, I hope you all had a very enjoyable and safe holiday season. I enjoyed a ton of good food, time with my friends, girlfriend and family. It was most enjoyable but it's now time to get ready for a big 2015 campaign. This past week was epic as far as training goes until I attempted to walk my dog of all things and slipped on some ice. I went to see the doctor as I was out of it and couldn't really think properly. Thankfully it wasn't too serious but it was a mild concussion and I had to stay in a dark room for a while. I couldn't really watch tv or look at any screens so that was kind of lame but I'm feeling a bit better now and I'll go back to see the doctor tomorrow and I trust he will clear me for a workout. I was supposed to have one today but pushed it and have taken a couple days off. Anyway this won't be a terribly long post but I do want to give my top 5 male and female performances of 2014 like I mentioned last week.

Top 5 male track/road performances of 2014

Number 5 - Justin Gatlin's 100/200m double within an hour of each other running a world leading 9.77 and 19:71......the self proclaimed batman of the track world threw down in Brussels with an incredibly display of sprinting - http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/athletics/29079981 

Number 4 - Galen Rupp's 26:44 american record. This was an inspiring performance and seeing him close his last two laps with a 59, 58 off an honest pace was impressive. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxXMPUiN9Zw

Number 3 - Wilson Kipsang blowing away the last 400m of the NYC marathon to win the world marathon majors. He blew away Desisa 

Number 2 - Silas Kiplagat's Diamond League record of 3:27.6 in a race where 7th place Nick Willis ran 3:29.....imagine running 3:29 for 7th.....crazy 

Number 1 - It had to be Kimmeto's 2:02:57.....it was simply amazing

(Note I do realize I'm playing favorites to distance running, but to be fair that's what I follow the most and appreciate the most. There were some great performances in the high jump this year that could have been here as well)

Top 5 female track/road performances of 2014

Number 5 - Genzebe Dibaba's indoor 1500m WR of 3:55.17, it was incredible to see her set 3 world records indoors in a span of only 18 or so days.

Number 4 - Julia Bleasdale's win at the Carlbad 5000m. She owned a very deep field and nearly broke 15 minutes.

Number 3 - Emma Coburn setting the american record in the steeple. Big year for her and proved herself on the big stage. (Lolo Jones video bombs this interview......not a fan of hers ha)

Number 2 - Mary Kaitany winning NYC in her first marathon after having her child.

Number 1 - JENNY SIMPSON! The year as a whole but diving to win the Diamond League final.

JJ's Weekly Training Wrap Up

JJ had an awesome week. We are both going to be doing a time trial this month to see where we are. expect his to be super fast for sure. I'm guessing about 20 seconds faster then myself or more.

Monday- 18.1km in 70 minutes felt pretty good.
Tuesday 17.2km easy in 66 minutes.
Wednesday- just over a 4km warm up with drills and strides. 7.5km tempo run @4:43 pace on the treadmill. This was by far the smoothest I have ever felt running at this pace. I was pretty jacked about this one as I came through 5k in 14:39 and 7k in 20:32. 5km warm down.
Thursday 8km easy as I was pretty tired from the night before....
Friday 18.1km easy in 70 minutes
Saturday- easy 17.1km just getting ready for tomorrow.
Sunday - the workout plan was 7x1km at 2:53 pace outside off of 60 seconds rest but we ended getting a dump of snow over night so I headed to a different gym I don't normally go to for my tempo's since it was close. I did my warm up and strides and hoped on the thing to find out, it only goes 12mph. I was pretty mad and figured well I might as well just rock the incline up a bit and stay on till I feel tired. I ended up doing 20x1km at 3:06 pace with 60 seconds rest. I was feeling really good till 16 then worked from 18-20. The pace I felt was pretty solid for this many repeats but not lightning fast. I did a mile cool down and went home and ate and drank a ton.
Summary-119 km for the week or 74.5 miles with two pretty solid workouts in.


My week that was in training


11 miles easy at 6:30 pace on the treadmill - AM


Workout - Best tempo of my life thus far. 7km at 4:50 pace on the treadmill. I came through 5km in 15:08. It was hard for sure but I'm seeing the adaptation doing these from week to week.

5km warm up, 7km tempo and 4ish km warm down - AM


10 miles at 6:19 pace - AM
5 miles at 6:26 pace - PM


12 miles steady at 5:49/mile pace + 10X100m strides - AM


11 miles easy at 6:30 pace on the tready - AM


Workout - 8X800m off 2 minutes rest. I can't remember the last time I did 800's. 70 second pace doesn't feel too hard for me at this point but you can't get in over your head on these workouts. So I averaged 2:20 for the first 7 and made sure I ran relaxed and smooth as my good friend Mike Greene always says! Anyway I let myself go on the last one and ran a 2:09. That last one was most definitly not smooth and my face must have look awfully pretty there that last 400 ha. But it was a good rep.

5km warm up, 4 miles of work for the workout and a 5km cool down - AM


I fell as I mentioned Saturday evening and couldn't run Sunday at all.

Anyway that was my week. I'm very happy with everything except the fall. So yeah, it's time to grind now. We are into 2015. I'm growing my flow out and might even get after a Kevin Coffey or Garrett De Jong style beard for the cold winter months. We shall see if the women will let that slide.

Until next time, thanks ever so much for stopping by and happy training,

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