Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Week of training Monday January 12th - January 18th + Some indoors and Dubai

What's up running friends? Apologies for delaying this update a couple days but I had to go out of town for a few days with work. Never fear though, training is still coming along nicely and last week was one of the best I've ever had. I'll make this update as quick as I can as I'm writing it on a colleagues tablet between meetings.

Indoor action and the Dubai Marathon.

Last weekend had a couple of great races on the college/pro circuit. The first of which being the Washington Preview Meet at the Dempsy, this saw our own Jessica O'Connell run a solo effort 9:09 3km season opener and Cam Levins running a 3:58 mile with training partner Matt Centro. Both are great showings and indicate that Jess and Cam are in a good place kicking off the indoor season. Hopefully Jess can get into some fast heats at big meets and drop some times that show her true abilities after an incredible 2014 which saw her run a 15:13 5km at Payton Jordan.

We also had the Huston Half/Marathon which hosts the USA Half Champs. This was a great race and the two debutantes over the half Kim Connolly and Diego Estrada took the titles. Diego looked incredible running 60:51. He's coached by the legendary coach Vigil. I really think this guys futures lies in the Marathon. He talked after how he had been doing 10 mile tempo runs at 4:35 pace so he knew he was ready for a great half.

Lastly, this weekend features the Dubai Marathon. With a $200'000.00 prize for first place look to see some super fast times and a slew of quick Ethiopians. From what I've read they don't hire any pacemakers for this race so let's hope somebody makes it honest and we see Kenny B pop a fast one of at lest sub 2:04:30. Either way be sure to check EuroSport for the stream. It's going to be a barn burner.

My Week in Training


10 miles 6:30 pace easy - AM


Workout - This was my first time doing a treadmill tempo at 4:48 pace. I was scheduled for 7km so I was rather nervous going into it. But once I got into it I started rolling really well. I managed to get it done but it was tough. I had to sit down on the belt for a little while after before doing my cool down. Happy with this one though for sure. When I talked to JJ after the workout I was nervous that he would keep jacking the pace up as the build up goes on but he assured me we will keep it here but extend the distance/time of the tempo as the weeks go by.

5km warm up, 7km tempo, 5km warm down.


10.1 miles outside 6:16 pace - AM
5 miles treadmil 6:30 pace - PM


12 miles steady state 5:45 pace on the treadmill then 10X100m strides - AM


10 miles easy on the treadmill 6:30 pace - AM


Workout/Time Trial - I was really nervous about this. JJ had me down for a 5km time trial. I wanted to do it outside on a local course or a strait stretch of road but our weather wasn't the best. Anyway, I was forced to do it on the indoor track, so I talked to JJ, got my head set for it and did a 5km warm up then got my spikes on and set out. I felt really good during this until about the last 1500m where I had to dig really deep. I ended up running a huge PB of 14:41 and really surprised myself. I knew I could time trial sub 15 after the workouts I've been hitting but this went really well. So lets hope when I get into a 5000m on Feb 21st with a few bodies around I'll be able to take a few more seconds off that.

5km warm up, 5km time trial on the indoor track then 7km cool down - Lunchtime


Long run - 16 mile long run nice and easy on the treadmill at 6:30 pace on the treadmill. I've been forced to be on it more then I'd like lately but I don't mind. I just put the headphones in a grind it out.

16 miles - AM

Well folks I'll get out of here now. I'm heading back to town tonight but I hit a big workout here today in Halifax so things are rolling well. Thanks for checking in everyone and good luck with your own training and be sure to keep an eye on the Dubai Marathon this weekend.

Stay frosty,


  1. dude... great job on the time trial. Looking fit!

  2. Hey Jake! Thanks man, things are going well. I trust your getting the miles in too. I love all the awesome pictures you post on your blog from your outdoor adventures. Keep it coming and good luck with your training.